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Andrew Gates

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Welcome to our WW2 German Daggers

New Stock Added: 21st Oct 2019

I have been interested in all aspects of German militaria for over 30 years. Whilst my interest is broad, it centres on the edged weapons manufactured and carried during the Third Reich period 1933-1945. I must stress that I do not support in any way, the horrendous events that happened during this period. I am an historial collector only.

I am able to share the knowledge of over 30 years as a professional collector. The quality edged weapons I sell are from my own extensive collection and are surplus to requirements. I have supplied to discerning collectors and dealers all over the world. I am always interested in items you may have for sale (for my own collection), as well as anything in particular you are looking for.

Whether you are a fellow German militaria collector or have just inherited a strange sword or dagger and you wish me to help identify, value or discuss, just email me with a description or even better, a photograph.

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NAVY MOIRE DAY BELT WITH EARLY SILVER FITTINGS FOR ADMINISTRATION. Purchased via a contact in Germany, this is another good example of the navy moiré 'day' belt, but unusually is has silvered solid brass fittings. Silver insignia in the navy was for NAVLA ADMINISTRATION and everything they wore on their uniforms was silver, including the buckles/fittings on their dagger hangers and belts. Of the same format as a normal belt, with moiré cloth ribbed material fronts and dark blue thick velvet backing. The bely has been worn and used but is in great condition. The anchor buckle has a little wear to the high points, but has toned to a nice silver colour, especially on the reverse. Both the lion's head silver slider buckles are fine and present. This belt is multi adjustable and has a leather inner strap which the female part of the buckle adjusts on. A very nice belt, and very unusual being administration.
'EDGED WEAPONRY OF THE THIRD REICH' BY ANGOLIA. Following a break of of a large collection, the reference books used by the collector are for sale too. Most of these books are collectable in their own right as they are LONG out of print, having been published in the 1970's! This is a favourite amongst collectors, an original reference book by Major John Angolia who was one of the pioneers of this hobby. In very good condition.
'PRINZ EUGEN' SWORD BY EICKHORN-ONE OF THE FIELD MARSHALL SERIES. As part of their production of many Third Reich dress swords, one of their marketing strategies was the introduction of the "Field Marshall Series". This series of swords consisted of 9 different models, all bearing names chosen from Germany's military heroes of the past. This one is the 'Prinz Eugen' and is one of the few swords that feature an eagle and swastika TWICE in it's design. There is a closed wing eagle on the top of the pommel/knuckle bow and another on the crossguard. The Prinz Eugen sword was not produced until quite late 1938/1939, so is quite a rare pattern. There is also a SS Division named after Prinz Eugen and there is photographic evidence that SS officers adopted this Eickhorn sword and wore it with an SS bullion knot as an 'unofficial' pattern (especially if they were not entitled to a SS dagen!) Eickhorn used a weird type of antique looking fire gilding on this hilt, and it is VERY hard to find one that has not turned very dark or come off all together! This hilt still retains perhaps 60% of this fire gilding, the rest of the surface is perfect, but has just gone very dark. It has an original green leather Wehrmacht officers sword knot tied in the correct manner, looks to have been there a long time. Grip is black celluloid over wood, and the triple aluminium grip wire is perfect. Scabbard has virtually 100% of the original paint. Nice scabbard. There are two very small indentations beside the scabbard hanging ring. The blade is stone mint. Eickhorn heavily nickel plated these blades. The 1938 Eichhorn squirrel is deeply stamped into the riccasso of the blade. The original blade buffer (which is ALWAYS red on these swords) is present. A very nice example of one of the rarer Field Marshall series swords.
'THE DAGGERS AND EDGED WEAPONS OF HITLERS GERMANY' This is another Classic collectors book. Written by James P Attwood, it was one of the first books I managed to buy when I first started collecting. Written in the 1970's it again has been long out of print. In very good condition with original fly-leaf cover.
1936 NSKK OFFICERS CHAINED DAGGER BY EICKHORN. This is a fine, used example of the 1936 chained dagger as worn by the NSKK officers. Introduced at the same time as the SS officers chained dagger and followed similar design traits, with the dagger itself remaining unchanged but the addition of a centre mount on the scabbard and a set of suspension chains consisting of the NSKK eagle design and alternating with a mobile swastika. This particular dagger has been left entirely untouched, and whilst has a little bit of wear here and there, is a 100% text-book example. Later RZM style crossguard are the alloy plated variety and are in great condition with very little plate lifting or damage. The brown hardwood grip is in perfect condition with no damage or cracks. The enamel SA button is fine, and the grip eagle is aluminium and untouched. Scabbard has virtually all of the original factory black paint remaining, a little spidering and some age scratches. All scabbard fittings are again the RZM period being nickel plated steel. The top fitting shows some carrying wear and has lost a little of the plating. Attached to the top and middle fitting is the original NSKK chain. This again shows a little wear here and there, but retains 85% of the nickel plating.The top two links nearest the hanging clip are both stamped. However, the stampings were obviously quite light and age and wear/polishing have made them quite feint. One has the 'NSKK Masterschutz Korpsfuhrung' quite visible, the other is stamped with RZM M5/8, again quite feint, but still there. These two stamped link can appear either at the top of the chain next to the clip, or occasionally at the bottom right next to the dagger itself. Tom Wittmann has an identical dagger to this on his web site, sold @ $2395. Same type and year of manufacture, with the stamped links next to the dagger. Onto the blade...blade is in beautiful shape, with all the original crossgrain polish present. On the reverse the maker is Eickhorn, no trademark but a nice RZM M7/66 1941. A text-book piece, with a little age and character.
1941 DATED, DOUBLE MARKED - HITLER YOUTH KNIFE, PERSONALISED. This is a very good example of a slightly later HJ knife, which bears both versions of the makers marks. The riccasso is deeply stamped with the RZM circle, M7/19 and 1941. The reverse of the blade is also deeply stamped with the makers trademark of a trident and the name of Ed Wusthoff-Solingen. There is no 'motto' on the blade as these stopped in 1938. Dagger is in excellent overall condition. This dagger has a heavy steel hilt and crossguard, not the grey zinc-alloy that was usually used on RZM pieces. The grips are perfect and the HJ enamel diamond is in mint condition with no chips or blemishes. It 'wiggles' slightly! Black leather belt loop and cross strap are in fine condition and the popper works perfectly. The original black paint is 99% intact on the scabbard body. On the reverse the original owner has scratched his initials in the paint, looks like 'R.P.A.'. The blade has been very lightly sharpened at some time, but is really not noticeable as they are effectively light scratches rather than heavy grind marks. These daggers were supposed to be used by the HJ,(as were sheath knives in our scouts) so it's quite common to find them sharpened. Otherwise the blade is fine, has full length with no nicks or damage. A nice HJ, with dual markings!!
3 PIECE HITLER YOUTH ARMBAND WITH RZM LABEL. Always a very popular armband with collectors, more so than the NSDAP party ones. This is a nice, worn original made in red cotton with the central white band also woven in the cloth. The central swastika, set at 45 degrees, is in 'bevo' black cotton on a white background. This is machine stitched to the main armband. Inside there is the ORIGINAL paper RZM label for this HJ armband manufacturer. Really good to find! The armband is in excellent condition, there are a couple of small holes in the cloth. Either insect or wear, can't be certain. Does not affect the look of the item at all. This and several HJ badges all came from my contact in Austria, who seems to find a lot of original HJ items over there.
8" RARE THIRD REICH NAVY MINIATURE DAGGER. Miniature Third Reich naval daggers are actually really rare. Alcoso made a beautiful bigger size one, which are about £1500 now, if you can find one, and FH Horster made a nice 7.5" version. However, there are others that are not quite such high quality, but nonetheless great little miniatures. Navy miniatures were made in the Imperial period and then into the Weimar era, with flame ball pommels. These usually had no maker and little stiletto type plated blades. These were also made in the Third Reich era, and the pommels were replaced with a tiny eagle and swastika version. This is one of those. Crossguard and pommel are cast brass. The grip is a ribbed section probably made of celluloid or bone. Blade is a plated stiletto type. The scabbard is a standard navy type with lightning body engraving etc., but there scabbard were cast in a period alloy, and not made from brass shells. It was made on a budget and meant to be given away or sold as a souvenir at the time. Dagger is in good condition, has been used as a letter opener I think. The tiny brass eagle pommel has such detail you can easily see the swastika in the wreath! Fun, real miniature. Measures 8" overall.
99.99% MINT NAVAL DAGGER BY EICKHORN WITH KNOT!!!! This is absolutely lovely, and if you are looking for a choice navy dagger and one you can't really upgrade, this should fit the bill. Purchased privately, this is a premium example of the Eickhorn product. All the brass components, pommel crossguard scabbard have 99.99% original fire gilt covering! Amazing preservation. Cream celluloid grip is perfect and has mint twisted brass wire. Tied around the pommel and crossguard is the original 42cm NAVY bullion portapee. It's set in place in the correct 'navy' tie, with no evidence of wear or fraying. Scabbard again has it's complete 99.99% fire gilt covering and looks stunning. Blade has the post 1938 Eickhorn squirrel stamped into the riccasso. Blade has the full double etch with anchors and dolphins. The charcoal grey etch is 100% mint and retains it's factory fresh dark colour. Nickel plated blade surface is perfect and has a needle sharp point. Wonderful thing!!
A BEAUTIFUL SET OF THIRD REICH NAVAL DAGGER HANGERS. Another set of mint hangers from this collection. A wonderful set of gilded aluminium naval dagger hangers. Blue moire material is in perfect mint condition with dark blue velvet backing. Gilded aluminium top and bottom snap clips. Gilded regain chain. Lions head buckles are in perfect condition with no real evidence of wear. Both buckles have matching casting marks so are a matching pair. A really nice set of Third Reich era hangers.
A COMPLETE AND VERY NICE 2nd LUFTWAFFE DAGGER WITH STRAPS AND KNOT. One of the most elegant Third Reich daggers, the Luftwaffe 2nd Pattern. This one has a white grip and the more unusual nickel plated scabbard. A nice combination which really sets off the dagger. Pommel and crossguard are the normal grey type metal and the grip has springy aluminium wire. Wrapped around the grip is the original 23cm bullion portapee. Scabbard is nickel plated with grey metal suspension bands. No dents or dings! Blade is plain with no maker, but is nickel plated and in neat mint condition. There are a standard pair of blue/bullion Luftwaffe hangers in excellent condition. With perfect fronts and undamaged blue velvet backing. White gripped Luftwaffe daggers are uncommon, and a favourite with many collectors. This is a very good, complete example.
A COMPLETE RAD HEWER DOUBLE PIECE HANGER. This is a rare opportunity to complete that RAD Hewer in your collection with one of the unique 2-piece hangers. The RAD hewer was a heavy dagger and required a substantial hanger to attach it to the wearers belt and keep it stable. The original hangers were all made of leather, but as the dagger is so heavy these soon failed. A steel/nickel snap clip was made to attach to the scabbard ring and this in turn was connected to a leather strap and then another snap clip to the belt loop. This arrangement meant that the dagger could be unclipped from the belt, just leaving the second clip in place. An easy solution. This type of hanger was further refined into just a one piece leather ‘shield’ than attached to the belt. The hanger I have here has all matching component parts and has been together since the 1930’s. The metal parts have all toned to the same colour and the leather is all matching in age. The top belt loop even has had a period ‘notch’ cut into the back so the whole dagger could be hung on a nail on the wall! (I have seen many period photos of exactly this happening in RAD barracks etc) The main snap clip is stamped on the reverse with the Assmann makers stamp, the RADJ acceptance mark and the date number for 1937. If you have a good looking, bur worn RAD hewer, this is the hanger you have been looking for. A smashing accessory, and very hard to find like this.
A GOOD EXAMPLE OF THE STATE SERVICE ARMBAND WITH ISSUE STAMP. yellow, thick cotton armband with the outstretched eagle and swastika 'bevo' woven into the cloth itself. Armband is slightly grubby from age and use, but is in good overall condition. To the bottom edge is a nice ink stamp from the Police presidium in Wein (Vienna). An impressive display armband, these were issued and worn by civilians working for the German state.
A GREAT EXAMPLE OF THE LUFTWAFFE FIGHTING KNIFE. As this was an issued, carried and therefore used knife, they are quite hard to find in good condition. A popular souvenir with US soldiers particularly, there are several period pictures with GI’s carrying these. This one has an exceptional exterior and a near mint, un-sharpened blade. Lovely lighter wood grips are perfect. A virtually mint scabbard with 100% original paint. Blade is near mint as you can see most of the crossgrain polish. It is very slightly grey in a small area. The issue/maker is the ‘6’ number with stick bird stamped into the riccasso. This is much more uncommon stamp as they are usually a 5. Super knife.
A LONG POLICE OFFICERS SWORD WITH ORIGINAL KNOT AND UNUSUAL MAKER. This is a great example of the Third Reich Police Officers dress sword. Purchased on my recent trip to America, this is an untouched piece and is exactly how it was bought back as a souvenir. The fittings are nickel plated over a steel base and whist there is a little corrosion in a very few places, the plating is 90% intact. The black wood (ebony?) grip is in excellent shape with all of the silver grip wire intact. The inset Police eagle still has a silver colour to the surface. Wrapped in the correct tie around the hilt and crossguard is a large size Police Officers sword knot in leather. The straps are wider and the ball is much larger on the proper sword knots. It has the silver/red thread running up each strap and the ball has a red/silver infill in the end. This sword knot has been on this piece for ever! In my opinion, for 70 years. It’s moulded to the hilt and would be impossible to remove it without ruining it. Scabbard has nickel plated top and bottom mounts. These have dark patina with age. The scabbard body retains most of the ORIGINAL factory black paint, but has got spidering, rub marks, age etc etc. There is no damage , bends or dents to the scabbard. The blade is bright nickel plating over steel and apart from one small area, is in virtual mint condition. This sword is made by the LUNESCHLOSS company. Their trademark of a fire helmet peirced by a sword, is stamped into the riccasso. You do not come across Polce swords made by them! The overall length of the sword is 39 1/2 ", with a 33" blade.
A LOVELY EXAMPLE OF EARLY SA SHORT HANGER. Often missing from many early SA daggers, this is a very nice example of an early hanger. Solid nickel snap clip and oval buckle. Brown leather is in great condition, very supple and still has the very small little ‘slide’ to which keeps the strap tight and tidy. If you have a nice mint or near mint EARLY SA without a strap, this is for you. VERY hard to find them in this condition as they are now over 80 years old.
A MATCHED SET OF THIRD REICH NAVAL DAGGER HANGERS. A very good pair of hangers for the Third Rich naval dagger. These are cast aluminium with fire gilded surfaces. They have been on a dagger and used during the period. These are a MATCHED set, with the 'two dot' casting marks on the buckles matching each other. Whilst it is not unusual for a dagger to have miss-matched hangers, as one strap can wear out or break. A replacement rarely came from the same source, so was from a different maker (there were dozens of makers!) Both long and short straps are in very good condition with nice blue velvet backings. The long strap has had some period strengthening where it rubs behind the buckle, but it's only stitching. Nice gilding remaining on buckles and snap clips. All clips and chain work perfectly. A nice looking, original set, that would go perfectly with an excellent conditioned dagger. Nice straps are very hard to find now.
A NEAR MINT UNCLEANED ARMY OFFICERS DAGGER WITH KNOT AND HANGER. Still a strong favourite amongst collectors, and one of mine too. An untouched army dagger, nicely toned down with no problems is quite a sight. This is such an example. As far as I can see it looks to have been together since the war as everything matches. Dagger itself has a very high silver content in the metal, indicating that its certainly quite an early piece. The silver has toned down to an overall grey/black colour and this is universal all over the piece except underneath the crossguards front and back where the scabbard shows a much brighter 'shadow' of un-toned areas. Very neat. There is a nice orange grip which is wrapped with the original 42cm bullion knot. The bullion cord is quite thick and sits very well in the correct tie. Where the ball comes out beside the grip area, the cord has worn a little due to the 'swing' pattern when carried. Just proves age and originality! Scabbard is super, again coal black in colour but with no dents or damage at all. Beautiful pebbled surface throughout. The two carrying rings on this piece are quite large, an unusual feature. Blade is stone mint! Has all the original crossgrain finish and a needle sharp point. As with many army and Luftwaffe daggers, the blade is completely unmarked, but from other characteristics, I think it was made by . Attached to the scabbard rings are the correct army dagger hanging straps. Silver bullion fronts, silver plated oval buckles and green velvet backings. One strap has slight wear to the very top of the strap, which is exactly where the uniform jacket would have rubbed against it when worn. A very nice complete 'rig' in super condition.
A NEAR PERFECT EXAMPLE OF LUFTSCHUTZ GLADIATOR HELMET. Whilst this helmet seems to have been used, it has stayed in virtually untouched condition. There are a few age spots to the metal shell, but it still retains 99% of the original blue paint and 100% of the large decal on the front. Given the ‘Gladiator’ name as it looks very similar to Roman ‘gladiator’ helmet worn in the Coluseum etc. Designed for Luftschutz personnel as protection. Was not designed for battle and stopping bullets, just air-raid use. It has the original leather liner and original chinstrap. It also has the original labels stuck on the inside neck. These roughly translate thus...….""sale permitted/according to paragraph 8 of the Air Raid Protection law/highest price 8 Reichsmarks". Size 56. A very good example.
A NEAR PERFECT/MINT FIRE DEPT BAYONET OR SWORD KNOT. Purchased in America, the land of unissued pieces, this is the leather strapped portepee or knot for the Fire Dept dress bayonet. It’s also used on the parade sword. Actually a rare knot to find, especially in this condition. Black leather strap with 3 lines of silver wire running down each strap. Bullion ball consists of alternating red & silver bullion cords. Red insert in the bottom. Seems to have never been issued, certainly never wrapped around a frog! Ideal opportunity to acquire a mint example to go with a mint bayonet.
A NICE EARLY HJ DAGGER WITH MOTTO AND ORIGINAL NAME ENGRAVED. This is the second personalised HJ dagger I have had in the past few months. The last one had the HJ members name on the blade, this one has it on the back strap and on the pommel. The dagger is an early type made of steel and heavily nickel plated. Beautifully and professionally engraved into the top of the pommel is the letter ‘W’.Along the steel back strap and equally professionally engraved is the surname ‘Dietrich’. Grip plates are perfect. A nice HJ diamond is inset and moves slightly. The blade is in great condition, has been used and possibly slightly sharpened over its life. The motto ‘Blut und Ehre’ is deeply etched into the obverse of the blade and is VERY clear!! The reverse has the stamped makers name ‘Hugo Koller’ Solingen With an eagle trademark beside it. This is quite a rare maker for HJ daggers. Scabbard has original paint which is about 85% intact. The belt loop and cross strap are in brown leather, it has the makers stamp of LFS and an oak leaf. A great, all original, personalised HJ dagger with great character.
A NICE EARLY SA DAGGER BY NON-SOLINGEN MAKER ' KOBER' SUHL. Whilst 99% of edged weapons were made in and around Solingen, there were a few other ones dotted around elsewhere. To find any of these is quite rare. The City of SUHL is about 430km west of Solingen, so not really near at all. It's in the district Thuringia and has a history of gun making, so that's why these daggers are made here. This is an early '33 SA dagger with all solid nickel fittings. Nice dark brown hardwood grip with perfect SA button and nickel eagle. Lower crossguard is marked with Gau mark 'Th' for Thüringen!!! Exactly where it was made. Scabbard has lost quite a bit of the original brown anodising, but bout 25% still remains. Scabbard fittings are fine and bottom one is not dented. Blade is very nice. Has most of the original crossgrain polish and the blackening in the Alles fur Deutchland lettering. The Wilhelm Kober & Co logo of a Minotaur is deeply etched into the reverse riccasso.
