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I am pleased to offer what is actually quite a rare dagger. A Hitler Youth boys knife with the later ‘over the shoulder’ Eickhorn squirrel trademark. It also features the use of celluloid as a replacement for the leather belt loop and cross strap. As leather and other raw materials were required for the war effort, manufacturers looked for alternatives to replace them. Celluloid, being an early plastic,,was strong and supple so therefore was chosen to replace the leather. Unfortunately, celluloid becomes brittle over the years, and whilst it did the job in 1942, most of these straps have hardened over the years and split or broken. This one hasn’t and although a little stiff still works and is useable. The hilt cross strap and popper are still fine. The dagger hilt is nickel plated and retains nearly 100% of the finish. The chequered grip plates are perfect and the HJ enamel diamond is damage free and resting nicely in the obverse plate. The blade is extremely clean and apart from a few minor finger smudges, retains all the crossgrain polish etc. There is no motto as this was made after 1938. The reverse of the blade is stamped with the Eickhorn RZM number M7/66 and the date 1942. The scabbard retains nearly all of the original black paint, and as explained above, has the black celluloid belt strap and crossguard loop. Amazing to find one still in this condition, and this also has the bonus of a double marked Eickhorn.

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This is an early HJ boys dagger in beautiful condition! The dagger itself is in near mint condition with nickel plated steel hilt, perfect grip plates, mint enamel HJ diamond. It has a near perfect blade with no riccasso. Deeply etched ‘Blut und Ehre’ motto. No sharpening or signs of use. Reverse blade has the maker ‘Gust. L. Koller’ stamped into the surface. The scabbard has had a fantastic professionally made or adapted leather hanger/frog which replaces the ordinary leather loop etc. This hanger fits tightly around the top of the scabbard throat and then has a much wider rear belt loop and grip strap with popper further up. This is not done ‘home made’ hanger, but a really nice thing. Double rivets on the back and a very decent top grip loop. If you were to redesign the standard HJ hanger, this is how you would do it! Much better!! Much stronger. The hanger has been on this dagger for a VERY long time. The leather has moulded to the shape of the scabbard etc. Quite unique.

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A complete and original sword, not some appalling copy! Always one of my favourite types of swords with a very ‘Teutonic ’ look to it. However, it has a few problems hence it not being £900+. This has all brushed aluminium fittings, pommel, crossguard and both scabbard fittings. It has lost the gilt finish that was once on the swastikas on the pommel etc, and they are just polished aluminium now. The leather on the grip is in good order with no scuffs etc, but it has lost one of the twin strands of grip wire. The others are all there, a bit loose, but OK. The scabbard has an issue number etched to the rear fitting and it still has the original crescent leather hanger with aluminium box clip. The scabbard body has very nice blue leather, which has been re-covered at some time. They has done a good job but they have finished the seam up the middle at the back, rather than hide it along the edge. The blade is marked with the SMF seated king logo, along with a Waffenampt stick bird. The steel blade is fine but rather dull and looks to have been neglected at some time. It’s bright and clean, but could do with some work to perhaps bring back a lot of the finish. The sword has also been personalised at some point, as around the neck of the pommel, under the large swastika disk, there are some numbers and letter stamped. As far as I can see they read. W. K. Overall a good looking sword for display and the fact it is real and original goes a long way. It measures 34.5”overall with a 26.25“ blade.

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Red Cross and Social Welfare daggers are only distinguished by the types of hangers they are worn with. These are a near perfect set for the Red Cross.
Consisting of smooth aluminium fittings, top clip, oval buckles, slides and snap clips. All in a silver grey finish. The straps themselves have a light mouse grey /greenvelvet backing with tan fronts. These have 4 thin red lines running vertically through the length of the cloth with thin bullion stripes behind. In very good condition and a hard set of straps to find now.

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To my knowledge I have never had this sword knot on its own before. Once on a sword, but the knot was in very poor condition. The Third Reich era Prison and Justice Officials swords are, in my opinion, one of the ‘prettiest’ of the designs of the time. They are identical in shape and form, except one is finished in silver and the other is gilded. This knot is for the silver Justice Officials version. The knot is actually very similar in design to the Fire Dept knot, however it differs in its colours. The ball is alternate Carmine and gold and the black leather strap has twin gold wire running through it, not silver. This knot shows very little wear and has probably not been issued. Still tied with a period red/white/black thread. This needs to go on a sword!!!

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Whilst army daggers are still one of the most available, nice daggers by rarer makers and now hard to find. This one is by Robert Klaas and has his distinctive trademark of the two ‘kissing Kramer’s’ stamped into the reverse of the blade. The dagger is in lovely condition with all of the original nickel plating intact everywhere. It has toned down to a nice patina due to the high silver content and has not been cleaned in years. It also has what army collectors call a ‘glass’ grip. The solid celluloid orange/yellow grip is quite opaque and smooth, giving it quite a glass like appearance. It also has an original 42cm bullion portepee tied around the pommel, grip and crossguard. This portepee looks to have been tied on the dagger for quite some time. No fraying or damage to the portepee. The scabbard is in beautiful condition with no damage or dents and 100% plating intact. Klaas used nickel plated blades rather than polished steel do the surface is very smooth,bright and mirror like. The reverse center section has a little bubbling to the surface of the nickel plating but is all intact. The Klaas logo is on the reverse riccasso. The dagger also has its original set of daggers hangers. These have metal reinforced ‘swing’ tops and de-luxe type buckles, slides and lower clips. The bullion fronts are in good overall condition with a few wear spots to the edges where it would have dubbed against a uniform jacket. The reverse fabric is the more unusual green canvas material rather than velvet. The straps are all held together with flat rivets rather than stitches. Nice unusual hangers. A really nice combination and a great looking complete dagger.

