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I have to honestly say these are the best set of hangers for the Land Customs dagger I have ever owned. As far as I can see they have never been used, issued or worn. Apart from some slight surface rust on one of the adjusting eyelets, I can find no age or fault with them at all. The straps themselves are still stiff with the factory ‘dressing’ and have not become pliable or floppy from use. All fittings are aluminium and still retain the dull silver frosting common to aluminium dagger parts. The buckles, and slides have the characteristic ‘pointed leaves’ that are found on all Customs pieces. I e always called these Laurel leaves, but they actually aren’t. They seem to be pointed oak leaves. The bullion fronts are in perfect condition, with the twin single green lines running down each side. The backs are a gorgeous Kelly green velvet, and again are in MINT condition. If you have one of the aluminium Customs daggers in mint condition, or are planning to get one, these hangers are for you. Just amazing and not to be upgraded.

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I was lucky enough to have a Luftwaffe dagger in similar condition to this a few weeks ago, it sold virtually immediately. This army dagger also has a great deal of the original factory lacquer in place, which has preserved the silver frosting underneath. Where this has come off, the high silver content of the plated surfaces has caused it all to turn a charcoal dark grey. The contrast is fantastic to see. All typical WKC early features, with very crisp detail to everything. This dagger shows little or no wear at all. The beautiful amber coloured grip has great ‘tones’ to the surface and could even pass for Ivory. Crossguard is as perfect as the day it was made and features the WKC ‘hatchet beak’ eagle. Scabbard is wonderful, with most of the sides etc still covered with lacquer. Perfect condition, no dents, scratches, nothing. Blade is a wonder to behold and is stone mint. All crossgrain polish, no scratches. The WKC knights head logo is deeply etched into the reverse riccasso. This is a ‘time capsule’ piece.

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An extremely rare knot indeed. This particular knot seems to have been removed from a Customs bayonet, (the folds are still in place) but from the size of it, would really suit a Customs sword. The Land Customs service had their own dress daggers and their own dress bayonets. The daggers are unique, the bayonets are identical to police bayonets but without grip insignia. Unusually there was no specific “customs sword’ and acvoufkng to regulations and the Eickhorn catalogue, they used the ‘. ‘ type of Eickhorn dress sword. This particular knot would have been tied around the hilt. It consists of wide black leather straps with 3 lines of silver thread running lengthways. The actual ball has a silver stem with silver wire ‘cap’. The lower part has alternating silver and green bullion cords. The leather straps are a little worn and have been reinforced in one area to stop them tearing. A very hard knot to find. Could go back on a bayonet, or be carefully tied to a sword.

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An absolutely beautiful example of the all aluminium Luftwaffe Officers parade sword. Never been in a collection before and was purchased directly from the family in Milton Keynes. The veteran served in the Ox & Bucks as an officer. Spoke German so was transferred to interrogation duties after the end of the war. The sword is really fantastic, has minimal age to any of the aluminium fittings which still retain all of their ‘burnish’. The fire gilded swastikas on the pommel and crossguard are as bright now as the day it was made! Mid-blue Moroccan leather grip and scabbard are damage and scuff free-fantastic. Twin aluminium springy wires wrapped around the grip. The scabbard has the original crescent leather hanger attached to the upper scabbard rings. In excellent condition with aluminium box belt clip. Scabbard matches the rest of the sword. Mint condition leather and fittings. The nickel plated blade is stunning! Kept perfectly in this scabbard for the past 70+ years. It’s etched with the EF Horster oval trademark and a tiny Waffenampt stamp. MINT-MINT blade. Luftwaffe swords like this just don’t turn up any longer. (Cheaper than the last one I saw go through auction, in better condition and no buyers fees!!)