A NICELY AGED/TONED THIRD REICH BULLION PARADE DRESS BELT WITH BUCKLE. These are very impressive items. All the services had a parade dress belt and most were silver bullion of some design. The navy one consists of a wide woven silver bullion belt with two slides. It has an interwoven dark blue/black design( the Imperial navy one is red/blact etc). This is a lovely example but as there is a very hight silver content, it has toned a little with age, giving it a nice 'antique' look. The navy buckle and keeper are gilded alloy metal, and have toned down too. The buckle is stamped 110 on the reverse?. The bullion belt is backed with a dark blue inner lining. Hidden in the belt are two brass foldaway eyelets, to which the navy dagger hangers clip onto. Very clever. A very pleasing looking belt that would display perfectly with a navy collection/dagger.
A PRIME EXAMPLE OF 2nd PATTN. LUFTWAFFE DAGGER BY WKC WITH STRAPS AND KNOT. A super looking dagger!! One of my favourite designs anyway, but this one just looks so nice! In near mint condition it has a lovely deep tangerine orange grip with springy aluminium wire. There is an original fo the piece, 23cm portapee, which shows a little fraying where it comes out of the tie. The gunmetal parts have their artificial ‘blackening’ in the recesses, giving great definition. The scabbard has all of the muted grey finish to the surface and NO damage or dents. The blade is a beautiful bright polished finish and is 99.99% mint. The WKC trademark is deeply etched into the blade surface. Attached to the scabbard are a nice set of the de-luxe type hangers. These have ornate crisp and slides with oak leaves. The fabric straps have faded a little from being exposed to the sunlight so are a lighter grey. The reverse have nice blue/grey velvet backings. A very nice complete dagger indeed.
A RAD HEWER BY ALCOSO IN EXCEPTIONAL CONDITION. This is a consignment piece, but an absolute pleasure to offer! A RAD hewer in near mint condition. This has been looked after and shows very little signs of any age at all. It's a later piece so has nickel plating over a steel base. The hilt, crossguard and stag grips are stunning, and look nearly brand new! The scabbard has 100% of the original black gloss paint, and there is just a TINY bit of age spidering, just to prove that this is 80 years old! The bottom scabbard fitting is completely undented, never been dropped. One side still has 100% of the original nickel plating and lacquer, the other side has two tiny spots of surface corrosion, which have been carefully cleaned off and treated. Not really noticeable, but worth mentioning. The bade has been protected in the scabbard and is in MINT condition, with perfect bright finish and all of the background burnishing in the motto. The ALCOSO makers mark is unusually on the same side as the blade motto, but is perfectly deeply etched. One of the best later RAD hewers I have owned.
A REAL GILDED EXAMPLE OF A LUFTWAFFE 2nd Patt LUFTWAFFE DAGGER. Officially these are not supposed to exist, but to quote from Tom Wittmann's Luftwaffe book "Beyond doubt, there are a few legitimate gilted examples which do reside in collections". This is one of them! A Luftwaffe General was entitled to wear gold trappings, and a few opted to have their standard dagger factory gilded. It was one of the things easily done in the 1930's when craftsmanship for this type of finish was quite accessible. The dagger has considerable gilt left on many places, especially on the reverse scabbard, where it's nearly complete. All other places show a pretty good finish remaining, especially in the recessed parts and places like the pebbled crossguard and eagle wing feathers. The most telling parts that how it's a true gilded piece are where the wear has been protected. Underneath the grip ferrel on the crossguard, underneath the crossguard and inside the pommel screw area. All these have 100% finish remaining. In addition the dagger comes with a pair of hangers in great condition, which have also had the same gilding process applied to the metal fittings. The dagger itself is a nice piece made by Weyersberg. A near mint blade and orange grip. A virtually identical dagger is pictured on pages 314/315 of Tom Wittmann's book. The gilt finish is identical, as are the wear areas on the scabbard fittings etc. This is a gilt wash finish too, and very identifiable from the Third Reich period. This is a very rare opportunity to acquire a unique dagger, one of only a handful known. I would have loved to have seen this dagger when it was new, it must have looked amazing!
A REALLY GOOD EXAMPLE OF VOLKSSTURM ARMBAND. Issued to civilian 'volunteers' right at the end of the war, effectively to join up and fight for the dissolving Third Reich. Cheaply made and printed on cotton in 3 colours. Worn on the left arm. This one is in worn but perfect condition. Whilst issued in the hundreds of thousands, they are not as common as you may think! A good example.
A SMALLER 'PRIVATE PURCHASE' POLICE STAG GRIP BAYONET. I have mentioned many times the huge assortment and variation of Police bayonets available. Also their interesting history of being re-issued etc. However, there were also a lot of Police bayonets made at the time, not re-issued and were produced in the 1934-142 period. This quite delicate Police dress bayonet is featured the 1938 Eickhorn sales catalogue alongside the bigger standard bayonet. It is item number 1320 and designated as 'extra fine'. It is perhaps 2/3 the size of an ordinary bayonet and lightweight as it's made of aluminium and then nickel plated. Nice birds head pommel with cast feather decorations, the crossguard has oakleaves on it. The smaller stag grips have an aluminium police eagle pinned to the middle. Black leather scabbard with nickel plated top and bottom fittings. The upper fitting has the bayonet lug and attached to that is the ORIGINAL black leather carrying frog. These are again smaller than the standard frog to fit the smaller and narrower blade/scabbard. The blade is lovely, perfectly nickel plated and in mint condition. The riccasso is stamped with the post 1938 Eickhorn squirrel trademark. A very nice, lightweight private purchase Police bayonet (probably worn by officers or senior NCO's)
A SS ‘33 MANS DAGGER BY WKC (RZM) WITH SS MARKED HANGER. A fine example of a much sought after dagger. This is a decent example produced under RZM control, in fact this one is marked RZM 1053/39 and this is the code for the WKC factory. A typical and textbook dagger produced in 1939. Crossguards are all nickel plated over the base metal, and are in very good condition with very little lifting. Black EBONY wood grip is in excellent shape, no chips or cracks, but a few age bumps and thumps here and there. The SS enamel button is perfect. The aluminium grip eagle is perfectly set into the grip. Shows a little wear to the surface, but just an age and use thing. Scabbard has nickel plated steel fittings and again all fine with full plating. All screws are present and the lower tip/ball is undented. The scabbard paint is completely original and although shows surface scratches from age and use is certainly 85% + intact. It's very bright and clean. Attached to the upper scabbard fitting is the original short black leather hanger and also the black leather belt loop. The black hanger has lost the very tip of the leather strap, but buckles up perfectly. The REVERSE of the hanger strap still has the correct SS maker marks stamped int0 the surface! This is VERY rare. You can still see the SS runes in a circle cut into the leather surface. There are traces of the RZM code and date, but these are virtually unreadable. The black belt loop has a pebbled 'D' ring and nice leather finish. It is not marked. The blade on this dagger is extremely nice. It has a very nice surface, no damage or pitting or staining and the SS motto is deep and clear. The reverse of the blade is etched with the RZM circle and then underneath the code for WKC 1053/39. A great example of a period SS dagger with great accessories.
A SUPERB NAVAL DAGGER BY EICKHORN PURCHASED COMPLETE WITH ORIGINAL HANGERS, KNOT AND UNDERBELT!!! A 'straight out of the woodwork' naval rig. This is how it was bought back as a souvenir after the war, was apparently taken from the original naval officer in Kiel. Certainly looks that way. Dagger has defiantly been used an worn, but is in superb collectable condition. Dagger itself retains a lot of the original fire guilding over the brass base. This is less apparent on the lower part of the scabbard as it has rubbed off during wear. The very bottom of the scabbard is slightly misshapen, flatter, as it has obviously been caught in wear etc. Very common with 'worn' navy daggers as the brass scabbard is so soft. It is not noticeable though. Pommel and crossguard retain nearly 100% of the fire gilding. White celluloid over wood grip is PERFECT with brass twisted wire wrap. Expertly tied around the grip, pommel and crossguard is the original 42cm bullion knot. It is in the standard naval 'tie', and has been ion this dagger from new, approx. 80+ years. These is some slight 'swing' wear to the knot as it comes out of the tie. The blade has the EICKHORN post 1938 squirrel stamped to the reverse riccasso. The blade is in MINT condition, with 100% grey etch finish to the naval scenes. Super blade. With this dagger are the original Third Reich era hangers. These have gilded aluminium fittings, buckles, clips etc. Buckles are marked with the same casting marks to the reverse of 6 little dots. Black moire fabric fronts are perfect as is the black velvet reverse. Great hangers. It also has the original blue cloth underbelt. This was under the tunic or coat, and the dagger and hangers hug from this is there was no 'outer belt'. A REALLY nice combination, complete rig. Never been in a collection before, and a super bit of German naval history.
A TEXTBOOK EXAMPLE OF DEUTCHE JAGERSCHAFT - HUNTING ASSOCIATION - DAGGER. The edged weapons and daggers of the German Hunting Association (Deutche Jagerschaft or DJ) are one of my favourite topics. I had quite a large collection of them and the associated items until an American made me an offer for the lot! Anyway, this is a very nice example of a DJ cutlass made by WKC. The shape of these daggers was dictated by the stag horn grips and no two daggers are the same! This one has all nickel silver fittings to the pommel, crossguard, scabbard fittings etc etc. The piece of stag chosen for this piece is quite thick and chunky but has a very smooth surface. Feels nice in the hand. The DJ badge is affixed to the middle of the grip. This is the normal silver DJ badge of a stags head with antlers and a little swastika in the middle. Herman Goering was head of the Forestry and Hunting Association, so some very flamboyant daggers were made and worn. The silver crossguard is the up & down stag hooves. Scabbard is dark green leather in excellent condition. There is a RARE 'v' shaped green leather frog fitted to the upper scabbard fitting, and tied around that is an original solid green cloth DJ knot. These two items on their own are in high demand by collectors are they are extremely difficult to find on their own to complete an existing dagger. This cutlass is COMPLETE with all the correct accessories.
A VERY NICE 'TRANSITIONAL' HJ DAGGER- DOUBLE MARKED BLADE. Always a popular dagger, the Hitler Youth knives area great collectable, and again , there are many makers and many varieties. This is a super piece made just after 1938, so no motto, but blade is marked with the RZM number and code and ALSO with the makers trademark. As with SA/SS daggers, there seemed to be a period when manufacturers were able to put both their name or log as well as the RZM code. This blade is marked RZM M7/33 and above it is the oval trademark of FW HOLLER. Leather blade washer is in place. Looks great! Dagger has nickel plated hilt etc. Shows very little sign of wear. A small part under the cross strap where it has rubbed against the hilt. Perfect chequered crossguards with a deeply inset HJ enamel diamond. No chips or damage to this. Scabbard has 99% of the original black paint and is in very good condition. The black leather belt loop, cross strap and popper are all in very nice serviceable condition. A good example of this era of HJ dagger.
A VERY NICE EXAMPLE OF RLB 2nd PATTN. OFFICERS DAGGER. This remains in untouched condition so has nice patina over the silver plated fittings. Dark blue (nearly black) leather on the grip and scabbard is in near perfect condition. The RLB daggers display a very ‘Art Deco’ design to the crossguards. Long outstretched wings with stylised eagle and swastika. The grip hasbthe second pattern enamel swastika with sunburst design. The swastika is very prone to chipping as it sits proud of the grip and can easily be hit. This one has a few chips on the surface but no large bits missing as is often the case. Scabbard has nice matching silver plated fittings. No dents or damage. Blade is STONE MINT. Has 100% of the original crossgrain polish. Lovely blade. The makers mark of Paul Weyersberg is deeply etched into the blade surface. A really nice RLB.
ALCOSO MINIATURE LUFTWAFFE SWORD ON PROPELLER BASE. A desirable and rare miniature made by the ALCOSO company. For use as a paperweight and letter opener, This is the beautiful 9" miniature Luftwafffe sword permanently mounted on a steel propeller base. Heavy and impressive on any desk!! Alcoso were the formosr manufacturer of miniature daggers and swords during the Third Reich period. Their quality and attention to detail were second to none. This is an exact, small size version of the Luftwaffe sword in every way. Alcoso produced a definative set of miniatures, which consisted of the RAD Leaders dagger, a navy dagger, Forestry dagger, army dagger, 2nd. Luftwaffe dagger and the Luftwaffe sword. They also mounted the 2nd. Luftwaffe dagger and the Luftwaffe sword on these steel propellers. This has been used exactly as it was intended and the leather on the grip shows some wear. The grip wire is intact. The blade is slightly blunt from openeing all those letters!! The blade is marked with the early style of ALCOSO trademark. These are really nice pieces to display, and do not come along every day.Absolute bargain at this price.
ALL BRASS SA 'YOUTH' BUCKLE. 3rd TYPE. Identical to the larger, adult style buckle. Made of two pieces and soldered on the reverse. This type of youth buckle is 2/3 the size and fits on a nice smaller belt. All brass construction with steel claw and pin. Gilding remaining to the claw part. Really nice youth SA buckle.
AMAZING 1929 OR 1st PATTN NAVY DAGGER WITH KNOT & HAMMERED SCABBARD. I am very pleased to offer this piece of German navy dagger history. Often referred to as the '1st Pattern' navy dagger, it is really the 1929 type. Worn between the wars by the Weimar navy. It changed little into the Third Reich period with just an altered pommel, depicting the eagle and swastika instead. It is quite rare to find these daggers, as the sike of the German navy was drastically reduced by the Versailles treaty. It was also very easy to convert these into Third Reich pieces by just buying a new pommel! Dagger is in virtually mint condition. 98% of the fire gilt remaining on all surfaces. Pommel is known as a 'flaming ball' type, but is actually cresting waves running around it. Wonderful celluloid grip with brass twisted wire. Standard navy Crossguard with push button release. Scabbard is the HAMMERED variety and again has 98% of the fire gilt present. Blade is stone mint. Normal navy stiletto type with twin fullers. It bears no makers marks at all and is completely plain, which is quite common for these daggers. Looking at the fittings on the rest of the dagger, it looks to be of WKC manufacture. There is an original red felt buffer in between the blade and the crossguard. Tied in the correct navy configuration is an original 42cm knot in cream celluloid. Again it looks to have been on there for MANY years and is set in place. This is a SUPER example of a hard to find naval variation. (One identical to this has just been listed on a very popular American site for over $2000.) These are rare things.
AN EARLY, ALL NICKEL LUFTWAFFE OFFICERS SWORD WITH HANGER. Perhaps my favourite Third Reich period sword as the design is so distinctive. It incorporates the ‘flying’ aspects of the Luftwaffe but takes its design lead from Teutonic period weapons. Down-swept crissguard, large round pommel. Worn by senior NCO’s and all Officers, this parade sword was introduced around 1934. The early ones, like this, were made of high quality materials brass/nickel etc. Later ones were in a plated alloy and of course all brushed aluminium. Originally they all had an integral crescent leather hanger permanently attached to the two scabbard rings, but sadly with time and wear/degradation, this hanger breaks off and is lost forever. This sword still has the hanger, and the original owner has decided to carve his initials into it, these are 'LM'. Nickel pommel with brass inset swastikas. Leather bound grip with dual 'springy' wires. Scabbard has blue leather covering with a few scuffs here and there. Bottom chape of the scabbard has some dents etc to the surface and edge. Must have been bashed around a bit in wear. The blade is in very good order, it is nickel plated with a few old finger mark smudges here and there. The maker of this sword is F & A HELBEIG of STEINBACH. Their trademark etc is always quite lightly etched into the blade surface, although this one is quite clear. On some of their other blades, 1st Luftwaffe for instance, it is so lightly etched, you can hardly read it! A very good overall example of a Luftwaffe sword and priced competitively.
AN EXCEPTIONAL TENO MAN'S DAGGER WITH HANGER AND VERY RARE TENO PORTEPEE. I am very pleased to offer this absolutely superb TENO man's dagger. In addition to the dagger being in exceptional condition, it also has the original TENO leather hanger and one of the EXCEPTIONALLY rare multi-coloured TENO portepees! Both the Officers and man's daggers were only made by Eickhorn. Their trademark appears on the blade along with the TENO eagle and an accountability number 1093. This matching number is also stamped into the scabbard throat. The condition of this piece is really amazing, with no discernible lifting or damage to any of the metal fittings, the dull nickel plating is complete throughout. The cream grip plates are perfect. Scabbard fittings are prefect and the scabbard body retains 100% of the original black paint, with the minimal of spidering. The original leather TENO frog is attached to the rear of the scabbard and again is in exceptional condition. Even the narrow retaining strap that goes over the grip and into a button, is present. It is a little fragile, but complete and not broken. What is even more exceptional is the ORIGINAL green/grey TENO 'standby' portepee. There were in fact 8 portepees for the TENO dagger. 4 for the NCO's and 4 for the other ranks (mans'). There is original reference material available in the form of the 1940 colour uniform regulation sheet from the TENO handbook! This portepee is for the 'Allgemeiner Dienst' which is 'general' service. I have seen very few TENO portepees in my 40 years, extremely rare things, and I have seen JUST these change for large sums, on their own. It has a green stem with black above and below on the top of the ball. The rest of the ball is grey, whist the cloth strap is grey with twin black lines. Blade on this dagger is exceptional and retains it's dull surface polish. Overall and wonderful and COMPLETE example. Exceptional price too, for complete and mint dagger/portepee/frog.
ARMBAND FOR CIVILIAN SERVICE IN THE MILITARY. One of the most distinctive Third Reich armbands as it features a very distinctive eagle and swastika with our swept wings. This one is black tread on a bright yellow background. The eagle is woven into the cloth, and is part of the weaving process. In excellent condition and worn by members of the German civilians, when working for the German Wehrmacht.
ARMY DAGGER WITH STRAPS AND KNOT-RECENTLY FOUND. A very good example of an army dagger by Eickhorn, with the post 1938 trademark. This is part of a small collection of edged weapons that were re-discovered recently after being stored in a portacabin for 5 years. The outside conditions have slightly affected the straps, but not much else. Dagger has nice nickel plated fittings and a dent free scabbard. A lovely dark orange grip with the original portapee tied around the crossguard. The crossguard is the 2nd? type used by Eickhorn with a smooth curved top to the eagles beak. Blade is virtually mint with all of the original crossgrain present. The Eickhorn trademark is positioned underneath the eagle and swastika crossguard. There are a nice set of bullion and green velvet straps which have the leather re-enforced top tabs. The buckles are slightly oxidised with exposure to a damp environment. A really nice looking army complete 'rig'. Eickhorn products are always popular with collectors.
AS FOUND- BRING BACK REICHKRIEGSFLAG-COMPLETE AND NAVY MARKED. Whilst I do not have the story of how this was saved, it has just come from a relatives house clearance along with a lovely army dagger. Both untouched and never been in collections before. This Kriegsflag is exactly how I like to find them, it has a few moth nips in various places but is a super, 200% original piece and has not seen the light of day in many years. Made if the classic rough, sack-like cotton fabric. It is complete with the original sewn-in rope lanyard. Marked along the cream cotton hem is the size, 135x80. , th e type ‘KrFl’ and at the end the makers stamp. ‘Johan Leibleg & Comp’ It is also stamped with the stick like eagle and swastika with a M underneath. This designates it as a Third Reich navy flag and would have been flown on a naval vessel of some type. (This is a smaller flag so would be ideal for a small ship.) The colours are all there although slightly dulled with age and use. A classic German flag and ideal for display or cabinet liner.
