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A decent example of a short pattern nickel plated parade bayonet. It has the extra cost option of stag grips. Nickel plating is virtually intact on the pommel and crossguard. Blade has the WKC trademark of a Knights Head and is of a ‘carbine’ form with a false top edge. The scabbard retains the original black paint. It seems to be missing the top throat but the retaining spring etc are present. Whilst parade bayonets are still quite common, the addition of stag grips, makes it more desirable.

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These are always in demand and I have been unable to find decent sets recently. Here is a lovely matched set of gilded navy dagger hangers. Perfect condition black/dark blue moire cloth straps with perfect velvet backings. Links head buckles with just slight wear evident to the faces. Commensurate with these being worn during the period. All the upper and lower snap clips are brass and in perfect working order. The retain chain attached to the top shorter hanger is brass. Casting marks on the reverse of the buckles are identical. A very nice set.

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This was a nice find recently and in my opinion would be perfect for a Government Official or Diplomatic dagger. Whilst they specifically had a 42cm knot with a very small ball and very thin bullion cords, these are incredibly rare. I also think they were incredibly rare at the time too! Most ORIGINAL daggers I have owned over the years have had the ordinary 42cm bullion portepees tied to them. Army types. In nearly all cases, it’s obvious that these knots have also been on these daggers for ever, as they are ‘frozen’ and locked in place over the years. This particular knot has VERY thin and dainty bullion cords, attached to a much smaller bullion acorn! I have shown it compared to a standard army portepee, and it’s considerably different in size. It is in very good condition with no damage etc. It seems to have been tied to a dagger at some time, but I feel it would look marvellous on a Government hilt.

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A great original armband for NSDAP Ortsgruppenleiter. Bullion oakleafs with black ribbon swastika and pip to center. Nice example of highest leader at the Orts level. This has been worn on a uniform and still has the red cotton threads used to attach it to the sleeve. Apparently bought back to England as a souvenir by a RAF Flying Officer from Berlin. Armband shows a little age and two VERY small moth nips to the front. A very small area where the moire silk has oxidised in the edge of the swastika. A completely original, high ranking NSDAP officials armband.

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An extremely well preserved SS wool armband. An absolute necessity to go with your SS dagger or sword collection. Very hard to find in good condition and original. Red wool body with separately applied black moire upper and lower ribbons, which are machine stitched around the body of the armband. There are still black cotton threads along the edges,,where this was sewn to a black uniform sleeve. The center white roundel is also moire material and the black swastika is separately stitched to this. The whole circle is then machine sewn to the wool body. The white moire cloth has a small old water stain to the surface on one edge. Inside is the original paper RZM label which is a little fragile as the original glue on the reverse has solidified with age.

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In my 40 years of dealing and collecting I have been lucky enough to own many of the Eickhorn Field Marshal series of officers swords. I have owned the complete set and a lot of the individual swords on their own. It was not until 2019 that I found out Eickhorn made TWO versions of their ROON sword, stock 1716. One with an engraved or cast Wehrmacht closed wing eagle on the langet and the other with a beautiful large single oak leaf in its place. Hilts on both were identical in design, ‘dove head’ pommel. Just with or without eagle. The Roon with eagle is made in brass and also in gilded aluminium (later). The pattern without the eagle can’t be classified as an ‘early example’ in my opinion. I have period references mentioning and showing the oak leaf version, and I have included in the photographs a picture of my Eickhorn retailers shop card. This was an advert placed on the counter or the wall and shows the variety of Eickhorn swords offered. Clearly pictured is the Roon 1716 sword, shown with an oak leaf and NOT an eagle!!
This particular example is beautiful and in near mint condition. The hilt is gilded brass and in perfect, mint condition. The oak leaf decorations extend around the back strap and across the crossguard. The beautiful large single oak leaf is in the center of the langet. The black celluloid grip is perfect and is wrapped with triple aluminium wire. As a bonus the reverse langet is beautifully engraved with the original owners initials ‘H L’. Scabbard has all original paint in near perfect condition. Blade is stone mint! Beautiful! Reverse riccasso has the Eickhorn squirrel trademark deeply stamped. This is the most common type seen and dates the sword from around 1938-1941. There is an original green leather officers sword knot tied in place around the knuckle bow and crossguard. A really great and RARE sword. 38 1/2” overall with a 32 1/4” blade.

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A nice used example of the shorter 23cm bullion silver knot mainly used on 2nd Pattn. Luftwaffe daggers. It’s also used on the TENO Officers dagger.
Very slight wear due to age, but no fraying etc. Just ready to tie straight on your dagger.

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I am not sure where this dagger has been, in a little time capsule somewhere perhaps?It looks to have been never issued and the only age to it has come from handling and storage in the past 80 years.
This is a transitional RZM period piece and according to the blade, was made in 1939. By this time most daggers, both SS and SA, had fittings made of the grey alloy and nickel plated. The scabbard fittings were steel and also nickel plated. The grip eagles were a mixture of aluminium or nickel as they used up old stocks. These plated RZM fittings don’t usually hold up well. They react to moisture, go rusty or lift and react to being next to the wood grip. This has VERY little of that, so it seems to have been very well looked after. Both the upper and lower crossguards have 98% of the original bright nickel plating, with very little moisture damage. Both are maker marked inside ‘F B’. The black grip is damage free with very little bruising or surface bumps etc. The SS button is perfect and the grip eagle looks to be nickel, but is also perfect. The scabbard fittings are lovely, bright as the day they were made. The scabbard paint is 100% original with just age scratches here and there but again 98% intact. The blade is beautiful. All the original crossgrain polish. Deeply etched SS blade motto with all of the blackening. The reverse riccasso has both RZM markings and the factory logo of Robert Klaas with the twin storks. RZM reads M7/37 and underneath is the contract number RZM 1051/39/SS. A super conditioned piece!

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Don’t know what to make of these. Very well made with period parts and TENO type buckles, but they just don’t conform to the ‘textbook’ type of TENO service hangers usually encountered. They are quite old, very old in my opinion. Have been used. Nothing like the reproductions on the market today. These are extremely well made with thick black leather and riveted together. The buckles are definitely TENO cogwheels and looking underneath them there are YEARS of crud and dirt. Clips and slides are smooth metal. Make your own mind up, but they do look good with a TENO officers dagger.

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Horster is a very unusual maker for the little NSFK Flyers knife and the only other one I have seen is on Wittmann Militaria’s site in the US. A great little dagger and one of my favourite pieces. All nickel fittings are in great uncleaned condition. In fact the scabbard fittings still seem to have the majority of the silver flash coating still present. This has come off the pommel and crossguard fittings. Very nice blue leather grip and scabbard body, with no damage or abrasions. Crossguard has nice dark patina on the surfaces and the enamel swastikas on both sides seem to be perfect. Scabbard body has the integral leather hanging strap and nickel clip. Blade is beautiful and in mint condition. All the crossgrain king is present and the Horster oval trademark is deeply etched into the surface.

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