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A really nice example of a later production army officers dagger by the more unusual maker TIGER Werk. It is complete with a nice set of army officers straps which are in near mint condition, along with a 42cm portepee which is actually in rayon, and not aluminium bullion. These Rayon knots ( an early synthetic material) were used later in the way and you can find them on Third Reich navy daggers too. It’s tied in the correct manner around the pommel and crossguard. The daggers is finished in a gunmetal great coating. It has a lovely cream coloured celluloid grip that looks like ivory. Generic type crossguard, used by many makers that is almost identical to the WKC type. Perfect scabbard, undamaged. The blade is in near mint condition and is a polished steel type with the TIGER trademark symbol sideways in the middle portion of the blade on the reverse riccasso.
A nice looking, complete dagger.

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I have had these little knives before, but not one as nice as this! 12” overall with a double sided nickel plated blade. It has the usual lions head pommel which is very ornate and styalised. The black celluloid over wood grip is in perfect condition with tiny triple wire wrap. Unlike every one of these I have had before, this one has a lovely METAL scabbard with small leather belt loop permanently attached. The scabbard body is brass and was once fire gilded as there are remains of this on the reverse. The brass/copper has now toned to a dull plumb colour. Blade is in mint condition but remains uncleaned. Acquired from the grandson of a British veteran who was in logistics at the end of the war in Italy, and bought this home. Nice looking piece. I have no idea the significance of the metal scabbard, possibly a higher tang Youth Leader?

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A very good example of this type of dagger. In near perfect condition with just a little age. The dull nickel plated fittings are in great shape and show no real
lifting or wear. The Bakelite type grips are faultless. Crossguard features the Third Reich Red Cross symbol of an eagle with cross and swastika on its breast. Scabbard has a super covering of the original black paint with just a few age scratches etc. The unique and wide black leather frog is attached to the scabbard lug and is original to this piece. Never been off! Frog is marked with an ‘H’ to the rear and has a small hole at the top where it would have been hung on a hook nor nail. Blade is stone mint. The sawtooth edge is razor sharp. All Red Cross blades both for this dagger and the Officers version, are always devoid of a maker, however the mans version usually has the stamp ‘Ges Getscutz’ underneath the crossguard lozenge, and this one has it very clearly. A nice conditioned dagger.

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A good example of the shorter portepee worn mainly on the Luftwaffe 2nd Pattn dagger, but also on the 1st Luftwaffe and TENO officers daggers. In good used condition. Ideal to add to hour existing dagger as they are so often missing. Slight wear on the cord where it has been tied to the grip, but otherwise a nice piece. I have been asked several times for one of these, so I hope whoever it was will see the listing!

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I am not really sure where this one has been, as it seems time and use has passed it by! The Aluminium 1st Luftwaffe daggers are usually in good condition as the metal does not age or oxidise, the same with the aluminium Luftwaffe swords. This one is still exceptional though, and looks to have never been used (or perhaps once or twice). The daggers I have owned before have either been Horster, Eickhorn or no-maker. This is a no-maker blade, which is still, like the rest of the dagger, in mint condition. The pommel and crossguard are finished in the anodised, brushed aluminium surface they used. The 4 gilded swastikas, on the pommel and crossguard are amazing to see and just 'glowing' with their gilded finish. The dark blue leather grip is perfect, with a triple wire wrap. The scabbard again has mint surface finish to the upper, middle and lower fittings and the all aluminium chin is marked with an Assmann trademark on the reverse. Again the dark blue scabbard leather is 100% mint, and apart from some MINOR surface bumps from handling over the years, is perfect. The blade as I mentioned above, is plain, but in mint condition with all crossgrain polish. There is a Luftwaffe blue leather washer. Quite an amazing looking dagger due to the condition and preservation. MArry this up with a similar Luftwaffe sword, and they would make a fantastic pair.

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In addition to the chained dagger, SS officers were entitled to wear the parade Dagen as well. However, unlike army or navy officers, SS Officers had to be given the right to wear the sword. This was apparently issued by Himmler’s office, and there are official award certificates to prove this. So not all officers wore the sword, which makes it quite a rare commodity. The sword was introduced in 1936. This is a super example with a mint, unmarked blade. A huge proportion were unmarked. Lovely nickel plated hilt with no damage or lifting. Perfect ebony wood grip with 13 horizontal grooves. SS runes button deeply set into the middle. The pommel on SS dagens unscrews to reveal how the sword is constructed. Internal nuts hold the treaded blade tang inside the grip. These are covered by a stainless steel cap. Once assembled you cannot take them apart again without damaging the cap and threaded nuts etc. A 200% sign of authenticity. Grip ferrell has beautifully defined large oakleaves.Scabbard is in near perfect order with complete original black paintwork. Lower scabbard fitting is the 'push on' type with no visible screws. Blade is MINT and finished in a semi-matt polish as commonly found on these swords. Long, narrow single edged blade which still has the white leather blade buffer.Top scabbard mount and underneath the hilt are both stamped with the SS 'Kulturzeichen' runes in an octagonal little box. A fine example of a SS sword. The sword measures 37.5” overall with a 31.5” blade.