ATTIC FIND (1)-UNTOUCHED NAVY DAGGER BY EICKHORN. I was contacted recently after a relative found some items in his Uncles attic after he had passed away. There were 3 daggers wrapped in paper and had been stored in the attic for many years, untouched. There were a navy dagger, an army dagger and a dress bayonet. All three will be listed, and this is the first. This one was inside the paper, so has not suffered very badly. The original bullion knot has rotted through at the top around the pommel, but the rest is fine and it is still tied properly around the crossguard etc. The damp atmosphere where it was kept has made the wooden inner grip swell and the cream celluloid grip has cracked down it's length. There is no material missing and the crack is quite thin. Other than those two faults, the dagger is in really good condition. It has much of the original fire gilt remaining on the crossguard and especially the scabbard. There is no damage to the scabbard. The blade is in perfect condition, has all of the original deep charcoal etch on both sides and all of the nickel plating, a VERY nice blade. The original brown felt blade washer is present. Actually this is a very nice dagger, you can either leave it as it is, or perhaps replace the grip and put a better knot on it, if you like! I have priced it accordingly to compensate for this.
ATTIC FIND (2) - ARMY OFFICERS DAGGER WITH ORANGE GRIP BY PUMA. As described in the previously listed navy dagger, this is the second of 3 daggers found together in an attic recently. They were all wrapped together in brown paper, and the exposed parts suffered more from the exposure. This is a very decent army dagger by the more unusual maker PUMA. You don't find PUMA army daggers very often. The grip on this piece varies in colour from DEEP burn orange (almost black) to a tangerine colour. The exposure to the elements in the attic really affected the very top part. The grip has also cracked in several places, but no material is missing. This was caused by the changes in temperature and possibly the steel tang inside the grip, expanding a little. Easily remedied if you find a replacement grip. The rest of the dagger is in untouched condition, with a very nice crossguard (Puma used the 'generic type) which has a very pronounced eagles head etc. The scabbard is in untouched condition and has toned down to a dark patina. It's funny to see that under the crossguard is a 'shadow' of the eagle etc, where it's been protected. The blade is in excellent condition, there are a few age smudges, but otherwise very nice. The Puma logo of a cat's head inside the rectangle is positioned on the blade UNDERNEATH the crossguard, again reinforcing the general theory that these blades came from the factory like this, trademark hidden by the crossguard, but you could SEE the maker immediately, if you pulled the dagger from the scabbard. Again a decent dagger, and if you wanted to replace the grip, a near perfect one with a rarer maker.
ATTIC FIND (3) - LONG DRESS BAYONET WITH FROG BY EP&S. As described in the last two listings, this was the third dagger found in a bundle in an attic recently. This dress bayonet, has actually suffered little from being kept in the attic. It's a standard nickel plated dress bayonet made by the Ernst Pack and Sonne company. They are always distinctive in that they attach their chequered grip plates with off-set recessed nuts and bolts. The original black leather frog is on the scabbard and in excellent condition. Scabbard paint is all intact, but spidery from age. The nickel plated blade is in perfect mint condition, and the EP&S trademark is deeply stamped into the riccasso of the blade. A decent dress bayonet!
BEAUTIFUL ALCOSO MINIATURE RAD OFFICER DAGGER, with ORANGE GRIP and DEDICATION. As many of your you I have had a long association with miniature edged weapons, and still manage to find the odd one to collect. The ‘creme de la creme’ of miniature edged weapon manufacturers was ALCOSO. They made a small range in the largest size. The detail and a quality were superb in every respect. Their rarest types are the RAD officer, the Hunting Association dagger and the naval officers dagger. This is a stunning example of the RAD officer and it’s in mint condition. There is no lifting of the antique silver plated fittings and the Alcoso marked blade is in mint condition. As an added bonus, engraved to the rear of the crossguard, is a 50th birthday dedication. There is no name as it would have been a personal gift. The perfect celluloid grip plates have toned to a medium orange colour. A wonderful miniature 100x rarer than it’s large counterpart.
BEAUTIFUL NAVY DAGGER BY 'ADOLF BRAUN' WITH KNOT. A really nice example of this unusually marked navy dagger. Adolf Braun was not the maker, but a large uniform and equipment distributor in Berlin. They were a retail wholesaler and took orders from service personnel and fulfilled them elsewhere. Looking at the dagger closely, I think this is actually made by Eickhorn, and then marked by Adolf Braun, who's name is deeply stamped into the riccasso. You could virtually order anything from them, so there are many different daggers army, Luftwaffe etc, all stamped by them as supplied. In great condition, this has a cream celluloid grip with twisted brass wire. There is an original 42cm navy knot tied around the pommel and crossguard. Nice brass fittings throughout, with 50%+ of the original fire gilt remaining. Very nice brass scabbard with no damage. Blade is stone mint, with full nickel plated surfaces. Has trade name and BERLIN stamped into riccasso. The blade is a standard, twin fuller type with needle sharp point. The blade is plain with no etching. It's interesting to know that having an etched blade was a COST option, so if you were on a budget and a hard-up midshipman, then you just had a plain blade! A great addition to a navy collection as these Braun marked examples are quite scarce.
BLACK TEARDROP LEATHER HANGER FOR DAGGER OR SWORD In near mint unissued condition, this is the third hanger from the collection and is slightly different from the other two as this one features the belt loop as part of the hanger. This accessory would slip onto the wearers belt and then the dagger or sword would clip directly to this. Either via a 'D' ring or directly to the weapon. Black leather is in perfect condition as is the nickel plated snap clip. Reverse is covered with a dark blue/grey cloth felt. This has a little 'mothing' from storage. A really nice, perfect accessory for your dagger or sword. Great display item.
BROWN FABRIC UNDERBELT FOR SA DAGGER ETC? Whilst I have had several of the underbelts for the navy dagger, which are usually blue, I don't often get a brown one. More likely associated with the SA or NSKK as they had brown uniforms. It also only has one sliding 'D' attachment, so that would suit a SA or NSKK dagger. Anyway, a decent thing whatever service it was used for. Worn underneath a tunic or coat, this was used to support a dagger, and the strap would have gone through a pocket flap and then clipped onto this belt. Brown cloth belt with leather ends. Steel buckle and leather sliding loop with 'D' ring.
BROWN LEATHER THIRD REICH SWORD HANGER. This is a nice fairly long hanger for a Third Reich Officers sword. Suitable for both Dove head and Lion's head swords. Clips to steel loop on back of scabbard and then attaches to belt. Lighter brown leather in very good condition with steel top clip and steel snap clip. Great to complete your sword display.
CLASSIC EARLY SA BY EICKHORN EX-ROHM WITH EARLY MARK. This is a very good example of an early maker SA dagger that was originally presented by Ernst Rohm. Made by Eickhorn, it has the early small oval trademark used from 1933-1935, and is placed very near the crossguards.This is one of about 8 or 9 very similar trademarks used by Eickhorn at this time.(this one has a smooth upright tail and no eyes in the squirrel) Each one very slightly different. The smaller size a position was to fit in the complete Rohm etching that would have been on the reverse of this blade. As per Hitlers instructions after Rohm was murdered, this Rohm dedication was completely removed from the blade surface. This example has been beautifully factory done, and the blade re-polished. Not trace of the etch remains, but the profite of the blade and thickness has been altered. The dagger is a beautiful example of Eickhorn's quality workmanship and use of materials. Perfect fitting crossguards, lovely wood grip. The lower Crossguard is stamped with the Gau letters Wf for Westfalen . A region in Western Germany with Cologne it's capital. It is also stamped UNDERNEATH the guard with the number 9, known as a benchmark stamp. This would have identified the worker who made it. Scabbard has a pretty good finish, but there is a little wear to the surface of the brown anodising due to probably hand wear when being worn. The blade is a pristine example, with all factory crossgrain polish and the dark burnishing in the motto letters.
COMPLETE ARMY DAGGER 'RIG', HANGERS AND KNOT. This is a very nice looking army officers dagger with a cream celluloid grip. Dull nickel plated fittings to the pommel, crossguard and scabbard. All in excellent condition. No damage to grip, crossguard is the 'generic' type with flat beaked eagles head. There is an original 42cm knot tied in the correct fashion, it's in near mint condition. Blade is completely plain, with no maker. Scabbard is near mint with no dents or plate lifting. There is a nice set of army hangers with this piece. They have seen a little wear, with some slight fraying to the sides but are fine in every respect. These are 'de-luxe' hangers with metal swing tops and 'push in' bottom clips. Green velvet backings. A good, solid army dagger with all accessories.
COTTON 'BEVO' TYPE NSDAP PARTY ARMBAND. You can see this has been removed from a jacket or shirt as there is still most of the thread around the edges! armband is open, ie the ends are not sewn together and it's obviously been removed from something. Red thick cotton body with a circular white cotton centre with the black swastika woven into the white fabric 'bevo' style. In used but very good condition overall.
COTTON NSDAP/PARTY ARMBAND WITH 'BEVO' CENTER. This is a near perfect condition red cotton Party/NSDAP armband with the cotton white/black 'bevo' centre. Worn by party members and MANY organisations (RAD etc), these were produced in various qualities in their millions. Always was a good souvenir bought back by the troops. This is a well made example and in very good condition. No moth or other holes. A perfect example of a symbol from a very troubled time.
DLV/NSKK FLYERS DAGGER BY KARL JULIUS KREBS. These little Flyers knives were used by the DLV and NSFK before they were amalgamated into the Luftwaffe. Formed by Hitler as 'gliding schools', it was an attempt to circumnavigate the Versailles Treaty and train pilots via gliding clubs. This is a lovely early Flyers dagger by Karl Julius Krebs, a maker not often found on these pieces. This piece has not been cleaned in MANY years and the patina has built up on the silver plated fittings. All parts are the same colour. Nice pommel and crossguard. The inset swastika enamel discs are in perfect condition with no chipping or damage. Scabbard fittings are all perfect too. The dark blue Moroccan leather covers the grip and scabbard.There are no cracks or tears and the leather is in nice overall condition. Attached to the top scabbard fitting is the integral leather hanging strap. There is a nice OLC marked snap clip. Blade is in near mint condition with all the original crossgrain polish. A really nice blade, with the Krebs logo etched into the blade surface. The original blue leather blade buffer is present. A very nice example of this dagger.
EARLY AND UNIQUE HJ DAGGER BY ANTON WINGEN Jr. I like HJ knives and daggers, so I should really keep this myself as it's only the third one I have ever seen. Before the standardisation of the HJ Fahrtenmesse by the RZM etc., there was an opportunity for companies to market their own design to try and capture a market. This particular type of dagger is extensively photographed in Tom Johnson's 'Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich' on page 297 Vol 2. The dagger is modelled afer a WW1 fighting knife with a birds head pommel and a false release button as the 'eye'. Black ebony wood chequered grips. Top rivet is a normal type but the lower grip fixing is most unusual as it incorporates the enamel Hitler Youth diamond. The grip is formed to accept the HJ diamond and this has a circular fixing screw which holds it onto and into the grip. Both of the wood grips are in excellent condition, but have shrunk slightly over the years. Crossguard is a normal upswept type. Blade has no fuller but a false single edge, exactly like some other knives Anton Wingen made in the 1914-1919 period. So this is perhaps a case of utilising older designs and using up older stock? Blade is nickel steel and in very good condition. The Anton Wingen trademark of a standing knight in armour with AWJr and Solingen underneath, is deeply stamped into the blade fuller about halfway down. Scabbard is of tubular steel, similar to both a normal HJ dagger and a fighting knife. The surface is 'blued' steel. The brown leather belt loop and grip strap with popper, are in excellent shape. A very rare and unusual REAL Hitler Youth dagger variation, missing from all but the most advanced HJ collection.
EARLY DLV FLYERS KNIFE-AS FOUND AND UNCLEANED. Acquired via a contact in Wales, this DLV, early knife has been left in the condition it was found in. I did clean up the leather surfaces a little as there was a lot of dirt on the surfaces. The metal/nickel fittings have been covered in a red type patina. This is all over the dagger and I am sure will clean off, if you so desire. Both crossguard enamel swastikas are 100% perfect with NO chipping! one of the top handle grip rings has broken, but is still there, just split. easily mended or replaced if desired. Scabbard is fine and has all of the original screws etc. The DLV symbol (not the NSFK winged man) is deeply stamped into the scabbard throat. There is a leather hanger and correct snap clip attached to the scabbard ring. It looks to be original to the dagger, but is not the one normally found. It's very old though, so could be a period replacement. Blade is very good, has crossgraining and the SMF logo is etched into the blade. There seems to have been a bit of corrosion around and underneath the crossguard/blade area, but this has been cleaned off. Overall a very presentable flyers dagger, priced accordingly.
EARLY EICKHORN SAWBACK OFFICERS SHORT FIRE BAYONET. This is a very nice example of the sawback version of the Third Reich Fire bayonet. This is the short version apparently worn by senior NCO’s and Officers, whist the Linder one was reserved for Firemen if standard rank. It is quite early and is therefore made of quality materials. The hilt is heavily nickel plated over steel base and the checquered grip plates are black hard wood (not celluloid). The blade is in mint condition and is the shirt carbine type with false edge. One side has the razor sharp machined ‘saw-back’ teeth. Scabbard has a full coating of original black paint and the original patent leather black frog is present. The blade has the stamped smaller oval Eickhorn trademark which dates it from 1933-35. Excellent example of the rarely found saw-back bayonet.
EARLY FIRST PATTERN RLB WOOL ARMBAND. This is an early item and is slightly different to the ones I have had before. The dark blue armband itself is made of wool and has the 1st type of RLB insignia embroidered onto it. The wool body is very similar to the fabric used on the red party armbands but of a higher quality fine 'serge' material.. It's suffered a little from moth over the years, and the surface has various 'tracks' running across the fabric and a small hole to the front.. The RLB insignia features the star with the RLB letters and the small swastika underneath. This is from the early 1930's so has done well to survive these past 80 odd years. A nice, very early variation.
EARLY GERMAN FIRE BRIGADE ARMBAND. This is a lovely armband and of very high quality, I therefore think this started life in the Imperial German period or perhaps Weimar. Could easily have been worn in the Third Reich era too. Armband consists of heavy green ribbed cloth material with an applied Fire insignia. Very similar to Imperial Hunting Association armbands. The insignia is in German silver and consists of a fireman’s helmet with crossed axes underneath. It’s mounted through the material and has a metal backing plate the other side. Armband is in perfect condition, amazing for its age. No damage or moth nips. Would look perfect with other Fire related insignia etc. Never seen one of these before. Came from an advanced armband collection.
EARLY HANGER FOR SA WITH NICKEL FITTINGS AND BELT LOOP. This hanger is ideal for a very early SA dagger and especially one that’s not been cleaned! The nickel snap clip and buckle are yellow with patina or nicotine! Look almost golden. The brown leather strap is fine as is the connecting D ring and belt loop. Often missing from early SA daggers.
EARLY HITLER YOUTH KNIFE WITH FULL MOTTO-PUMA. A very good example of an early HJ knife with full 'Blut und Ehre' motto etched along the blade surface. The blade has no riccasso, so is regarded to be of early issue and manufacture. Hilt and crossguard are steel with nikel plating. The plating has worn a little where this dagger has been used and there the leather cross strap rubs, but just a little. Perfect grip plates and a nice HJ enamel diamond with just the slightest of wear to the edges.Scbbard is steel with original black painted surface. Most of the original paint is still present. The brown leather belt loop and cross strap with popper are in great, supple condition. The blade has no riccasso, the motto is still very clear. Blade has been slightly sharpened at some time, but then these were supposed to be used!! Reverse of blade has the PUMA trademark of a Puma's head in a diamond. Blade is very slightly loose in the hilt fittings. Brown leather blade buffer is still present, but as these shrink with age, these sometimes cause the blade to be a little loose as they were sandwiched between blade and crossguard to make a tight seal. Nice HJ dagger.
EARLY HJ DAGGER WITH FULL MOTTO. Always a very popular dagger with collectors and especially so if they are of early manufacture with a motto on the blade. This has both of course. Made by Carl Wustoff -Solingen. The blade has no riccasso and the obverse has a really nice fully etched motto. Hilt is steel with nickel plating. Slight wear to the pommel where the cross strap has rubbed. Chequered grip plates are fine and the deeply embedded HJ diamond is perfect. Scabbard seems to have all of the original black paint, perhaps touched up by the original owner here and there. Brown leather belt suspension is fine. Cross loop is a little fragile and has lost a small part next to the snap popper button. Overall a proper, original genuinely used example of a HJ dagger.
EARLY NSKK DAGGER WITH 'NAME ONLY' ERASED ROHM BLADE. This a great dagger and represents a dark part of German history. Ernst Rohm was head of the SA/NSKK in the early 1930's, but became too powerful and a threat to Hitler, so he had him murdered in prison in July 1934. Hitler ordered that all traces of Rohm to be removed from everything!! This included the SA and NSKK daggers Rohm had given out to 1000's of his followers. The Inscription on the back of these daggers was either removed completely or the name was just taken out. FULL Rohm daggers are now extremely rare, but so are the name only or partial erased Rohm blades, as MOST were completely ground off. This is a great dagger that has not been cleaned in possibly 70 years and has a great patina all over the nickel parts etc, which have gone a dark yellow. The grip wood is a nice walnut colour and has no cracks or slivers missing. The scabbard has been period painted black to designate a NSKK member (scabbards were always HAND painted, they were not factory finished until the later RZM daggers) The paint has flaked in places, but is basically 65% there. Blade is the main part of this and the obverse is very nice indeed with the SA motto still in super shape with all the background burnishing. The reverse has a nice clear and deep Rohm dedication, the signature part has been carefully, but quite crudely, polished out. However, you can still see some of the edges of the signature. The removal process has also taken off 50% of the makers trademark, but you can still see the distinctive form for the EP&S company (Ernst Pack and Sonne). A great example of this historic dagger.
EARLY RAD ‘MANS' HEWER BY E.F. HORSTER. Upon the formation and introduction of the RAD in 1934, ALL members, both officers and men wore the exact same dagger, this huge RAD hewer. It was only with the introduction the smaller and much more ‘dainty’ Officers pattern in 1938, that there was a distinction between the two. Any strange stampings found on the earlier hewers 'Fu' for instance, are merely RAD uniform/clothing issue depots. (the Fu stands for Furth) It does not mean Fuhrer or leader. This is a great early piece, really heavy. Hilt fittings have all the nickel plating and no damage. A nice set of matched stag grips with recessed screws. Scabbard has nickel top and bottom mounts. The throat of the scabbard has issue marks stamped into it 'BL541'. The scabbard paint is original and has some age chipping but is about 85% intact. The lower edge of the bottom fitting has some carrying dents, but nothing serious. The blade is lovely, very bright and clean, no damage and never been sharpened. RAD motto is very clear and deep. Blade retains most of the original slightly dull polish finish, with just in/out marks from the scabbard springs. A good looking period dagger.
EARLY RLB OFFICERS ARMBAND -1st TYPE STAR. A really good example of the first type of RLB Officers armband in blue cotton with 'bevo' type badge. This one features the 1st type of RLB star with the RLB letters in the middle and a small swastika underneath. Made of high quality sky blue cotton, the badge is actually woven as part of the whole cotton armband, a very clever process. All the colours are perfect and the armband is in near mint condition. The rank insignia for the officer is designated by twin lines of bullion rank 'tress' machine sewn to the top and bottom of the armband. These early RLB types have become difficult to find, and this one has come from an old British collection accumulated in the 1960's and 70's.
EARLY SA DAGGER WITH PARTIAL ROHM DEDICATION. A very nice example of a semi-erased Rohm dedication dagger by Ed Wusthoff. Authorised in February 1934 by the then Chief of the SA, Ernst Rohm. Nearly 126,000 daggers were ordered for all of the SA gruppes. This one is for Gau Ndr 'Niederrhein which received 8500 pieces. After Ernst Rohm was denounced as a traitor by Hitler, he was murdered in June 1934 and all traces of him were to be removed from society, including the dedication on these daggers. Some were completely erased, some just had the signature removed (like this one) and a very few were kept and hidden away, only to surface 70+ years later and command huge prices from collectors!! This is a very nice, early dagger with nice exterior. Super nickel fittings and a great wood grip with eagle and SA button. Scabbard is near perfect, with 100% brown anodising and about 45% original lacquer. Blade is VERY clean with 100% crossgraining, but there are a couple of surface blemishes, from either water or fingerprints. I have not attempted to remove these and I think with further effort, these could almost disappear. They do not affect either the SA motto, or more importantly the Ernst Rohm dedication. The dedication is deeply etched into the reverse of the blade. The actual signature has been carefully removed, but you can still see the lower part of the 'M' in Rohm. The first part of the dedication is completely untouched. A really nice looking SA dagger, and a piece of history! If the blade was perfect, this would easily be a £1500 dagger, but due to the slight imperfections on the blade I have priced it accordingly.