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A very nice post-1938 Hitler Youth knife with the RZM code for E&F Horster. Nickel plated hilt fittings show little wear and retain much of the plating. Nice chequered black grips are undamaged and the enamel HJ diamond sits snugly in the grip recess. Scabbard has most of the original black paint with a little wear to the bottom area. The black belt loop with hilt retention strap and popper are in good used condition. Popper works well. Blade is ever so slightly grey but undamaged with no nicks or sharpening. The reverse riccasso has the deeply stamped RZM number. As this is post 1938, the blade is devoid of motto, as all are after 1938. Nice quality, used HJ.

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I actually don’t see too many really good examples of these, so nice to be able to offer one. All nickel plating on this piece is lovely, with no damage or lifting. The type of finish they used on these pieces is not motor bright, but a slightly muted and duller plating. All Red Cross exhibit the same ‘muted’ finish. The crossguard features the Third Reich Red Cross eagle with a swastika in the center of the eagles breast. The solid celluloid grip is a yellow/ tangerine colour and is in perfect condition. There is an original 42cm bullion dress knot tied around the pommel and grip, in a style unique to Red Cross daggers, although this tie is sometimes seen on Government Officials daggers too. The scabbard is nickel plated and in near mint condition with no blemishes or dents. The suspension bands feature ROUND holes with which to clip the dagger hangers to. The debate regarding square vs round holes, Social Welfare/Red Cross is not valid. The difference between scabbard fittings is PURELY down to different scabbard manufacturers. The only difference in the daggers when worn is the hanging straps. The blade is very nice indeed. Not quite mint, but nearly. All the crossgrain polish is visible and there are no edge nicks or sharpening. NICE dagger!

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This is an early SS dagger, institutes in 1933 and would have been worn by ALL ranks, officers and men, until the introduction of the officers chained pattern in 1936. Dagger is in lovely untouched and uncleaned condition, with green nickel verdigris around the edges of the crossguards where they meet the wood grip. All nickel fittings are of course early nickel. The grip is black ebony wood and apart from some small age bumps and thumps has no other damage or cracks etc. Looking at the pommel nut, there seems to be NO evidence of this being tampered with or undone. No spanner marks and no scratches on the crossguard!!! Enamel on the SS runes button is intact and the lovely nickel eagle is perfectly set into the middle of the grip. Lower crossguard is stamped with the Roman numeral I. Scabbard has nickel fittings and all original screws. There is a slight dent to the bottom ball on one side. This scabbard has an early black ‘anodised’ surface which remarkably is all complete. It has some tiny light surface blemishes typical of old anodised surfaces. Connected to the upper scabbard ring is the original black leather triple hanger. This consists of the oval buckle with snout nosed nickel clip, but it also has the belt loop with D ring and a little grip strap. This has a small metal buckle etc rather than a loop with popper. A nice variation and obviously a choice of the original owner. The blade is extremely bright and clean, mirror like really. It seems Klaas preferred to finish their blades to a mirror like state rather than show the crossgrain polish process of other makers. The motto still has perhaps 50% of the background blackening in the lettering. No damage to the blade, no sharpening or edge nicks. The tip is slightly discoloured as I imagine some moisture formed inside the bottom of the scabbard at sometime. Very common with these daggers as there is a lead weight in the bottom and the blade tip is always very tight next to it. A very good looking dagger with nice age patina and history. VERY hard to find decent examples of these now.

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This has recently surfaced from an estate sale in North London. Owned by the same family since the war and not touched by anyone since then either. There are a lot of collectors out there why love things ‘untouched’ and ‘as found’ rather than all new and bright and shiny! This will suit them perfectly. It’s a great piece of history and in my opinion, should stay like this. This is an all brass dagger and originally they were all highly polished and had a thin coating of fire gilding over all the surfaces. When this wears off the brass is exposed to the atmosphere, and tarnishes. Most of the brass on this dagger has turned quite a dark plumb brown colour. Never been cleaned up. However, there is quite a lot of fire gilt left on the scabbard, in recessed areas, around the pommel etc. This stands out amazingly and sparkles against the darker surfaces. The celluloid over wood grip is damage free and again shows some brown age patina, but I would think this is years of nicotine! The ‘springy wire’ used by Holler on their daggers and swords is wrapped tightly around the grip. The dagger also has its original 42cm portepee which is tied in the classic navy knot. Again this has been untouched on the dagger for 70+ years and has also picked up the nicotine patina, making it look quite golden ( however this is a rayon type knot not bullion and should be a cream colour, but is now quite ‘gold’) The blade on this piece is STONE MINT, so it’s not been played with, touched or handled. Holler only offered one design on their etched blades and ALL were SAILING SHIP etches. The Holler trademark is on the reverse riccasso. Blade is beautiful with all grey etched as clear as the day that were made and bright, untarnished nickel plated surface to the rest of the blade. This is a really great looking dagger, literally is ‘out of the woodwork’.

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