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A recent acquisition from Ireland, this is one of the best Luftwaffe daggers I have had in a very long time. Made by Eickhorn, it also has the much ore uncommon, small stamped Eickhorn trademark on the blade. Used from around 1935-38, and used in conjunction with the larger logo. No idea why there are two! Dagger is beautiful with 99.99% of the airplane grey finish to both the crossguard and pommel and also the scabbard! The grip is orange celluloid with mint bright springy wire wrap. The pommel has both swastikas fully gilded, the way it came from the factory and so hard to find intact now. Wrapped around the hilt is the original 23cm bullion portapee, very slightly worn where it comes out of the tie, but otherwise perfect. The scabbard, as I have said, is in neat 100% perfect condition. Attached to the scabbard rings are a mint set of de-lux hanging straps, with oakleaf decorated top clip and push up bottom clips. Perfect bullion fronts and perfect blue velvet backings. The blade on this dagger is the plated type and again in undamaged MINT condition. This really is a wonderful dagger rig, and I would honestly say you will struggle to upgrade it in any way.

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Peter Dan Krebs were renown makers of quality edged weapons, especially those for the SS. Their early SS Officers dagens are highly sort after and are in the £5000-£7000 price range now. Their early Police Officers swords (which this is one of!) are made in virtually exactly the same way, with the same quality materials and same attention to detail. This has heavily nickel plated hilt fittings and has the bonus of the original owners initials ‘KB’ jeweller engraved to the pommel top! The grip is black painted ebony wood with a super police eagle badge deeply inset into the middle. The grip wires,back strap and ferrell are all nickel plated. There is an original large style Police parade knot tied correctly around the grip etc. As far as I can see this has bee there for ever as it has 'moulded' into place. The strap is made out of an early form of celluloid, which was used in various guises during the Third Reich. Very nice knot! Scabbard is perfect and identical to an SS officers one. They obviously used the same. Even the top scabbard fitting and under the crossguard are stamped with the little SS marking of SS runes inside a hexagonal box, known as a ‘Kulturzeichen' proof stamping.The scabbard retains 95% of the original black factory paint and the lower scabbard chape is held on with 2 screws. Blade is absolutely stone mint, with the perfect satin steel finish seen on the these and SS blades. Fantastic! The Peter Dan Krebs trademark of the lobster etc, is deeply stamped into the obverse riccasso. A very nice Police Officers sword indeed!

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A classic 1936 NSKK Officers dagger produced during the RZM period. Similar to the SS daggers, all NSKK personnel initially wore the '33 type daggers. The NSKK were given orders to paint their scabbard black to indicate they are NSKK. In 1936 an Officers dagger was introduced with twin chain hangers, and from then on the '33 type dagger was only worn by NCO's and ensiled men. The black scabbard was FACTORY painted and issued with the dagger from then on. This is a lovely dagger, has had a little use, but retains a very nice patina with great plated fittings throughout. Dagger has a very nice wood grip with SA button and grip eagle. Upper and lower crossguards are virtually perfect and show no lifting to the edges etc. The scabbard has all original black paint, with just a few age chips to the surface and edges. All fittings are nickel plated steel. The chain is a wonderful example, quite heavy with great detail to the individual links. There are 4 upper links and 5 lower (the 3 link chain is also 100% legitimate, just made by another company) The reverse of the chain is marked with the stamped 'NSKK Korpfurung' on the opposite link it is stamped with a tiny RZM circle and then RZM M3/23.This is for 'Wuerttembergische Metallwarenfabrik' or WMF, a metal works company that still exist! This is a great alternative maker to Assmann, who seemed to mainly make the chains that you find on Eickhorn pieces. Really nice to find something completely original and different. The blade on this dagger is stone mint with full crossgrain polish and grey to the motto letters. These daggers are as rare, if not rarer than SS chained daggers and deserve a valued place in any collection. This is a different maker with original chain that proves the point that not all NSKK chained daggers were made by Eickhorn - and are equally as GOOD!

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This is a great looking dagger I sold some time ago, which I am very pleased to have back, after arranging a part exchange. Made by SMF it has their ‘seated king’ logo on the blade. This is a very early piece that is solid nickel. The nickel has reacted to atmospheric conditions over the years and has turned a plumb brown colour uniformly. The brass swastikas inlaid into the pommel and crossguard have stayed a dull brass colour so there is nice definition. The dark blue leather to the grip and the scabbard has survived undamaged and looks very nice. The grip has triple wire wrap. Scabbard has a super set of nickel chains which have not toned to the same colour as the rest of the dagger. They are also attached to the scabbard rings by ‘S’ shaped connectors. These are usually only found on the long 55cm DLV pieces or on the transitional daggers. However, I am sure they continued to use up their spares on all daggers of that period. A nice touch! The blade itself is in mint condition and heavily nickel plated. The SMF logo is on the riccasso along with a deeply stamped Waffenampt inspection ‘stick bird’. A great looking dagger dating from early 1930’s production.

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