EARLY SA DAGGER WITH SHORT HANGER BY E&F HORSTER. This is a very decent looking dagger and actually in good condition, considering where it was stored for 5 years. E&F Horster are a well know dagger maker, but to be honest I have not come across too many of their SA daggers. They are rated around the '6' scale for rarity, but that does not mean they are easy to find!! All of the nickel crossguards and scabbard fittings have remained completely uncleaned for many, many years and have developed a fine patina. The tang nut remains unturned. The grip is a lovely mid-brown wood with no chips or cracks. The SA button and the grip eagle are in perfect shape. The lower reverse crossguard is marked with the letter 'Ha'. This is the Gau mark for Hansa, a district on the north German coast with Hamburg as it's capital. The scabbard is dent free and has all of the original brown anodised coating, but this has been affected a little by the damp atmosphere of storage and has become rough to the touch. There is the original short leather hanger with snout nosed nickel clip, attached to the scabbard ring. The blade is very nice indeed and has nearly all of the original crossgrain polish. There is a very small area of corrosion that has darkened the blade underneath the crossguard. Nice SA.
EARLY SA WITH 'LAZY MAN' ROHM INSCRIPTION WITH SHORT HANGER. With the murder of Ernst Rohm in July 1934, Hitler ordered all reference to him to be removed or destroyed. This included the inscription on the 'honour' SA, NSKK and SS daggers that were issued/purchased. A very few were hidden away and over the years these have surfaced, they are highly collected, very rare and hence expensive. The other daggers we see fit into 3 categories. 'erased' 'partially erased' and this 'lazy man' type. The inscription was either removed professionally where you can hardly see it was ever there, or done by the owner either very well or terribly crudely. The 'lazy man' removal, is always a very half-hearted attempt to follow the rules and get rid of the inscription. This is a perfect example of that. The Rohm inscription on the reverse of the blade has basically just been lightly ground off along the spine of the blade. You can easily read the lettering above and below the spine edge and the Ernst Rohm signature is virtually intact!! However, the grinding has caught the makers mark and removed all of it apart from the lower word SOLINGEN. I have handled many 100's of SA daggers, so I recognise the lettering as being from the Ernst Pack & Sonne firm. They seemed to make the lion's share of Rohm inscription daggers. Obverse of the blade is virtually mint, with all crossgraining etc., but the energetic grinding process on the reverse has caught the edges here and there, so you can see a few lines and scratches. The grip of the dagger is a lovely smooth brown hardwood, the SA button and nickel eagle are perfect. There is a tiny chip from the wood on the edge of the lower crossguard, but done a long time ago and very minor. All the solid nickel fittings have a nice yellow patina. Crossguard is stamped with the Gau mark 'No' which is for Nordsee. The scabbard is in very good order indeed. It still has 100% of the brown anodised coppery colour finish and all of the shellac lacquer. However, the lacquer has 'bubbled' slightly with heat and age and is rough to the touch. Attached to the upper scabbard ring is a single leather hanger. It consists of the normal short leather hanger with snap clip. Lower scabbard bottom fitting has a slightly dented ball.A very nice SA dagger with HUGE history to tell. A fine example of a 'lazy man' erased Rohm dagger.
EARLY SS 1933 MANS DAGGER BY KLAAS - WITH VERTICAL HANGER. This was one of the nicer daggers purchased from the collection last year. This has only been in one collection as it was purchased directly from the family in Exeter by the previous owner. A classic early SS piece, made of high quality materials and perfectly put together. All solid nickel fittings have developed a nice yellow patina. Typically the top pommel nut has been tightened or removed with a pair of pliers and it's left a few marks around the edge. So common with vet acquired pieces, where no one knew how to take them apart, and a thin spanner nut was not the first thing that came to mind! Really not a problem, but I thought I would mention it. The solid ebony grip has no shrinkage problems and fits perfectly. There are two small slivers missing from the reverse upper crossguard. Have been gone a long time and are only small. Again a real problem with ebony as it's very hard and quite fragile. One decent 'bash' when being carried and it chips. The enamel SS button has turned slightly, but no damage. The solid nickel grip eagle is perfectly seated. It has a very small 'dent' to the left of the eagles head and breast. Looks as though it's been tapped with something hard. Nothing else! Lower crossguard has the Roman 'I' stamped into the reverse. Scabbard is a lovely 'blued' or 'anodised' example and retains all of the surface finish and is totally original. Attached to the upper scabbard ring is the original vertical hanger used with this dagger. Has solid nickel clip etc which is completely plain. I have NOT removed the hanger, as it's obvious it's sat hugging the dagger for 70+ years. If the next owner wishes to do so, then that's up to them! The blade on this example is a lovely thing, and apart from the usual 'in/out' runner marks is in mint condition with all of the original crossgrain polish etc. The KLAAS trademark and the SS motto retain all of the blackening to the letters etc. A VERY nice SS dagger, with huge amounts of character, just how I like them!
EARLY SS DAGGER AND HANGER - VERY AFFORDABLE. This is a real ‘33 SS mans dagger by HERDER. Complete with a vertical hanger. All nickel fittings and black painted scabbard. However, at some time this dagger has obviously been kept in a damp environment. This has affected it in two ways. Whist the is no material missing the ebony grip has several hairline cracks running its length on both sides. The grip is fine and is in one complete piece, but it has obviously swollen and shrunk again. SS runes button is perfect, as is the nickel grip eagle. Both crossguard are solid nickel. Lower one is stamped with the Roman numeral ‘I’. The blade is entirely complete, perhaps slightly blunt, but the surface is covered with small pitting spots. There is nothing deep. The blade has been cleaned and polished many years ago and actually has a decent finish to it. The SS motto is still quite deep and clear. The HERDER trademark is clear and deep on the reverse. Scabbard is damage and dent free. Has a good coating of black paint. Bottom chape is undamaged. There is a leather vertical hanger attached to the upper scabbbard ring. Overall this is a good looking dagger, and when SS daggers are over TWICE this price,it represents very good value.
EARLY WEHRMACHT MARKSMANSHIP LANYARD FIR 1-3 GRADES. This is an exceptionally nice original Marksmanship lanyard with the earlier type solid shied badge. Nice toned thick bullion thread and backed with silk to stop it rubbing on the uniform. The reeves of the shield part is finished with a piece of green uniform cloth. Has obviously been used and worn which adds to the history. Nice display item.
EARLY, ALL BRASS EICKHORN 'FREIHERR von STEIN' PARADE SWORD. I was really pleased to buy this Field Marshal series Eickhorn sword at the recent fair I attended. A really great, early type, in cast brass. Eickhorn marketed this group of swords under famous Field Marshals from the WW1 period, and all have become very collectable now. Especially if you are missing one from the series! This pattern appears in the Eickhorn catalogue and all the sword reference books. Has a brass 'dove head' pommel and backstrap acast with oakleaves. The crossguard has a beautiful closed wing national eagle and swastika. Under the crossguard is the 'ges gesch' (pattn Pending) stamping. Very nice grip an wire. A great deal of the original fire gilding remaining all over the hilt. Nice long nickel plated blade and undamaged scabbard. Eickhorn trademark f approx. 1938 deeply stamped into the blade riccasso. A really nice sword.
EARLY, RARE MAKER SA DAGGER WITH VERTICAL HANGER. A good example of a nice early SA dagger by a more unusual maker, that of CARL KLOOS-Solingen-Landwehr.(Landwehr is a smaller town very near Solingen) Whilst this rates as a rare maker 8/10, I have also never had one of these before. Solid nickel fittings have taken on a very yellow patina, both on the hilt and the scabbard. The grip in beautiful and is made of a nice 'ginger' coloured hardwood. The SA button is perfect, and the solid nickel eagle has it's own covering of greenish patina! Lower crossguard has the Gau mark Wf for Westfalen which was in the western part of Germany. Attached to the scabbard and through the upper ring is a brown leather vertical hanger with oval cross strap buckle. Scabbard is nice and straight with no damage and has a full covering of the brown 'anodising'. The lower nickel ball is slightly squashed. The blade is very clean and presentable, a nice bright surface with no sharpening or damage. Alles fur Deutchland motto is crisp with still some grey colour in the lettering. The makers name etc is etched into the reverse riccasso. Good looking piece.
EICKHORN COLOURED SALES CARD FOR THE 1693 SWORD. This is a lovely example of Paul Casberg artwork for the 1692 Eickhorn dovehead sword. Would have hung in a retail outlet and advertised their wares accordingly. I have had several of these cards and I think there would have been a full set produced, but I have nver been able to keep them long eoung. Picture of the sword on the front, the revesr has details of the sword, the sizes and details of the Eickhorn company. It is missn the cardboard 'stand' that would have been stuck to the reverse. Other than that this is a great piece of period advertising.
EICKHORN SHOP TRADE DISPLAY/SIZE CARD-SWORDS-SIZES ETC. This is a great piece of memorabilia for any edged weapon collector. This is an advertising/sales card for the Eickhorn series of swords. Would have probably hung in a retail shop outlet or similat. A bit larger than A4 size, this is laminated on both sides. One side shos a selection of swords with their catalogue model numbers, the other shows sizes and lengths. So if you were X meters tall, you needed a sword of X length. A great piece of period advertising.
EXCELLENT EXAMPLE OF SA Wehrmannschaft Armband (commonly known as SPORTS ARMBAND) A classic example of the 'SA Wehrmannsaft' armband. In red cotton with the SA Sports badge symbol depicted in BEVO in gold cotton thread. In excellent used condition, this one also has the original paper RZM label stuck inside. These armbands were worn by this unit. In 1939 Adolf Hitler created the Storm Troopers Military Training Defence Group (SA-Wehrmannschaft) to add to the men who were being trained for service in the German Armed Forces (Wehrmacht). Because of the SA Sports badge depiction, they have been wrongly identified for years.
EXCELLENT/MINT SET OF THIRD REICH NAVAL DAGGER HANGERS. Another set from the recent collection of accessories I purchased. A really great pair of identical naval dagger hangers in gilded aluminium. These have mint blue moire fabric straps with dark blue velvet backings. The little regain chain is connected to the top clip fitting. These show no wear at all and are nice and flexible. The hangers have matching buckles and matching lions head buckles. Both have a single 'dot' as a casting mark on the reverse. If you are looking for a perfect set of hangers to finish your dagger, here they are.
EXTREMELY RARE IMPERIAL GERMAN NAVAL DAY BELT. By the very nature that this cloth belt is now over 100 years old and completely intact, is a marvel in itself. I have had many of the lovely silver bullion wide parade belts from the German Imperial navy(I have one available elsewhere on this site) However, I have never had on of the Imperial blue moire day belts in this condition. It’s certainly been used and worn as one of the dagger hanger rings shows swing wear, but the condition of the cloth and the velvet backing is amazing. Imperial navy ‘day’ belts are very similar to the Third Reich and Weimar ones. However, they are much thinner, measuring only 1 1/4” wide, tiny! It has a lovely gilded brass buckle and keeper with the Imperial German cypher ‘W’ over an anchor. Above this is an Imperial German crown. The belt has two brass lions head ‘sliders’ to which the dagger hangers are fixed. On this belt the owner has laboriously stitched velvet over the inside of these sliders to protect it rubbing against the uniform. Beautifully done. The fabric of the belt is virtually mint both inside and out. No moth, no wear, nothing. If you collect Imperial naval items, especially daggers and swords, you will NOT find a better conditioned belt than this.
EXTREMELY RARE WHITE LEATHER PARADE BAYONET FROG. I honestly cannot remember owning one of these before. This is a wonderfully preserved white parade frog, probably for the Police dress bayonet, as the reverse is marked with the letter 'Po' in black ink. You very occasionally see pictures of important parades, when the soldiers etc are wearing 'white' accoutrements to their dress uniforms.The most striking of these were the SS unit LAH, Hitler's personal bodyguard and they wore white belts etc with their black uniforms. This, I imagine would be the same for the Police units, but I have never seen a picture of them. The frog is the usual larger type to be worn with a large stag grip Police dress bayonet. The frog has effectively white patent leather surfaces. Originally this would have been snow white, but after 75+ years it has faded a little to an off cream colour. In excellent condition overall. Some slight cracking here and there, and a little more to the front where it fits over the bayonet lug. No makers markings, but the reverse has the letter 'Po' in black ink stamped on it. Am amazing thing, and terribly rare. The white patent leather Police belt does exist, as I have included a picture of one, so if someone has a set and it's missing the bayonet frog, here you go! Alternatively, fitted to a lovely police bayonet and add a police portapee, it would make a stunning display.
FACTORY PAPER BAG FOR F.W. HOLLER SWORD. This is a brown paper bag, never issued, for the Holler sword /dagger company. This paper bag is for a Holler sword. Has been damp and folded. Never issued, so details of sword are not filled in. No rips or tears.
FANTASTIC 'TRANSITIONAL' SA BY EICKHORN WITH TRIPLE HANGER. A most pleasing dagger indeed! These 'transitional' pieces seem to be very popular with collectors as they are hard to find especially in good condition. This one is lovely! A typical Eickhorn piece in that it is made to very high standards. Perfect wood grip which has a nice SA button and a great nickel eagle (still using up older stock I imagine). Both crossguards and the metal fittings to the scabbard are in wonderful condition, with NO damage or signs of lifting. As this is an RZM period piece, there is no Gau mark on the crossguard. Attached to the scabbard ring is the original 3-piece marching hanger, in the correct colour with RZM marked oval buckle and snap clip. This piece is all the same colour and in my opinion has been on this dagger since it was made. Scabbard body is painted dark brown and remains 100% intact, beautiful coat of factory paint. The blade is a beauty, is 99.99% stone mint and has all the original polishing crossgrain. These are known as 'transitional' as they carry traits of the earlier daggers as well as the later all RZM pieces. The reverse of the blade has the Eickhorn squirrel from the 38-41 period as well as the Eickhorn RZM number M7/66 and the date 1939. Wonderful! A really good example of this type of dagger and would be very difficult to upgrade.
FANTASTIC HIGH QUALITY SILK NSDAP PENNANT. This party type pennant measures approx. 6" x 28" and is made of the highest quality materials. This in not your standard, two sided mass produced pennant, but beautifully made in red and white silk. The 'hanging edge' for a better word is made in flat GOLD bullion embroidered ribbon. It is stitched along the complete flat edge and also contains 5 flat bullion loops for the rod or pole. At the end of this is the white makers label 'BR FAHNENRICHTER GEGR 1869 KOLN 8'. (Richter Flags’ was founded in 1869 as the label shows, and was located in the 8th district of Cologne. They are still in existence today.)The pennant is double sided in thick red silk material The central circle containing the swastika is made of silk 'moire' ribbed material, similar to the best quality party armbands, it's then chain stitched several times around the circumference. The black swastika is completely made of black chain stitching which has been laboriously built up to make the body and arms. Hours of work here. I have no idea where this was used, or by whom. Could have easily be a very senior NSDAP car pennant or just used indoors on a pole. It looks to be a car pennant. Whoever it was for was VERY important, as the cost and quality of this flag is amazing. The condition overall is extremely good, slightly grubby with age. One side, along the edges the red silk has worn in a few places, and the white under-material is showing. I have pictured it, but it really does not decry from the overall presentation of this piece. Once again, if only it could talk!!! A rare, high quality piece.
FANTASTIC MINIATURE ARMY DAGGER COMPLETE WITH MINIATURE HANGERS AND KNOT! As many of you know I have also collected miniature daggers for over 30 years and have a fairly definitive collection now, but occasionally I still see something I have not seen before! This is a most unusual miniature army dagger by E.F. Hörster. Hörster were one of the main manufacturers of miniature daggers along with the Alcoso company. Used as advertising gimmicks, letter openers and salesman’s samples. This one has been personalised by the original owner as they have painstakingly made a beautiful set of miniature cloth and silver bullion hangers along with a miniature bullion knot! I have only seen this done once before and I still have that miniature dagger in my collection. This dagger has a lovely deep yellow grip and dark patina on all the silver fittings. It’s also about 1” shorter than similar daggers I have. Both the perfect scabbard and the blade are made to fit. Very clever and perfect workmanship. A unique dagger here and looks so cool! The nickel plated blade has the EF Hörster name etched along the middle. A great, unique little miniature. Fantastic addition to even an advanced collection.
FANTASTIC UNTOUCHED '33 SS CHAINED DAGGER. I do like to buy 'as is' and untouched items. This lovely 1936 SS officer chained dagger, is certainly one of these. I was lucky enough to buy this locally. Apparently has rested in the same family collection since the war, but never been messed with. No one has tried to undo the tang nut or unscrew anything! Dagger is an early period item so has solid nickel fittings to the crossguards and scabbard fittings. These have not been cleaned and have a yellow toned patina. The solid ebony wood grip has no cracks or damage, just the slight surface bruises from time. The SS runes button is perfect as is the nickel grip eagle. There is an original 42cm bullion knot wrapped around the grip in a proper tie. The lower crossguard actually has a small Gau mark of Fr (?). Unusual, but not unique. I have had perhaps 5 SS chained daggers with Gau marked lower crossguards. It is also mentioned in detail in Tom Witmann's SS book on page 121. He has dedicated a page of text to this subject and they are perfectly correct. Whoever made this SS chained, just used up the odd SA crossguard they had spare. Quite a common occurrence, why not? It was a spare part, and they needed crossguards! You would perhaps think this would not pass inspection, but as the factory did it's own inspections, they would let it pass. An anomaly of the time and 200% original. The scabbard is a black anodised variety, and in super, uncleaned condition. 99% of the surface finish is present, with no damage etc. The centre scabbard mount is affixed with a single side screw. Again a little unusual as originally we thought (so did Tom Wittmann) that anodised scabbards had 2 screws!! Subsequently, and since his book, this has proved to be UNTRUE. Some manufacturers use only one side screw on their SS anodised scabbards. Ask Tom, he wishes he could have mentioned it in his book, but was too late to alter the print. Upper and lower scabbard fittings are solid nickel. The SS chain on this dagger is a TYPE I and is made of steel. Has toned down very nicely, and is a light grey colour overall. Superb detail to the SS runes and the skulls. Connecting loops to the top fitting are straight and parallel, rather than the tapered type found on Type II chains. The upper hole of the clover leaf is pierced, and the "DRGM" marking appears within the loop opening on the snap clip. The first link of the upper chain assemble is lightly stamped with the Kulturzeichen SS proofing. The reverse links show nice patina evenly spread throughout the surfaces. The blade on this dagger has been protected all these years and is in remarkable 99% mint condition. All the factory crossgrain polish is present and all of the blackening in the SS motto is also present. There is no maker on the reverse, as per normal (not always!) Wonderful looking blade! This is a super piece of SS history, a credit to any collection.
GERMAN WW2 STRETCHER BEARERS ARMBAND. Worn by military personel as an identifier. this 'Hilfs Krankentrager' armband is in white cotton with the lettering in black, embroidered 'bevo' style in to the fabric. In excellent condition.
GILDED DE-LUXE LUFTWAFFE DAGGER HANGERS. This set look to have hardly been worn and just kept somewhere to age gracefully. This set has the standard finish to the top of the straps where they are just folded and sewn around the top clip. However, all the de-luxe fittings retain virtually ALL of the original gilded finish. One buckle is a little duller than the other, but otherwise the gilding shines forth! No wear to the bullion fronts and none to the lovely velvet backs.