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A very nice example of an uncleaned army officers dagger, complete with a lovely bullion knot and perfect set of straps. It also has a deep orange grip which is set off by the deep patina all the metal fittings have taken on. The metal parts must have a very high silver content as they have all toned to a nearly black colour. This dagger is by Alcoso and has the very distinctive Alcoso fittings, narrow neck pommel, scabbard bands etc etc. There is no damage or lifting to the dark plated fittings. The deep orange celluloid grip is undamaged, beautiful condition. Scabbard is also lovely, all plating intact. There is a very SLIGHT shadow of a surface indentation at the bottom of the scabbard, really not noticeable but just catches the light. Blade is near perfect and in mint condition. The Alcoso trademark is the later type which runs vertically along the blade centre. There is a very nice original 42cm bullion knot tied in the correct manner around the grip, pommel and crossguard. The original set of hangers are also in near perfect condition, with no fraying or damage. Perfect green velvet backings, nice clips and buckles. A really good looking dagger rig.

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A much rarer Iron Cross version with screw back rear fixing. Uncleaned so is covered with age patina. Black original paint is all complete but slight bubbling. Reverse has central screw with nice disc fitting. One top arm has attached pin which stops the award spinning around on the uniform. Lower arm is deeply stamped L/18. This is for D.H. Mayer, Hofkuntzpragenstuntz Pforzheim. Very nice , 100% original cross.

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A really good example of a solid backed General Assault badge with pin back. Not been touched or polished EVER, has developed a mid-grey overall colour. Excellent casting detail. Perfect pin with hinge, lower hook intact. This badge is known by collectors as a ‘Massive’, as it’s a little bigger than others. They are not maker marked, and the actual maker remains unknown.

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This is a very nice example of the all brass naval officers parade dagger by Carl Eickhorn. A very clean dagger, all fittings have some of the original fire gilding left, especially in the covered areas and 'nooks and crannies'. Nice detail to the Eickhorn type pommel. Celluloid over wood grip with original twisted brass wire. The grip has no cracks or broken parts but there are a few surface scratches to the front surface. Crossguard with release button. A very nice scabbard which seems to be completely dent free. A few areas of fire gilt are in the top areas and around the scabbard bands. Blade is very nice indeed. Original brown felt washer in place. Blade has nice and clear deep charcoal grey etching on both sides. Anchor and dolphins. Reverse riccasso has the post 1936 Eichhorn squirrel deeply stamped into the surface.
A nice example.

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This is a nice 100% original RAD man's emblem in BEVO cotton that was sewn to their leisure/sports shirts (in-wear photo shown). Never been on a shirt, in 'bevo' weave cotton and shows the symbol of the RAD *Reichs Arbeit Deinst) which is an inverted spade over wheat sheaf's in a red/black shield. In the bottom corner is also woven into the material the triangular RADJ 'trademark'. A really great display item with RAD daggers etc. A nice item.

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I am lucky enough to be able yet another superb SS Officers parade Dagen from a private collection. Those of you who follow the listings regularly will know I have offered quite a few of these original swords from the same source. This one is by Peter Daniel Krebs and features their trademark logo of a lobster on the reverse riccasso. Instituted in 1936 by Himmler, these officially designed dagens replaced the myriad of unofficial swords being worn by the SS officers at the time. Nickel plated over steel fittings all in really excellent condition. Pommel is the screw out type with tang locking system inside. Black ebony wood grip is perfect with deeply inset SS runes button. Reverse of grip has back strap and nickel grip wire horizontal wrap. Black painted scabbard has nickel plated steel upper and lower fittings. Black paint is 100% intact and seems to be the original stuff! There is a small indent into the scabbard shell about halfway down on the obverse side. It’s just a carrying or age crease and not serious, but worth mentioning. The scabbard throat and underneath the crossguard are both deeply stamped with the SS inspection mark or ‘ kichengurrn’. The original white leather blade buffer washer is in place. The blade measures “ and is in near perfect condition, no damage and still retains its dull gloss surface polish. As mentioned before, the Krebs trademark is on the reverse riccasso. A nice example!

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