GOOD EXAMPLE OF TENO MEMBERS ‘BEVO’ ARMBAND. These are always of extremely high quality and made by the BEVO company in Wuppertal. Made in white cotton the TENO symbol of the cogwheel etc., is directly woven into the cloth. BEVO style. The armband is in great condition with no physical damage but there is a permanent red/pink stain in the cloth just above the TENO symbol. The armband is machined together and has the makers details and Ges Gesch beside it knbthe joining hem. A great display item with TENO items/daggers etc
GREAT EXAMPLE OF AN ORIGINAL EICHORN KUNENDIENST-SALES CATALOGUE. If you are serious about collecting daggers, then you have to own an original sales catalogue, and this is the BEST catalogue ever produced. The Eickhorn company were very serious people, and this is a serious catalogue. It contains in colour and black and white pictures and drawings, ALL of the daggers, swords etc that they produced at the time and you could by. One of these little books would have been available at all, dagger and uniform shops and distributors and you would have placed your order from here. It has red linen bound covers, with the Eickhorn name embossed in gold on the cover and spine. The inside is a treasure trove of information and covers ALL of the weapons available to the different services. Army, Luftwaffe, navy, Police, SS Customs, etc etc etc. At the back is a fold out section in colour, showing the different type of blade etched you could have , as well as Damascus options. Right at the back is another fold out section containing the complete price list of daggers, swords and options. A truly magnificent piece of history for the blade collector. these are VERY rare to find complete and in this condition.
GREAT EXMPLE OF THE SA Wehrmannschaft Armband. Another very nice example similar to the one listed below, all part of a group of 8 armbands I purchased last weekend. This is in nice red cotton with the SA sports emblem in gold cotton BEVO machine sewn to the band. All colours are extremely bright and this armband has been worn and used. On the inside is the paper RZM issue label. This is 50% intact and bears the details in ink and printed etc. A really good example. This type of armband has been wrongly identified for many years, mainly because of the SA Sport 'badge' insignia on the front. It is in fact for the 'Wehrmannschaft' armbands were worn by this unit. In 1939 Adolf Hitler created the Storm Troopers Military Training Defence Group (SA-Wehrmannschaft) to add to the men who were being trained for service in the German Armed Forces (Wehrmacht).
GREAT SET OF DE-LUXE TYPE RAD OFFICERS LEATHER HANGERS. Dagger hangers are always an interest to me and it's amazing to see how many 'variations' there are, just for an ordinary set of hangers. With the army and Luftwaffe hangers, it's possible to have just a collection of them as there are so many different types. RAD officers hangers also come in different combinations, and whilst not as many as army types, there are still differences. This is a great set of the tan brown leather hangers used on ALL RAD officers daggers. Normally they are quite simple with the straps just sewn to the top fittings and very plain aluminium buckles and bottom clips. These have a great pair of 'metal topped' tabs, which have oakleaves engraved on them as well as the DRGM letters. The tabs are riveted to the leather straps and enable the hangers/dagger, to swing when being carried. This alleviates wear and stress on the hangers, and they last longer! The straps are quite long and are in a fairly thick, stiff leather. The pebbled rectangular buckles, slides and bottom clips are in a grey metal alloy, and not aluminium. They are slightly gilded in colour. A very nice looking set, and different from the norm.
GREEN LEATHER SWORD KNOT FOR ARMY DRESS SWORDS. This is a perfect example of the green leather dress sword knot used on ALL Third Reich officers dress swords. Correct with any Dove-head or Lion's head parade sword, this is tied around the hilt and crossguard. In green leather with twin silver lines running the length. The ball is completely silver. No dress sword is complete without one of these and they look great when fitted.
GUARD CAT LOOKS AFTER STOCK!! Turn away for one minute and someone sleeps on your stock!! Sadly the old chap is no longer with us...awful and we are very sad. Long live Mojo, best cat in the world!
HIGH QUALITY SS OFFICERS KNOT-REPRODUCTION. With the extreme cost of original SS Officers sword knots, this may suit someone who would just like to dress up their SS or Police sword, without the usual £900 cost! This is a VERY good copy, and is one of the older reproductions and is made with high quality materials. It's VERY good! Unless you are aware of the original, this could fool you. I had to look twice. Bullion strap is just a little too wide, and the main give-away is the woven SS runes on the knot stem. They are not crisp enough, but nearly!! The knot has age to it, and is probably 20+ years old. It is what it is!
HITLER YOUTH KNIFE RZM M7/2. WONDERFUL CONDITION. This is a really super HJ boys knife is wonderful, original condition. M7/2 is Emil Voos. Their trademark is a snake wrapped around a tree stump, but this does not appear on this dagger as it's past 1939. The blade is therefore plain with no motto, as all HJ blades after 1938 were plain. However, the condition and the quality of this HJ is great. It has a heavy alloy hilt, bit the nickel plating is nearly all complete.Great chequered grip plates with a mint HJ diamond set into the grip. Blade has NEVER been sharpened or abused, and still has ALL of the original crossgrain polish. MINT blade. The scabbard has the original black paint, and apart from a little wear to the very bottom, is all there. The black leather belt loop and cross strap with popper is in great, supple condition. These are JUST how I like to find HJ daggers, used, but is FINE condition.
HITLER YOUTH KNIFE WITH MOTTO AND HJ PERSONALISED WITH NAME. Again a favourite dagger of mine and I was really pleased to find this at a show last week. An early HJ knife and is complete with etched blade motto. However, it’s VERY rare to find one dated 1938 as this is the year they stopped making them WITH the motto! I actually had another of these earlier this year. It was made by Emil Voos and this one is made by Richard Herder. So early on in 1938 they were still making them with the motto until the order was issued in ? to cease making them with the motto. Dagger is heavy and made of nickel plated steel. Nice chequered grip plates and a perfect enamel HJ diamond. The scabbard has the original paint and the brown leather hanger and cross strap are both perfect. The blade has been used (as they should be) and the motto is just a little feint where the blade has been cleaned many times. The reverse has double maker marks. The ‘Rich. Abt. Herder Solingen’ and then stamped into the riccasso, RZM M7/18. The original owner has also nicely engraved his name along the blade. It reads “E. Janther”. So not only is this an unusually dated HJ knife with a motto, it has the original name too! A great collectible and possibly worthy of further research.
HITLER YOUTH KNIFE-POST 1938 WITH PLAIN BLADE. This is a very good example of a Hitler Youth knife produced after 1938 with no motto on the blade. Has a very nice blade and is stamped with the RZM code RZM M7/13 for Arthur Schuttelhofer. These later dagger were produced with the grey metal alloy, which was then nickel plated. The plating is a little thin due to age on the hit around the cross strap but otherwise fine. Scabbard has a good coating of original paint and the leatherwork, belt loop and cross strap are fine. Nice chequered grips with a perfect enamel HJ diamond.
HJ - HITLER YOUTH KNIFE IN EXCEPTIONAL CONDITION. A fantastic example of a later youth knife with a plain blade. Bearing in mind these knives were supposed to have been worn every day, it seems this one was issued at the end of the war and stayed in a drawer! Hilt and crossguard retain all of their original nickel plating over the grey alloy base. No signs of wear. The black chequered grips are perfect as is the nice enamel HJ diamond. The scabbard retains 100% of the original paint with just the slightest of age spidering. The black leather suspension strap and cross loop with popper are again in absolute perfect condition. The blade retains all of the original crossgrain polish and is mirror bright. The reverse is deeply stamped with the RZM M7/62. This is for Friedrich Plücker Jr, Solingen. A super HJ.
IMPERIAL DOUBLE ETCHED ARTILLERY SABRE & KNOT. Dating from pre-WW1, probably 1890-1900, this is well preserved example of an artillery sabre with a double etched blued curvd blade. One side is etched the unit 'Field Artillery Regt. No 76' on the other are beautifully etched mounted soldiers galloping along with their guns!! Grip is sharkshin covered, with wire wrap intact. Steel hilt has nickel plating, but age has created a few rust patches, surface only. There is an original leather knot tied to the hilt. Scabbard is black painted steel with single fixed ring. Good looking sword that is over 100 years old.
IMPERIAL GERMAN NAVY BULLION PARADE BELT. This is the wide silver bullion dress belt worn on ceremonial parade occasions. About 2 1/2" wide, these belts were carried over to the Third Reich era with subtle changes. The Imperial belt has a red line weave running through it, along with an Imperial brass buckle showing the Imperial crown and the W cypher over an anchor. The buckle on this example is lovely, still having most of the fire gilded finish. Unfortunately, the silver bullion belt has toned down to nearly a black colour due to the high silver content of the fibres. The belt is over 100years old after all! The blue wool inner lining is in goo condition with some period repairs around the buckle. Both of the 'hidden' brass dagger hanger loops are present and they hinge out from small flaps in the wool belt.
IMPERIAL GERMAN NAVY DRESS BELT. After buying the items from Dorking, the gentleman called me the next day and said he found a 'funny belt' in the cupboard the swords and daggers were stored in, would I like it? He kindly sent it and I paid him for it, and low and behold it was this great untouched Imperial German navy bullion dress belt! The belt is now 100 years old and is officially an antique! The belt is complete, but the silver bullion has toned somewhat with age and exposure. There is no oxidisation, it's just gone a little dark, but the red and blue/grey lines running through it are still very visible. The brass Imperial buckle is very bright and has most of the original gilt still left. Both parts of the buckle are still there. The blue cloth backing has suffered a little from age and has some age spotting etc as seen in the photos. However, it's all still there and would display well with an Imperial dagger or sword. Both fold out brass loops are there, where you would attach sword or dagger hangers.
IMPERIAL GERMAN SENIOR FORESTERS ARMBAND. Well I have to say the Germans knew how to make an armband in the WW1 period. No mucking about with embroydery thus wonderful armband features gilded all brass insignia. Made of a heavy ribbed green cotton, the Imperial Forestry motif/insignia is permanently pinned onto and through the cotton. There is another cloth piece stitched behind it to cover the pins etc and prevent it from wearing it catching on a uniform. The beautiful insignia consists of a large stags head (skull) with full antlers, surmounted by the Imperial crown. In the middle is the cross and star. Beautifully preserved considering now well over 100 years old. There are a few moth nips to the green cloth but otherwise in fine condition. If you have a collection/display of hunting and forestry items, both Imperial and Third Reich, this would compliment it beautifully.
IMPERIAL GERMAN TRENCH ART LETTER OPENER MADE OF SHRAPNEL This is a great piece of trench art,made, it seems from a single piece of shrapnel, which is still raw and original and forms the handle. Further down the steel has been formed into the actual knife and blade of the letter opener with an iron cross formed on the top
K98 BAYONET FROG WITH PROLIFIC LUFTWAFFE MARKINGS. If you are a Luftwaffe collector, dagger or equipment, this is a super bayonet frog. A nice black bayonet frog in great condition, the black leather is supple and undamaged. The reverse has MANY markings. At the top is the makers mark in a semi-circle with a 1938 date underneath. Below that the Luftwaffe markings are prolific. ‘Fl.H.Kdtur.L’Feld’ This translates - Fliegerhorstkommandantur Lechfeld. This is the marking for the permanent staff establishment at the airfield, and Lechfeld is in Bavaria about 15 miles south of Augsburg. It was a flying school during the war and Messerschmitt [who were based in Augsburg]. An amazing piece of history just from one bayonet frog!!
K98 BAYONET WITH ALL MATCHING NUMBERS & LETTERS. I don't often buy K98 bayonets, not unless they are in mint condition or interesting. This one is not in mint condition and has some light surface rust present in places. However, it is complete, original and has a great set of MATCHING markings. Bayonet is completely blued steel and has the dark brown Bakelite grips. Two sets of Waffenampt eagle stamps on the pommel. Blade riccasso and top of scabbard throat are both stamped with matching markings. One side is numbered '8909', the other side has '42ffc'. This is the manufacturers code and date mark for Friedrich Abr. Herder und Söhne, 1941/44. So this bayonet was made in 1942. Blade retains most of the original blued surface. Great to get a bayonet all matching. It could perhaps stand a little cleaning up, but is still a very solid example.
KNOT/PORTAPEE FOR THE THIRD REICH FIRE BAYONET OR SWORD. A nice conditioned portapee worn on both the long and short parade fire bayonet, as well as the officers parade sword. Black leather strap with triple silver lines running the length. Leather in very good, supple condition. No breaks in the silver lines. The ball in bullion wire has alternating silver/red cords with a silver stem. Bottom of the ball has a carmine red felt insert. Moths have slightly eaten some of this! They like felt!! Ideal to go on your fire bayonet, and the knots are much rarer than the bayonet itself!!
KRIEGSMARINE MARKED WATER OR SOUP LADLE!!! No, not a dagger or weapon at all, just a bit of fun!! I often come across the cutlery marked with either an army or Luftwaffe eagle, as used in the various messes. However, never had or seen a ladle. Made in stainless steel and marked ROSTFREI on the reverse of the handle, it is also deeply stamped right at the end with the stick like eagle and swastika and a 'M' underneath. It's about 14" overall length, and being stainless steel, is in great condition. Not sure if this would have been used for water, or just a general ladle, soup etc. Anyway, has probably med 1000's of sailors during WW2
LAND CUSTOMS DAGGER COMPLETE WITH STRAPS AND KNOT. These are one of my favourite daggers, don't know why, but the combination of the alloy and green leather really sets them off. I had a decent example some weeks ago, but THIS one is in overall much better condition. Made by Clemen & Jung, their name (no trademark) is stamped into the blade under the crossguard eagle. Clem and Jung made very high quality daggers, but not many of them ,so they are a collected make across the board. All the dagger fittings are brushed aluminium (crossguard and pommel) It has a very nice green leather grip with twin twisted wires running down it. There is an ORIGINAL to the piece 42cm bullion knot tied in the army style. Been on there for ever. I have yet to see a real 'customs' dagger portepee tied on one of these daggers. All the original daggers I have handled, have had a plain bullion portepee, just like this. Scabbard has bright nickel plated steel fittings with very minimal plate lifting of wear. It seems depending upon their maker and time of construction, customs dagger have a mixture of materials in their construction. VERY early ones have heavier nickel fittings, but they are usually like this, aluminium dagger with steel scabbard fittings. The ALL aluminium customs dagger has fatter aluminium fittings on the scabbard, but the dagger is the same as this. Green leather on the scabbard is lovely, with minimum wear, although you can see this dagger has been used and worn. Purchased with the dagger are the ORIGINAL set of customs straps. These have all aluminium fittings, buckles and clips etc., and feature the laurel leaf design. The straps are silver bullion with nice Kelly green strips running up them. The reverse has nice Kelly green velvet backings. The dagger has been worn and used as I said, and this is evident from the reverse tops of the hangers, where they have worn and rubbed against a uniform or coat. Just adds to the authenticity in my opinion! Blade is in very nice shape. Needle sharp point with no bends, nicks or blemishes. A really great complete 'rig'. A very difficult to find dagger.
LONG BULLION 42cm DAGGER KNOT. This is the longer type aluminium bullion dagger knot, used on a variety of daggers. This looks to have been on an army dagger, but they were also used on the SS chained, Red Cross Officers for instance. This is an original knot and just shows a minor couple of wear spots. A great example to tie back onto any of the above daggers, and not one of the awful reproductions that are around. This is an original knot.
LONG THIRD REICH CITY POLICE DRESS BAYONET. I have mentioned several times before that I enjoy the amazing variety of Third Reich police bayonets. Not one are identical it seems! This is a long example without the slotted pommel for rifle attachment. It is made by Paul Weyersberg & Co Solingen, and has their logo deeply stamped into the blade riccasso. Whilst this bayonet seems to have started life as a clamshell Weimar piece, apart from the extra shortening hole in the stag grip, I can find no other evidence of it. The bayonet is in great condition. All the nickel plating is near perfect. Nice stag grips with an aluminium police eagle. The reverse crossguard and top of scabbard fitting have NEVER been numbered, but this is a matching piece.(no numbers usually point to the bayonet being MADE in the Third Reich period when numbering the bayonets did not happen) The blade also seems to have not been cut down and re-profiled. If it has, they have done an absolutely perfect job! Blade is in near mint condition wit all nickel plating, and just a slight sign of age etc on the blade edge. Scabbard is in black leather and in great condition. Both the nickel plated scabbard fittings are in great shape too. Overall another good example of a police dress bayonet and again a little different from the others.
LONG THIRD REICH FUNERAL DRAPE. This is one half of the long funeral 'tresses' that were part of Third Reich funeral arrangements. The other half of the drape would have the deceased name or another title or beneficiary name. In mint condition, the drape is approximately 4' long and made of red silk rayon. At one end is the separately applied, three piece, swastika and roundel. The white background is made of high quality silk and the arms are made of black moire material and sewn to it. Would be a great and most interesting display piece.
LOVELY EXAMPLE OF AN EARLY NICKEL LUFTWAFFE SWORD BY SMF. Always a great favourite with collectors as I think their design conjours up medieval and tutonic times. In superb condition overall and very clean indeed. Brass sunwheel swastikas inset to the pommel and crossguard with silver background intact. Fabulous downswept quillions. The dark blue Morocco leather grip and scabbard and in perfect condition. No tears or damage, some slight age bruising. Twin grip wires running around the grip. The original crescent hanger is permanently attached to the top scabbard fitting rings. Blade is heavily nickel plated and in stone mint condition. The SMF ‘seared king’ trademark is deeply etched into the blade surface and the is a nice Waffanampt inspection stick bird stamped into the surface nearby. A wonderful, classic example of an early Luftwaffe sword.
LOVELY EXAMPLE OF THIRD REICH ERA NAVAL OFFICERS SWORD - ADOLF BRAUN. German naval swords, both Imperial and Third Reich have always been one of my favourites. They managed to continue to keep roughly the same design throughout two wars, and avoid the 'national symbol'! In untouched and uncleaned condition, the all brass fittings, hilt, crossguard scabbard have a nice patina and also quite a lot of the original fire gilding. This is a standard officers issue sword, so does not have coloured eyes or an etched blade. It does have the matching ordnance numbers on the folding crossguard and top of the scabbard 'O1106'. The 'O' is for Ostsee, which would have been a port area, probably Kiel. Sword has the normal lions head pommel, and two folding clamshell crossguards, front and back. The reverse one is marked and is also the locking mechanism to hold the sword firmly in the scabbard. The grip is cream celluloid over wood with triple twisted wire. The grips on these swords are VERY prone to damage and cracking as the wood underneath shriks. This grip is fine with no cracks or damage. Tied in a complicated 'naval tie' is the original long silver bullion naval sword portapee. Whist this sword could have started life in the Weimar period, the presence of this Third Reich sword knot, means it was used and carried by a Third Rich naval officer. Scabbard is hard black leather with triple brass fittings. These are all in excellent condition and the carrying rings are perfect. The bottom scabbard 'drag' is also marked with a little naval inspection 'stick bird' and the letter 'M'. Blade is heavily nickelled pipe-backed with the lower false edge. It's in near mint condition. The riccasso is deeply stamped with ADOLF BRAUN BERLIN. This company was a huge uniform and accessory retailer in Berlin and they purchased items from all over Germany. They did not make items themselves, so looking at the sword, I can safety say that it was manufactured by Eickhorn for them to retail onwards. The red felt blade washer is in place. A really nice naval sword, and a perfect example of it's kind.
LOVELY SET OF MATCHED THIRD REICH NAVY HANGERS. As those of you who follow the site and my listings, know that I try and buy as many of the original accessories as possible too. Navy hangers are one of my favourites and if I see a nice set, will always buy them. When bought back as souvenirs, hangers and knots were often discarded or lost, as they were not seen as important. They have now become, in many cases, rarer than the dagger itself! There are a really great set of blue moiré material naval dagger hangers. A matched pair, with both lion's head buckles identical. The cloth and velvet backing show no wear at all and are in perfect condition. Nice gilding to the fittings with just some wear to the faces of the lions. These are Third Reich period hangers and ideal for a nice navy dagger of your choice. (see also the moiré day belts I have which would go well with these) A nice set!!!
LUFTWAFFE 2nd. PATTN DAGGER BY SMF. This is a very decent Luftwaffe dagger that was purchased recently directly from a veterans family. Sadly he is no longer with us but the dagger was bought back by their father as a souvenir. Apparently, as the story goes, he ‘liberated’ the dagger from a bomb damaged house towards the end of the war. The house had suffered some shrapnel and fire damage, and I must admit there is some light damage to the pommel neck, which would concur with this story. Have shown a picture of it. Dagger overall looks very nice, with a mid-yellow grip. All 'springy' aluminium wire is present. Nice SMF pommel and crossguard. Scabbard is the nickel plated variety and in very nice order with no dents etc. Blade is beautiful with full nickel plated surface in near mint condition. SMF makers logo etched into the reverse blade along with a stamped tiny Waffanampt stick eagle. Tied in the correct manner around the grip is the original 23cm portapee. The cord is perfect but the ball has become slightly unravelled over the years. Suits the dagger perfectly.
LUFTWAFFE 2nd. PATTN. DAGGER WITH ORANGE GRIP & KNOT. This is a really nice looking dagger and the combination of the orange grip with nickel fittings, sets it off a treat! This dagger is made by WEYERSBERG, and the oval trademark is deeply etched onto the nickel plated blade. The mark is positioned underneath the eagle and swastika crossguard, along with the stamped 'stick bird'. The grip is a nice deep tangerine colour and is wrapped with the aluminium 'springy' wire. There is an original to the piece 23cm bullion knot, and this is nicely tied around the ferrell. The scabbard is a nickel plated variety (rather than the airplane blue version) and is in good shape with no dents or dings. The nickel plating remains 99% intact. The blade is beautiful and 99% mint. Fully nickel plated and as bright as the day it was made. A very nice looking dagger indeed.
LUFTWAFFE DAGGER HANGERS WITH GILDED FITTINGS AND METAL TOPS Another nice set of 'different' Luftwaffe dagger hangers. Again this set has the de-luxe embossed fittings, but there is an awful lot of the original gold gilded finish to them. The tops of the bullion cloth hangers have metal 'swing' tops to ease friction swing wear. No wear to the bullion front or the blue velvet backs. Great looking set.
LUFTWAFFE DAGGER HANGERS WITH LEATHER TOPS. I always on the look out for GOOD dagger hangers, and ones that are a little different. This is a very nice set of Luftwaffe hangers for the 2nd. Pattn dagger. In near perfect condition, with no evidence of any wear. These hangers have the de-luxe embossed fittings with oak leaves etc and push in clips. The straps have lovely bullion fronts and perfect blue velvet backs. The tops are reinforced with blue leather tabs. NICE SET!
MATCHED SET OF THIRD REICH NAVY DAGGER HANGERS. I always look for original dagger and sword accessories, as they complete a piece and are also becoming far more difficult to find than the dagger/sword themselves! Here I have a very good, as worn, set of hangers for the naval dagger. These are a little unusual as the construction is a mix of periods. The lion's head buckles are brass but the clips and slides are gilded aluminium. No reason for this apart from a utilisation of parts from one period to another. All have the same colour and patina, and the clips and buckles are all of the same type and casting, so have been together for ever. Good black moire material, with nice dark blue velvet backings. Some slight wear from being used, but that's all. Complete with the retaining chain and hook (which is also brass). A great period set.
MINIATURE ALCOSO LUFTWAFFE DAGGER. I continue to champion miniature daggers, and the ones made by ALCOSO are some of the best around. Nearly 9" overall, these are made in exquisite details and perfectly replicate their bigger brothers. Made for gifts, letter openers, or advertising give-aways, they were also utilised by the Alcoso salesmen as examples of their work. This is a 2nd Pattn Luftwaffe miniature with orange grip. Tiny twisted grip wire. There is a small chip in the grip at the ferrell. Lovely detailed crossguard. Perfect scabbard. Nice plated blade with ALCOSO trademark etched onto it.
MINIATURE GERMAN HUNTING CUTLASS. A pretty little miniature of a German Hunting Cutlass in brass. Very well made. Has nice gilded blass fittings. Stag crossguard and stags head cast into the pommel. real stag horn grip. Scabbard is black leather with brass fittings. Blade is double etched with different hunting scenes each side. There is a round maker mark consisiting of 2 acorns?. A very nice little piece to go with a Hunting or Forestry collection.
MINIATURE IMPERIAL GERMAN 1898 CADET NAVY DAGGER. These were one of the few miniature daggers produced in the Imperial period. A few bayonets, and some swords, but mainly NAVY DAGGERS. This has some good detail and the brass hilt, grip and pommel are cast in solid brass. I imagine that when brand new, the grip would have been painted white, but this has worn off long ago. A faithful miniature reproduction of a full sized piece, it features anchors cast into the crossguard and the ends have a capstan finish, like the big one! The pommel is also highly detailed with an Imperial crown finish, and you can see the alternating panels with a cross and Imperial eagle. Tiny detail! All brass scabbard has lightning bolt design and the scabbard bands are twisted rope design. One scabbard ring has broken away from the body, but the 'ring' is still present and is attached to the brass chain. Blade is needle sharp and some 5" long and in great condition, with no bends or damage. It still has the little felt buffer in place between the crossguard and the scabbard throat. A really pretty miniature, and one of many types you can collect. Would look fantastic with it's full sized counterpart or with an Imperial navy collection.
MINIATURE IMPERIAL GERMAN 1898 NAVAL DAGGER. This is a lovely little miniature of the long 1898 Imperial German naval dagger. This measures 7" overall and is made entirely of brass. The detail on it is amazing and you can see all of the detail on the crossguards and the crown pommel, as well as all of the lightning bolts on the little brass scabbard!! The crown, hilt and crossguard are all cast in one piece, and the grip is made to look like celluloid or ivory by painting it white/silver. This is what they did on this type of miniature. The blade is a stiletto type and nickel plated. It's in near perfect condition with needle sharp point. There is even a little red felt blade buffer in place! There is a post-war little chain attached.
MINIATURE LUFTWAFFE DAGGER BY HORSTER. This is actually quite a difficult dagger to acquire and own. EF Horster were the second most prolific miniature dagger maker during the Third Reich period. This is typical of their size, about 7.5" overall. Thy made a similar army dagger miniature, a 1st Luftwaffe dagger and some swords too. The detail on these miniatures is absolutely superb. Tiny pommel and crossguard, EXACTLY like the large counterpart. Orange celluloid grip, with tiny twisted wire wrap. In perfect proportion. The scabbard is cast in grey metal and again is identical to the full sized version. The blade is nickel plated, has a needle sharp point and the EF HORSTER name is deeply etched along the blade. Great looking piece and ideal to go with other miniatures or beside a full sized piece.
MINIATURE LUFTWAFFE SWORD BY ALCOSO. A very interesting area to collect, miniatures. A sizable collection can be put together, in a very small space. Out of all of the miniature makers, ALCOSO were the best and made the biggest sizes. This is their Luftwaffe sword, and is virtually identical to a full sized version! Only 9" in overall length, all the detail is there. Morocco leather covers the grip and scabbard, and there is even a tiny grip wire running around it. Used for many things, salesman samples, advertising gimmicks or just plain letter openers. This one has probably been used as the latter as there is some wear to the grip leather where it's been used so much. All metal fittings are nickel plated. Detail to the pommel and crossguard swastikas is very good. Both scabbard rings are present. The blade is a normal stiletto type and nickel plated. The ALCOSO trademark of a set of scales and the company name are etched into the blade.
MINT EARLY RLB OFFICERS 1ST Pattn. ARMBAND. This is a superb example of a RLB Officers armband featuring the early RLB symbol of the starburst with RLB letters and the small swastika underneath. Main body of the armband is in blue cotton and the RLB symbol is sewn 'into' the fabric as part of the weaving process, 'Bevo' style. There is two lines of silver tress sewn top and bottom to indicate the senior rank. Reverse has makers name EB&S Barmen and Ges Gesch also sewn into the fabric seam. In perfect, mint condition. A lovely armband.
MINT EXAMPLE OF THE LARGE POLICE SWORD KNOT. This is a super example of the much larger leather knot used on the Third Reich Police swords and dagens. This is an OFFICERS sword knot and is much wider than the ones used for the Police bayonets etc. An original knot that has not been used or issued, it's in perfect condition. The wide black leather straps have the red and silver wires running the complete length. The huge silver ball is plain, and has the end 'insert' finished in the same red/silver material. If you have a mint or near mint Police Officers sword and you need a knot, THIS IS IT. Super thing.
MINT EXAMPLE OF THE LUFTWAFFE SWORD LEATHER HANGER. Another hanger from the collection, and this is the really rare teardrop hanger designed only for the Luftwaffe parade sword/dagen. In mint condition with no evidence of ever being used.This Luftwaffe blue leather hanger has aluminium large snap clip and top fitting. The aluminium pebbled snap clip is marked on the reverse with the Assmann makers stamp. The reverse of the hanger is finished in tan brown leather and is maker stamped 'Gebr.Hast Dresden 1937'. It is also stamped with the Luftwaffe L.B.A letters for 'Luftwaffe BekleidungsAmt' (Luftwaffe clothing/equipment).It was an integral part of wearing the Luftwaffe sword and every sword would have needed one. It attaches onto the clip on the the crescent leather hanger on the scabbard of the sword. These accessories after 80+ years are rarer than the swords or daggers themselves as they were discarded as not important. If you have a MINT Luftwaffe sword and need to complete it, this is the perfect hanger. Not to be upgraded.
MINT-UNUSED THIRD REICH LONG SWORD HANGER. This is part of an old collection I have recently purchased. A lovely, mint unissued and unused brown leather , teardrop sword hanger. This would have clipped to the reverse of the sword scabbard and then in turn, connected to a simple belt loop. Probably made of pigskin, it has a pebbled finish to the tan coloured leather. The aluminium snap clip shows no wear at all. The reverse of the teardrop hanger is covered in light grey cotton felt. Accessories for both daggers and swords are so hard to find after all these years. This is suitable for nearly all the Third Reich swords. If you have a mint sword that needs a hanger, here it is!
MOST INTERESTING PERIOD DAGGER/BAYONET LEATHER HANGER. I have seen hangers like this before, they are meant to slip over a bayonet scabbard or similar. Fantastically well made, definitely factory, not privately made. I have shown it on a bayonet scabbard, just to put it into context. It's one of the smaller carbine type bayonet scabbards, but this is also the same size as the smaller, narrow Police bayonet scabbards. Fits perfectly on each. Consists of the two fixed leather loops that fit either side of the bayonet lug. There is a strog support spine and at the top is a sturdy grip retaining strap. This has an aluminium 'button' that holds it closed. Very similar to the TENO dagger strap button. It even has a little strip of leather to protect the grip from the back of the button! Would look very good on a nice police bayonet or similar.
MOST UNUSUAL EICKHORN CAVALRY SWORD DEDICATED TO FALLEN US SERVICEMAN WHO DIED IN 1944 INVASION. I have never seen something quite like this before. I have had the odd Third Reich weapon that was changed and used as a sports prize in Europe during the occupation. This is entirely different. it's a lovely early Eickhorn Pantherhead sword made by Eickhorn with the earlier 1935 oval trademark. It's a model 1312 and was available with either cross swords or crossed cannons on the langet. This one has crosses swords. The sword itself is in lovely condition with most of the gilt still over the brass fittings. There is a period sword knot wrapped around the hilt. There is no Third Reich eagle and swastika on this piece, and I believe it was chosen because of that. The blade is the most interesting, unique and historical part of the sword. Professionally deeply etched in a panel on the obverse side is the following dedication' IN MEMORY OF PVT.SIDNEY SPECTOR-WHO MADE THE SUPREME SACRIFICE IN WWII'. In front of the dedicated panel is deeply stamped in smaller letters 'PRESENTED BY P.C. HERMAN ZEITLIN'. There is enough information here to do a ton of research. I have very quickly ascertained that it seems Pvt. Spector was killed on the 25th September 1944 (end of the Operation Market Garden campaign) He has been listed as missing in action. He served with the 325th Infantry Division, 82nd Airborne division, so being in Market Garden sounds correct. This is a fabulous piece of history and completely unique. Perhaps his family is still alive in the USA and can be contacted to tell us more? He was obviously well thought of, as to have this sword dedicated to him, is quite unusual. Who is PC Herman Zeitlin? An individual? A company? A great project, that may lead to even greater finds. Who knows.
NAVAL OFFICERS DAGGER BY HOLLER - WITH SAILING SHIP BLADE. A nice example of the FW Holler product. Not a common dagger to find. Has all brass surfaces which have toned with age, not been cleaned in a while. Typical Holler style pommel with great detail. Nice cream celluloid grip with no damage. Holler ONLY used a copper type 'springy' wire for their grips. Unique to them. Still wrapped around the grip, crossguard and pommel is the original bullion portapee. It has been on the dagger for 80+ years and has 'moulded' itself to the dagger where it is tied. Unfortunately the 'ball' part of the knot has obviously broken off and has been lost to time. Quite common as the swing area weakens the cord. The scabbard is again typical Holler with the slightly thinner and straight edged scabbard bands. Scabbard is in good condition with no major damage, just a few very slight indentations near the bottom. The blade is lovely with full 'sailing ship' etch on both sides. Holler ONLY made navy daggers with sailing ship etches. I have NEVER seen either a plain blade or different standard etch by them. Blade is nickel plated with the design etched into the surfaces. It's in great condition and VERY clear and crisp. Needle sharp point. The brown leather blade buffer (typical Holler) is in place. A very nice dagger overall.
NAVAL OFFICERS DRESS DAGGER BY EICKHORN WITH ORIGINAL KNOT. A very nice example of the dress dagger worn by all naval officers and senior NCO's of the Third Reich navy. This is made by the most prolific manufacturer, Carl Eickhorn, and carries the later trademark they used from 1942. This shows the little squirrel looking over it's shoulder with 'Original Eickhorn Solingen' underneath. This trademark, as with all Eickhorn original trademarks on navy daggers, is deeply stamped into the riccasso. (Not etched). There is quite a lot of the fire gilt left, but it is missing from the scabbard. There is a perfect white celluloid grip with brass twisted wire. Wrapped around the pommel, grip and crossguard is the original-to-the-piece 42cm portapee. It’s in great shape. Scabbard is virtually undamaged with just a slight indentation on the front near the bottom. Blade is really nice with the full etch on each side and a needle sharp tip. Perfect blade. Add a nice set of straps to this and you would have a perfect, complete rig.
NEAR MINT EARLY HJ DAGGER WITH FULL MOTTO. The HJ knife remains one of my favourite daggers and this is a lovely example of an early one with full blade motto. Nickel plated steel hilt and crossguard retain about 95% of the plating with just a little wear only. Perfect chequered grips with a quite small HJ diamond. Scabbard is undented and retains all of the original black paint, with just a little spidering and slight age to the very bottom. The brown leather belt hanger and cross loop are in great condition with lots of original colour. The makers stamp of LFS and an oakleaf, is deeply impressed into the leather. Blade has no riccasso, so indicates an early piece. Blade overall is in near perfect condition, with just some slight 'in-out' marks. The obverse of the blade bears the full 'Blut und Ehre' deeply etched motto. The reverse has the early F.W.HOLLER trademark in a crescent with the 'Ges Geschutzt' stamp underneath. A really nice, early HJ dagger, and difficult to find in this condition.
NEAR MINT LUFTWAFFE 1st Pattn DAGGER BY HORSTER. This is an all aluminium version and in beautiful condition. All the main aluminium parts, crossguard, pommel, scabbard fittings and chain are finished in a muted off silver colour and have not been polished or cleaned. ALL the gilded swastikas on the pommel and crossguard are in perfect condition and really ‘shine’. The Luftwaffe blue leather used on the grip and scabbard is matching and in great condition, no tears or scuffs. Some small age ‘bumps’ but basically in perfect order. The aluminium triple wire used on the grip looks like it was installed yesterday! Chain clip is marked with OLC maker. The blade is stone mint and is a bright nickel plated type. Horster makers logo is etched into the surface. A really super example.
NEAR PERFECT/MINT EXAMPLE OF LUFTWAFFE FIGHTING KNIFE. A really lovely example of this classic close combat fighting knife. Condition is superb and seems never used. The wood grips are a great colour and with no damage, chips or cracks. 3 steel rivets hold the grips to the knife itself. The scabbard has 100% of the ORIGINAL black paint and apart from some age ‘spidering’ is in mint condition. The reverse has the boot spring mechanism and again it’s in perfect shape with all the paint intact. The blade is near mint with all crossgrain etc!. Never been sharpened or even used! The small ‘stick bird’ waffanampt is a 5 type. This is stamped into the riccasso. Great dagger. Hard to upgrade.
NEW GUARD CAT ON THE PROWL! Have waited for a while after the sad loss of MOJO. We now have a Maine Coon by the name of Chewbacca. He has settled in perfectly and carried on the tradition of guarding my stock!!
NICE 1st PATTN. LUFTWAFFE DAGGER BY EICKHORN. A very good, but not mint example of a 1st Luftwaffe dagger with all nickel fittings etc. Its made by the quality maker EICKHORN, the blade has the trademark used from around 1935 to about 1941. As the fittings on this dagger are all nickel, I would judge this to have been made quite early on, in 1935, before materials changed. Dagger has very nice age patina, especially to the hilt and pommel. The brass swastikas on both are still very clear and seem to have the remains of the gilded finish. Original leather to the grip with triple wire wrap. Wire loose in some places, but all there. Scabbard has dark blue leather covering and again solid nickel fittings, including a lovely solid nickel chain and belt clip. Chain has 8 upper rings and 13 lower ones. All scabbard screws are present. Blade is nice and bright, and has the original blue pebbled leather buffer. Blade has been polished over the years, so no evidence of original crossgrain polish. This is a steel blade, not plated so would just have been finished to a high luster, similar to as it is now. A bit of staining around and near the crossguard, but no pitting or damage. A decent Luftwaffe dagger, not unreasonably priced.
NICE EARLY SA BY ROBERT HERDER WITH WINDMILL LOGO. A very decent example of an early SA '33 man's dagger. This is a very uncommon maker and consists of a nice 'windmill' etched into the blade surface. This is a nice early piece and has all of the attributes associated with that period. Lovely hardwood grip with enamel SA button, the grip eagle is very unusual and is slightly larger that most other types found. An early type perhaps? Completely original to the piece and identical in shape and form, just a few % larger! Nickel fittings have a nice patina to them and the lower Crossguard is Gau marked Nrh for Niederrhein district, in North West Germany. Scabbard has all of the original brown finish to the surface and one minor 'pimple' to the front surface. Really nice looking scabbard. Blade has all of the original crossgrain polish and all of the blackening to the letters. However, where the scabbard runners have rested on the blade, there must have been some moisture sometime between them and its marked it's way into the surface on those 4 points. A most unusual SA dagger, of quite early vintage in my opinion, with a rare maker. With the slight blade imperfections, priced accordingly.
NICE EARLY SA DAGGER BY ANTON WINGEN JR. This early example of an SA dagger is by the more unusual maker Anton Wingen Jr SOLINGEN and has their trademark of a standing knight in armour. Dagger has all nickel fittings which have not been cleaned in a long while. There are lots of brown patina residue in the crevices. It looks like this dagger was hung for a long time in a smoking environment. Nice dark brown wood grip with SA roundel button and nickel grip eagle. the lower Crossguard is marker with the Gau 'No' for Nordsee, an SA coastal area in North West Germany. Scabbard has all of the original brown anodising on the surface with no dents. The scabbard fittings are again slightly brown with patina, the lower ball is not dented. There is an original short leather hanger and nickel clip. The blade is really nice, extremely bright and clean with nearly full crossgraining along the complete surface. The Alles fur Deutchland lettering has all of the original black/grey colour. Very appealing SA dagger.
NICE EXAMPLE OF THE HITLER YOUTH MEMBERS ARMBAND. Worn by ALL members of the Hitler Youth (HJ), right from the youngest members to the senior officers. This is a 'textbook' armband in the normal construction type. This consists of a red cotton background with a central white stripe woven into the red fabric. Over that is sewn the rectangular HJ swastika diamond. Black swastika on white background. In near perfect condition with no discernible damage. All the colours are very bright and it has the bonus of having the complete paper RZM issue label stuck inside. These are always in red for HJ items, and this one features the printed HJ diamond etc. No HJ collection or HJ dagger is complete without one of these.
NICE ‘THINNER’ 42cm bullion knot. Although this is not small enough or thin enough to be classified as a Government or Diplomatic dagger knot. It’s quite a bit smaller than normal ones,,so in my opinion would suit on of these daggers very well. Has been on a dagger so shows just a very little wear here and there. The small ball is fine, the neck seems to have a black thread woven into it too. Done in a chevron pattern. The twin bullion cords are thinner than normal and in very good shape. Nice knot!
NO LONGER AVAILABLE- CONSIGNMENT ITEM- 1936 SS OFFICERS CHAINED DRESS DAGGER-RZM PERIOD. Issued in 1936 to replace the standard '33 dagger for Senior SS NCO's and all Officers. Effectively the same design of dagger, but with the addition of a central scabbard mount and metal linked chains with belt clip. The quality of materials used on these daggers followed that used on the 1933 SS daggers which still continued to be made and issued. Early daggers were made of quality nickel and steel, with nickel plating etc. Later daggers gradually changed and whilst the quality of workmanship did not alter, the materials used did. This SS chained is a later RZM period piece and is probably made around 1939/40. The hilt and crossguards seem to be made of steel on this example as they are magnetic. The nickel plating is about 80% intact. The grip is black ebony wood and in great condition. The SS runes button is perfect with no chips. The grip eagle is solid nickel (not aluminium) indicating it's vintage. Wrapped around the grip is the original 42cm bullion portapee. It's been tied all in one place, around and around, but it has been like this for MANY years, if not originally, as you can see all of the dust and wear underneath. Nice! Scabbard has nickel plated steel fittings that are in good condition. The chain is a type I and is nickel plated steel. The type I chain has slightly different links at the very top. They are straight and not tapered. You can also see the stamped letters DRGM through the upper chain fitting 'wotan knot'. At some time the backing clip has come away from the front part, and it has been carefully repaired with 2 tiny brass rivets. One of the reverse chain links nearest the dagger has been deeply stamped with the SS 'Kulturzeichen' proofing mark. Scabbard and fittings are in very good order with all of the plating etc. At some stage the painted scabbard has received a re-paint, and whilst it does not look too bad, it could well do with being done again, with a better quality job! Finally the blade...…… with 99% of SS chained daggers the blade is devoid of a maker mark. It is in very good condition indeed, with a very clean surface with lots of crossgraining polish visible. Motto letters have all of the grey background finish. Overall a very pleasing SS chained. I have priced it very competitively. A real, original SS chained dagger for under £3000.
NSDAP - PARTY ARMBAND. TWO PIECE CONSTRUCTION. This is a completely original, but quite grubby, NSDAP or Political armband. Worn by MANY areas of the political party, SA, NSKK, and the RAD to mention just a few. This one has a red cotton body with a separately applied white circle with black 'bevo' embroidered swastika in the centre. No rips, tears or moth, just quite dirty! Priced accordingly.
NSDAP -PARTY ARMBAND 3-PIECE WITH INK STAMPED RZM LABEL. A really great Party armband to start with. High quality construction with a thick red cotton base. White circle separately applied and the moire fabric swastika is separate and applied to the circle. Has been worn and used, but in very good condition. The inside of the armband has been INKED stamped with the normal RZM issue type label. This is usually a PAPER label, and this is the first time I have seen this done. Very unusual. Nice armband.
NSDAP-PARTY ARMBAND IN COTTON. A good example of a worn and actually used NSDAP members armband. This is a cotton example with the white circle and black swastika embroidered into the cloth itself ‘bevo’ style. The red cotton armband is a little grubby but no damage or moth. It has been removed from a tunic or shirt and remains open at the reverse. These were worn by MANY organisations, the SA and RAD being perhaps the largest of them.
NSDAP/PARTY ARMBAND GI 'BRING-BACK' SOUVENIR. This is a nice party armband anyway. A two piece wool type with red wool body and a ‘bevo’ type white centre with swastika. All in great condition. The added interest is that it has been signed by various American GI soldiers with they names and home towns or states. There are approximately 8 names signed in ink. It came with a period WW2 black and white photo of the GI himself. I cannot corroborate this of course! Anyway a great bit of WW2 history.
ONE OF THE RAREST CLAMSHELL POLICE BAYONETS- SOMETIMES KNOWN AS THE SA FELDJAGERKORPS BAYONET. A really rare and unusual variation of the early short clamshell Police bayonet. This is commonly known as a ‘feldjagercorps SA’ dress bayonet, however this new type of police grip badge was installed on these bayonets in 1934-1935 to replace the Weimar Prussian police star that was already on them. The new badge consisted of 6 sided ‘star’ with an eagle holding a sword and lightening bolts with a swastika on its breast. These bayonets are VERY SELDOM encountered as they were only around for perhaps 2 years before the badge was changed again to the more familiar oval aluminium police eagle and swastika inside an oak leaf wreath. Fantastic bayonet.
ORIGINAL EICKHORN SWORD SALES/STOCK TAG-UNISSUED! From my stock of 'interesting things'. This is the white thin cardboard tag that would have been tied to any of the Eickhorn swords when sold new, or when they came from the factory. Never been issued, it has details to put the item/sword number cod or type and the length of the sword overall and the length of the blade. A great piece of original sales paraphernalia. If you have an unissued or mint sword, this would go perfectly.
ORIGINAL SS MARKED BLACK VERTICAL SS DAGGER HANGER. These original vertical hangers have just become impossible to obtain. Most now reside on the daggers themselves, so finding a loose one is a great find! Vertical hangers for the '33 SS dagger have existed for as long as the dagger has. So early ones do exist, these tended to be made as 'one offs' and quite a few variations exist (see Tom Wittmann;s SS book). Once the RZM was established in the mid 1930's then a formalised design was adopted and all vertical hangers were made in a similar way. This one is probably from this period, perhaps slightly later as the OLC marked clip is in plated metal, rather than a solid unmarked one. This vertical hanger has been on a dagger and has formed into the shape when carried. Good solid construction, with some age but little else. The cross strap that goes around the top of the scabbard and through the top ring, is a little cracked from age, but will still settle into place. Snap clip is marked OLC and RZM M5/71. Body of the hanger is moulded to the dagger it was on. Lower strap has deformed a little from age and wear, back has crinkled with age. The actual vertical hanger is nicely marked down the centre strap with SS runes in a circle and makers code 1/?(could be 58 or 56 or 38 but it's worn on that part and virtually unreadable ) followed by the RZM stamp in a circle. A great vertical hanger, needs a nice SS '33 for it to go on!
PANZER SWALLOW-TAIL SILK REGIMENTAL 'STANDARTEN'. Well, before everyone gets excited, I have to say that this is a superb, high quality REPRODUCTION! The last real one of these sold fir something like $25,000, so I am not lucky enough to find a real one. However, I just could not resist this as it was at an auction where I bought some nice daggers and it just looked so good. I thought if I like it, someone else would too. And what a fantastic display item it will make. Made of very high quality materials, silver bullion, black silks, all hand embroidered. These are near exact copies of the real thing. This one came from America and was sold via the Rex Reddick Militaria site. These can be purchased over there for just under $400 plus shipping of course (about £350 UK)...……...I have therefore priced this well under that, for those who would like just a great display item. It's a fabulous piece of decorative militaria and used as a back-drop somewhere, will look fantastic.
PERFECT 42cm BULLION KNOT FOR NAVY DAGGER. A terrific example in virtually mint condition, of a 42cm aluminium bullion dagger knot for the Third Reich naval dagger. Lovely thick cord, which will tie in a great knot. Slightly larger acorn ball with a 'stuffed anus' type finish in the bottom. If you have a mint of near mint dagger without a knot, this will be perfect. Super knot.
PERFECT CONDITION 23cm BULLION DAGGER PORTEPEE. Whilst this should be one of the most common of portepees, trying to find a REAL original one in perfect condition, is pretty difficult. Used primarily on the 2nd. Patty. Luftwaffe dagger, was also used on the 1st. Patty. and TENO Officers, amongst others. In lovely condition. Has been on a dagger at some time. If you need one for your near mint or mint dagger, this is for you.
PERFECT SET OF RAD OFFICERS LEATHER HANGERS. A very elusive set of hangers to find, not supposed to be terribly rare, but I just don’t see nice original hangers for sale anywhere. These are a lovely set, finished in the normal tan brown leather with aluminium buckles, lower clips and slides. (There are some ‘de-luxe’ variations with metal swing tops and different lower clips, but these are even harder to locate) However, 99% of RAD Officers hangers are like these. The top clip/fitting is very wide and is made of nickel and also stamped with the ‘A’ for the Assmann accessory company. Leather straps themselves are in great condition with no cracking or damage and still nice and supple.
PERFECT SMALL SIZE 'REICHSDEINSTFLAG' STATE SERVICE FLAG - NAVY MARKED. I have to say I get quite excited when I find another of these small wartime flags, whether it's one of these or the Reichskriegsflags. These are the smallest size produced and flown and measure 0.5 x 0.8 metres. That's tiny! Effectively is a small table top or display cabinet size. Because of their this they are easy to display and hence very popular with collectors. They also don't crop up too often now. I tried to buy a few at the huge SoS this year and I just could not find any that were buyable. Either not available or well over $1000!! This is a very nice example, made in the usual fine quality linen cotton which is soft to the touch. The colours are all very bright and clear, so has not exposed to the elements. The wide cream cotton flying edge hem is printed with the size, 0.5 x 0.8, the type of the flag 'Reichsdflg', then we have the makes stamp of 'Kress St Tonis' and a hand applied ink Kriegsmarine stamp of a stick-type eagle and swastika. Issued to the navy. The original flying rope halliard is sewn into the hem. These little flags were flown on smaller ships, inshore patrol vessels, probably U-boats too. An ideal size for them all. All the usual features for an original flag like this, sewn in reinforced patches in the corners and 6 or 7 reinforced lines of stitches along the flying edge to stop fraying. There is one very small hole in the cloth just below the white circle and there is one small stain about 10p in size near the hem. Other than that it's in mint condition. Getting very hard to find like this.
PERHAPS ONE OF THE RAREST SS SWORDS? AN OFFICER CANDIDATE WITH BULLION SS KNOT. I can honestly say I have only managed to own 3 of these in nearly 30 years. The first turned up on EBay when you could buy these things on there! ( I kept this one) another was in a sword collection I purchased and this is the third one. The Officer Candidate sword is virtually identical to a standard SS Officer sword, with one major exception, it does not have the SS large runes button on the grip. In fact it has no distinguishing markings on it whatsoever. These swords seemed to have all been direct private purchase items, a fact mentioned in Tom Wittmann SS book and semi-unofficial. This dagen is in super condition, with all nickel plating present. The black coloured ribbed grip has the nickel plated backstrap. The Ferrell on this sword is very decorative and a 'de-luxe' piece with very detailed leaves etc. Wrapped in the correct tie around the back strap and grip, is a really nice ORIGINAL SS Officers bullion sword knot. To see the quality and workmanship of a real one, is something to behold. The flat silver woven straps have twin black lines running down the edges. The stem of the actual ball has the SS runes 'woven' into the bullion material. The detail is very crisp indeed. The bullion ball itself is quite large and at the bottom it is finished with a matching piece of bullion strap material. Knot shows some age and proper usage, but suits this sword perfectly. (these knots are exceedingly difficult to find and fetch £800-£900 on their own!) The scabbard is in fine shape with no beds or dents. The black paintwork is in very good order, although could have been re-painted many years ago. Bottom nickel plated chape is in good order. The blade is again in great shape. A typical SS type blade with a polished semi-matt finish. No edge nicks or damage. It is totally unmarked, no maker details whatsoever. This usually indicates a Dachau piece, but I am not sure here as it's not stainless steel. If you collect SS edged weapons it is unlikely you have an example of the Officer Candidate. Here is a very decent example.
PERHAPS ONE OF THE RAREST SWORD KNOTS? CUSTOMS!!!!!!! I enjoy collecting swords still, and I am happy to say a lot of my customers do too! They are great value for money still, they are not reproduced and the variety is huge. Having a nice parade sword, complete with all the accoutrements, knot and hanger is very enjoyable. Like with daggers, some of the accoutrements for the swords are now very hard to find and in some cases, very expensive (SS sword knot for example). I found THIS knot in Germany recently, and whilst the dealer DID know what it was, it's such a rare knot, I thought it was worth the asking price. This is the sword knot for the CUSTOMS parade sword!!! A most unusual thing. Leather strap is dark green/black with 3 silver bullion wires running through. The actual ball of the knot has alternating silver and green threads.
PERIOD MADE SA DAGGER STYLE KNIFE. Purchased in Germany at a recent market, I have no idea what this is, but it's made like and with bits of an SA dagger. Could be a one off, could be theatrical? Has long 11" steel blade. Crossguard and pommel fittings like a SA dagger, grip is a modified SA dagger grip with no insignia. Weird thing, looks great!
POLICE OFFICERS PARADE SWORD WITH SS ENGRAVED POMMEL!! This is really nice Police Officers sword by HOLLER. It is complete with the original correct WIDE leather sword knot. Condition is really good with all the heavy nickel plated surfaces present with no lifting. This Police Officer obviously has dual membership or association with the SS, as there is a beautifully engraved pommel with SS runes and a hatched background. These pommel feature in Tom Wittmann’s SS book and this one is virtually identical to the one shown on pages 488/489. The segmented wood grip is in perfect shape and has 90% of the original black paint still present. All the grip wire is perfect. I set into the grip is a great police eagle which is copper in colour. Scabbard is perfectly straight with no damage or dents. It has virtually all of the original black paint too! The bottom scabbard chape is heavily nickel plated and in mint condition. The blade in TOTALLY MINT. It is 29 1/2” long and is as bright as the day it was made, fantastic. The sword is 37” in total length. The F.W. HOLLER logo of a thermometer in an oval is stamped into the riccasso. The ORIGINAL white leather blade buffer is present. Overall a really excellent sword, with the added bonus of the SS pommel.
POLITICAL ARMBAND FOR Ortsgruppenleiter - 1939-45. This is an impressive armband, as all High Ranking Political armbands are! This is a direct souvenir ‘bring back’ but will not be for the ‘mint, unissued’ collectors as this one has suffered from some moth damage over the years. Personally I think items like this also look really good, as they have suffered the ravages of time. They are ‘proper’ war time souvenirs and look great. The armband is complete and displays well. All the golden bullion weave is present and the insect damage is mainly confined to the red cloth. This is a blue piped ‘Ortsgruppenleiter’ Orts level political. Armband is not sewn at the back, the is still the original white printed lettering on the red cloth on the reverse which indicates which way up the cloth needed to be when cutting and making it. Overall a great looking armband for display, and if it could only tell it's story! Priced for condition, but this is half the price being asked for undamaged ones,
PORTEPEE/KNOTS FOR THIRD REICH POLICE BAYONET. A good, original example of the knot used on the Third Reich police bayonets. Suitable for any of the bayonets used by the police from 1933-45, either short or long, with and without clamshells. Cloth strap with red and silver lines, green and silver ball. Has been on a bayonet. I have several of these.
RAD HEWER LEATHER HANGER - PROFUSELY RAD MARKED. This is a great leather 'bullet' hanger for the RAD hewer. As usual this consists of the large flat leather backing that goes between the dagger and the uniform when it's carried. The leather is in great condition and nice and supple. It is black on the facing side and the reverse (next to the uniform) is brown. Deeply stamped into the leather is 'OTTO SINDEN BERLIN 1937@ and underneath is the triangular RADJ stamp with Ges. Gesch. The dagger is attached to the hanger via a wide metal snap clip. This is also marked on the reverse RADJ and Ges.Gesch. These are the only hangers made for the RAD hewer and ever dagger would have had one, however, as with most accessories which have disappeared over the years. The hanger is rarer than the dagger!
RARE 'PIONEER' LONG DRESS BAYONET BY PUMA WITH FROG. Whilst I have had these 'pioneer' dress bayonets before, I have only had them made by Eickhorn and WKC, never by Puma. The term pioneer is actually wrong as these bayonets had no designation, they were just another variation offered by the Solingen makers. They did not prove to be very popular, so hence the scarcity in today's market. They were identical to a normal dress bayonet, with the exception of the omission of the crossguard upswept quillion. The bayonet is in near mint condition, with just some very minor plate lifting on the pommel. Scabbard is ‘blued’ and has all of the original finish. The original black leather frog is also in perfect condition. Blade is some mint and has a perfect finish to the plated surface. The PUMA trademark is deeply stamped into the obverse riccasso. A VERY nice example of a rare dress bayonet variety.
RARE AND ELUSIVE LUFTWAFFE FORESTRY BAYONET. This is a premium example of the Luftwaffe Forestry bayonet. A strange sidearm as it's not a bayonet at all, but a knife with a stag grip and carbine type blade, but no means of attaching to a rifle at all! Carried by members of the Luftwaffe divisions, under the command of Goering, who was a huge hunting association/forestry follower. . These 'bayonets' are all identical and all made by the same company.Luftwaffe Forestry contingents. Blade is deeply stamped with the distributor one side WAFFEN-LOESCHE BERLIN. The reverse riccasso is plain on this one (not unusual) but they are made by Anton Wigen Chromolit-Besteckfabrik company. Beautifully shaped stag grips which are held in place with 3 removable bolts. Steel crossguard. Black steel scabbard with 100% black paint. A near mint piece.
RARE EXAMPLE OF THIRD REICH POLICE CLAMSHELL WITH METAL SCABBARD. I have said before that the subject of collecting Third Reich and Weimar police dress bayonets is huge, varied and very interesting! This is another case in point and is the rare variation of a short Third Reich bayonet with clamshell, metal scabbard and Third Reich police badge on the grip. Of solid all nickel construction with nice smooth stag grip plates. The overall size is 16” with a 9 1/2” blade. The bayonet is made by Robert Klaas and has the ‘kissing cranes’ logo stamped into the riccasso. Blade is mint with full nickel plating and has a single blood groove like a standard dress bayonet. Clamshell depicts the normal Prussian type Eagle with outstretched wings. Scabbard has normal nickel upper and lower scabbard mounts, but the scabbard body is actually steel and period painted brown to simulate a leather look. Several companies dud this on occasions and I am not sure why. Krebs was another company who made steel police scabbards and I have another Police bayonet by them listed on the site. In fact this one and that one would make a very good pair! Bayonet has a very nice dark brown leather police frog and the correct cloth police type portapee wrapped around it. Thus type of police bayonet is shown in detail on pages 148-152 in the book ‘History of the German bayonet 1919-1945 by George Wheeler” a very good reference indeed. A rare and super police bayonet in near mint condition.
RARE LONG FIRE DEPT. DRESS BAYONET L+E MAKER & FROG. Whist Fire Department bayonets are still relatively common, there are a few that are highly desirable and keenly collected. Versions with a saw-back blade are one, and THIS maker is the other. This is a lovely example in near mint condition. Their trademark, which is stamped into the blade riccasso, is a Fire Department helmet with a tiny swastika on the side! Underneath are the company letters ‘L&E’. Their speciality was Fire department equipment and uniforms, as I have seen their trademark on helmets, uniforms etc. The company name was "Linnebrügger & Ellermann - Bielefeld". In ADDITION this bayonet has the original black leather frog, and this is ASLO marked with the L&E name etc, stamped deeply into the leather. A most unusual and rare combination. One that I have not had before. What a great combination! The bayonet is in near mint condition with all nickel plating, all original black paint and a mint blade. This piece won't last long! Last one I saw sold for $495 in the US, I have priced this a little more reasonably.
RARE PATTERN THIRD REICH OFFICERS SWORD BY ALCOSO. Sword collecting is extremely rewarding, as apart from the size and display issues, you get a lot for your money and the variations are huge. This is a RARE Officers sword by ALCOSO, it features in John Angola's sword book on page 69 and it's the only one I have ever had of this type. Unattributed (no model number known) it a a lovely design, but has no eagle and swastika present. Laurel leaves feature on the front langet and are in great releif detail. Celluloid grip with 3 strands of perfect twised wire. . Hilt still has the original leather finger loop, which is most unusual. Hilt has a ronded pommel, not a dove head, and is quite unique in the design. Hilt is solid brass and has perhaps 85% of the original fire gilt present. Blade is STONE MINT and has the Alcoso scales trademark under the crossguard. scabbard is undamaged, and has most of the original paint, with the surface rough with age and some suface rust. A really nice sword and if you collect by pattern, one I guarantee you will not have. THIS IS A RARE SWORD PATTERN.
RARE SPECIALIST LUFTSCHUTZ/WERKSCHUTZ ARMBAND. Part of an large armband collection, this is a Luftschutz armband for the ‘MESSENGER’. In sky blue rayon/cotton, similar to the RLB types, this has a white ‘BEVO’ letter M woven into the fabric. Presumably worn by a Luftschutz member acting as a messenger during air raids etc, when other forms of communication were unavailable. In near perfect condition, also has a little bevo 'No.5' woven into the seam on the reverse. Most unusual armband.
RARE THIRD REICH SWORD KNOT-WATER CUSTOMS!!! This is a beautiful knot, is unissued, but of the Third Reich period. Has gold bullion ball, with black leather strap and triple gold lines running through it. Still tied in the original packing string, I regard this knot as 'new-old stock'. The water Customs sword is terribly rare, I have only ever had 2 in 40 years, so the knot is 100X rarer! however, if anyone has a sword and needs the knot, this must be an opportunity not to be missed. I obtained it from a good contact in Germany, who just had this knot amongst a pile of common ones. He had no idea what it was. I have never seen another,
RARE ‘PIONEER’ LONG DRESS BAYONET BY WKC. I was lucky enough to be offered three of these unusual examples at the last big fair I attended. The type and form of dress bayonet is commonly referred to as the ‘Pioneer’ type. To date no period reference has been uncovered to actually associate them as such, and it’s much more likely it was just a design variation. It appears in major manufacturers catalogues but just designated with a number. I have shown a page from the exact WKC catalogue.It appears in the WKC one as No.91 and is this EXACT BAYONET!. The design was not popular and didn’t sell well, so has therefore become a rare commodity on the collecting market. This one is in near mint condition throughout. All the nickel plating is 100% with no wear. The blade is stone mint. It is a carbine type blade with a false top edge, very unusual for a long dress bayonet blade. It seems to have had a frog at some time as it’s rubbed the scabbard paint a little. Other than that, this is a perfect bayonet. Personally I love the design, very streamlined! I will supply copy of the page in the WKC catalogue as it's a great reference to go with the bayonet.
re list
REALLY RARE 46cm KNOT FOR NAVAL OFFICERS SWORD ETC. Not too many people know that the sword knot tied to both the Weimar period and Third Reich period naval officers swords was LONGER than the ordinary naval dagger knot. It's approximately 4 cm's longer, and needed to be as the very complicate 'tie' used on the sword, took up much more cord to complete. It is obviously possible to put this on a navy dagger, and I have seen original daggers with them on, but there is much more cord left over and hanging down from the crossguard. This is a beautiful 100% original example made in rayon (early form of synthetic material) it is very golden in colour and would look fantastic on any of the Third Reich navy swords. It's in perfect condition, and shows no sign of wear or long term use. They are finished in the same way as standard navy knots, and this also has the 'puckered' end finish in the bottom of the ball. A very nice and rarely found knot. I have pictured it next to a 42cm knot, so you can appreciate the difference.
RED CROSS DAGGER WITH SOCIAL WELFARE STRAPS AND KNOT. This is the second of the pair of Red Cross Officers daggers purchased from the same source. This one has a mint set of Social Welfare hangers with it and the scabbard hanging rings have the round holes, not the rectangular ones. The dagger, like the other, is in near perfect condition. Has all of the nickel plating to the scabbard and hilt. A perfect orange celluloid grip which again is wrapped with the original 42cm knot. Blade again is in mint condition and has all of the nickel plating present. The Social Welfare hangers are in beautiful condition with pebbled rectangular buckles and with mouse grey bullion fronts, superb set. Whist these daggers are not as rare as 'hens teeth' (yet!) to find them complete and in this condition, is particularly difficult. I am offering BOTH examples of this type of dagger, complete with all their accessories. A unique opportunity to own a great pair of daggers-possibly.
RED CROSS MAN'S DAGGER -NICELY RESTORED. A standard Red Cross man's dagger but this has been sympathetically restored in the following ways. All metal parts, which are usually finished in a mid-grey coating, have been properly nickel plated. The scabbard has also received a coat of new black gloss paint. It actually looks quite good, and certainly different. The blade is a standard finish and in very nice order, with razor sharp teeth to the sawback edge. I would imagine if this went into an auction, no one would be the wiser and it would sell for between the £400-£500 mark. You opportunity to buy a real example, but 'blinged up' and very reasonable!!
RED CROSS OFFICERS DAGGER WITH STRAPS AND KNOT. I was lucky enough to re-purchase this and the other Red Cross Officers dagger from an old customer of mine who has retired from collecting. Both this one and the other, are in superb condition and are complete with the correct straps and also the original knots. There were 2 branches of the Red Cross, the other being the 'Social Welfare' part. The only real way to tell them apart are the different types/colours of hanging straps. Whilst there is a small difference in the scabbard carrying rings (square vs round) this is purely down to different manufacturers. However, it's a good idea to obtain both types if you are a collector and of course you can display each one with the differing hanging straps. This dagger has the Red Cross straps with it. Nickel plating on the whole dagger is virtually 100% with hardly any lifting etc. A very nice tangerine coloured grip, which has the 42cm knot tied around it properly. Scabbard again has 100% plating and is dent free. Blade is nearly stone mint with all the original crossgraining polish. There is one tiny blemish on the reverse blade in the middle. The Red Cross straps are in excellent condition with the plain oval buckles and the bullion straps with the red lines running through them. The original owner of these straps has added extra carrying rivet holes on each strap so he can adjust the height of the dagger! Very neat personalisation, perhaps he was a little 'height challenged' of one uniform jacket was longer/shorter than another? A really great complete combination. A complete rig! A very nice dagger indeed.
RED CROSS SAWBACK HEWER WITH ORIGINAL FROG. A lovely example of the Red Cross hewer as carried by Third Reich Red Cross personnel. In extremely nice condition with all of the slightly dull plating finish that distinguish these. Back chequered grips are undamaged. No plating lifting on pommel and crossguard. Scabbard is dent free and has 95% of the original coat of black paint. The original stiff, black leather bayonet type frog is attached the scabbard lug. These frogs are unique in size for this hewer and fit nothing else. Frog is stamped on the reverse 'Carl Busse Mainz 1940'. Blade is mint has the distinctive saw-back edge and blunted tip (apparently as per Geneva Convention rules?).All crossgrain polish present, and the normal marking of 'Ges Geschutz' stamped on the blade underneath the crossguard lozenge. A very pleasant dagger in near mint condition.
REICHSDIENSTFLAG (SERVICE FLAG) 1.5x 2.5. A good sized Dienst flag in good condition. Measures 1.5m x 2.5m and is marked on the white cotton rope sleeve. No other makers marks. It has ‘CuxHaven’ hand written in ink also on the hem. This is the place where it was liberated from and is on the North German coast.iFlag has very good colours, seen flying edge and reinforced corners by the rope sleeve. There are a few age holes or small tears. Mainly from vermin/mouse when stored. A good quality display item.
RLB ARMBAND WITH LATER MOTIF. This is an all cotton, light blue RLB armband for non-officers, featuring the 2nd style of RLB insignia. Light blue cotton bas with a 'bevo' machine weaved RLB sunburst with swastika in the centre. In virtually mint condition. Would make a great addition to any RLB collection or a backdrop to a RLB dagger.
RLB OFFICERS DAGGER-2nd PATTN BY ERNST ERIC WITTE. This is a really great looking RLB Officers dagger, by the more unusual maker Ernst Eric Witte. Their trademark is a diamond with a crown & KRONECK and a W underneath. On all the edged weapons I have had or seen by this maker, their diamond trademark is very lightly etched onto the blade surfaces. This is again the case on this one, and effectively half the trademark is nearly invisible! This is a later produced RLB piece, so they have used nickel plated steel for the scabbard fittings and a nickel plated alloy crossguard. I think the pommel is plated aluminium, but this company did that too, with some examples having an aluminium pommel and matching aluminium crossguard. Dagger is in beautiful condition throughout, with hardly any evidence of wear or use. Dark blue leather to the grip and the scabbard is in perfect shape. The sunburst and swastika badge on the grip has all of the black enamel and most of the silver plating to the badge arms. Blade is lovely with 99% of the original crossgrain polish finish, just a small finger smudge near the makers logo. It's a very bright, crisp looking RLB officers dagger. Nice piece.
SA SINGLE SHORT DAGGERS HANGERS & TRIPLES. I have a number of the short, snub nosed, leather dagger hangers for the SA and NSKK daggers. I have both solid nickel varieties for the earlier dagger and the plated ones usually attached to the RZM period daggers. The RZM period hangers seem to all have RZM or maker marked clips and RZM stamps to the leather. I also have 2 sets of the triple hangers which incorporate the rare small leather loop that goes around the dagger grip. I have pictured all the ones available and they are priced from £70- 195 for the triple hangers. All are in good serviceable condition.
SECOND PATTERN RLB BEVO ARMBAND. Always a popular accessory to display with a dagger. This is a cornflower blue ‘bevo’ cotton RLB armband. It features the second type of RLB insignia of the star with swastika in the centre. This is woven into the fabric itself. In great condition but has a couple of spots where ‘blu tac’ or similar have been used to display it somewhere. No damage or tears. The reverse has the makers details in the hem. ‘Bevo-Wuppertal’
SENIOR FORESTRY BULLION/GREEN DAGGER KNOT. This is the CORRECT portepee or knot which is worn on the hilt of the Senior Forestry Officials cutlass. Worn with the cream celluloid hilted cutlass and tied in the same way as a parade sword. These are hard originals to find and really complete a Forestry Cutlass. Silver bullion ball/acorn, with green bottom insert. Flat bullion strap has twin solid green lines running the length. Platted slide is twisted green/silver. In near perfect condition, has been on a dagger, but no wear or damage.
SENSATIONAL ORANGE GRIP NAVY DAGGER WITH HAMMERED SCABBARD, ORIGINAL STRAPS AND UNDERBELT. An absolutely wonderful example of a WKC navy dagger with EVERYTHING you need, the COMPLETE RIG! According to the original family owners, this was exactly as their Grandfather bought it back as a souvenir, and it looks as though the navy officer just took the whole thing off and gave it to him! Unlikely, as in 1945 no one was wearing dress daggers, especially to surrender. It was probably discovered in a building, or a house, or perhaps even a ship, but just kept as it is. Dagger is a classic WKC piece, and retains 95% of the original fire gilt. The beautiful grip has toned to a mid-tangerine orange colour. Wrapped around the pommel and crossguard and in the correct naval 'tie', is a really thick, gilt coloured bullion portapee. It has been on this dagger for some 70+ years, and you can see the slight fraying wear to the cords, where they come out of the crossguard tie. Fantastic looking knot. Scabbard is the 'extra cost' hammered type and again has 95% of the original fire gilt. One VERY slight indentation to the bottom, hardly noticeable. Blade has the normal dolphins and anchor etched panels, and the etch is in the original dark charcoal colour. The WKC knights head trademark is deeply stamped into the riccasso. The original red felt blade buffer is present. With the dagger are it's original set of gilded aluminium daggers hangers with lion's head buckles. Both straps are in excellent condition with virtually no wear. The straps are attached to the blue naval under-belt, which was worn under the tunic to suspend the dagger from. So there you have it, a complete 'rig', as it would have been worn, and with a fabulous ORANGE grip navy dagger!!
SET OF 'SOCIAL WELFARE' OFFICER DAGGER HANGERS. A very nice set of the dagger hangers for the Red Cross dagger, but for the Social Welfare division. The DAGGER worn by both parts of the Red Cross (ie Social Welfare Officers and Red Cross Officers) is exactly the same!! There is a collectors misnomer that the daggers are different because of the round or rectangular scabbard rings. This difference is PURELY down to manufacturing differences and designs between different companies. When worn it would be impossible to tell anyway, so the only way they are different is the HANGERS (Red Cross have oval buckles and red lined straps of course). These SOCIAL WELFARE hangers have aluminium pebbled fittings and rectangular buckles. The straps are silver bullion with dark grey lines and the reverse are covered with a grey/green velvet. In near perfect condition, these straps would finish off a dagger in corresponding condition. A very nice set
SET OF ARMY HANGERS WITH METAL SWING TOPS. These are a de-luxe type of army hangers that would have been an 'extra cost' item for the owner. In perfect condition, these feature metal tabs at the top of the bullion straps, these are riveted around the top clip and enable the dagger and hangers to 'swing' with the movement of the wearer. This reduced wear to the cloth etc and was a very good design. Metal tabs are DRGM marked. Bullion straps are perfect as are the green velvet backings. Lower snap clips are the 'push up' variety and are decorated with oak leaves. In excellent condition, a VERY nice set of hangers for your army dagger.
SHORT HOLLER ETCHED 'MEMORY OF SERVICE TIME' DRESS BAYONET WITH STAG GRIPS. A lovely little piece! These were purchased by family members or the soldiers themselves as recognition of their service in the armed forces. Most dagger manufacturers offered them in their catalogues, and they were obviously a popular money maker for them. This particular type of dress bayonet is made by HOLLER and features in the original, period HOLLER catalogue. It's also shown in the etched bayonet book by Wayne Tychet. It has the added option of real stag grip plates. The bayonet slot has a green felt insert, and combined with the stag grips, this probably was for a soldier in a Jager Regiment. Hilt parts are all nickel plated and just have the slightest lifting and age in places. Stag grips. Black painted scabbard in virtually stone mint with 100% original black paint. There seems to have been a frog on the bayonet at some time as the paint under where one would have rested is completely smooth, whereas the other half of the short scabbard has some age 'spidering' to the exposed surface. No damage, chips or dents. The blade is spectacular, and stone mint in every respect. The quality of original, period etching on these bayonets is actually a work of art. The detail is razor crisp, perfectly executed and deeply etched. this is the 'memory of my service time' etch with a closed wing Wehrmacht eagle and swastika at each end. The short carbine blade is perfect. The FW HOLLER oval trademark is stamped into the reverse riccasso. There is a black leather blade buffer.
SHORT PRIVATE PURCHASE WEIMAR POLICE CLAMSHELL BAYONET. As I have written many times before, the variety of Police bayonets from the Weimar period into the Third Reich one, is huge, worthy of just collecting them on their own. This is a really super example of an early Weimar period clamshell bayonet. It remains completely original and unchanged and was not altered to fit in with the Third Reich period. Measuring 16 1/4" overall it is of heavy construction, probably nickel plated brass, the smaller proportioned hilt and crossguard, are delicately cast featuring oakleaves and birds feathers. The grips are a nice matched pair of stag plates and the obverse one has the Weimar six sided star badge, featuring the Prussian eagle. The clamshell beneath the crossguard features the Prussian eagle with outstretched wings and oakleaves to each side. Scabbard has nickel upper and lower fittings with a black leather body. There is an original narrower black frog, with a correct Third Reich era police portapee. The 10 1/4 " blade is heavily nickel plated and in near perfect condition, with just a couple of minor age spots. As described above the blade is marked on both sides. A great example of this rare type of bayonet.
SHORT SA OR NSKK DAGGER HANGER - RZM PERIOD. This is the short leather hanger attached to the scabbard ring, for a SA or NSKK dagger. Both the oval buckle and the snap clip are RZM stamped and marked, so this would be for a transitional or later RZM period piece. The leather is intact but has shrivelled a bit with age. Still sound though. Complete and ready to go on a dagger of similar condition.
SMALL HITLER COMMEMORATIVE WALL PLAQUE/DISK. A high quality commemorative wall disk depicting Hitler's profile. Cast in metal and silver plated, it has developed a nice patina overall. Wording around the edge reads 'In Volkskanzler' (peoples Chancellor) with a small swastika on the other side. Designed to hang on the wall it has an integral hook on the reverse. The maker or designed name is also cast into the lower edge. This was a title Hitler had quite early on in his political career. So I imagine this is quite an early plaque. Measures approx. 4.5" across.
SMALL SILK NSDAP TABLE TOP BANNER. This measures approx. 8" x 11" and was designed to hang from the suspension cord. Of very high quality materials and high level of workmanship, this could have been a table decoration or a small wall hanger. It's one sided, and the reverse is just plain red silk. Multi-piece construction with the swastika separately applied to the white circle which is again sewn to the red body. Along the top is a permanently attached hanging rod. At the bottom, silver bullion tress has been sewn along the edges. It seems at some time it's had small badges pinned to it, probably as part of a souvenir bring back. An ideal display piece with daggers or armbands. Really high quality.
SMF LUFTWAFFE 2nd Pattn DAGGER WITH OWNERS INITIALS - COMPLETE RIG. This is a very nice piece indeed and is totally complete with original 23cm bullion knot and original set of straps. With a perfect light orange solid celluloid grip and bright aluminium fittings, this Luftwaffe dagger by SMF really looks the part. Has springy aluminium grip wire, mint original 23cm knot. Both the reverse of the Crossguard and the top of the scabbard have been nicely personalised by the original owner with his initials ' V D '. Whilst there must be quite a few Luftwaffe personnel with these initials, a research project could work. Scabbard is a lovely nickel plated variety and is dent and damage free with full plating coverage with no lifting. The blade is stone mint, and is exactly as it left the factory i.e. with the SMF logo still UNDERNEATH the Crossguard eagle and swastika. (after 40 years of handling 1000's of daggers, the 'untouched' ones, those straight out of the woodwork etc., inevitably have the blades like this, with the maker mark underneath the crossguard eagle. No idea why as you would have thought the logical place is visible on the other side, but that's what I have observed) So the SMF 'seated king' logo is there along with the stamped Waffenampt inspection mark. The blade is a nickel plated variety with needle sharp point. The dagger also has the benefit of the original hanging straps. These are in great condition and are the standard type with plain aluminium fittings and clips, which all work well. Bullion straps are blue velvet backed. There is a little period repair/strengthening to the top of one strap where is rubs against the top clip. A really nice, complete dagger.
SMOOTH BROWN LEATHER SWORD HANGER. Another from the small collection, and this one is also in mint unused condition. A brown leather teardrop shaped sword hanger, with smooth surface. Nickel plated solid metal fittings. The reverse is finished in a contrasting dark green leather. Which again is untouched. A great little accessory that could be used with a number of edged weapons, not just a sword. Forestry daggers used a hanger like this to connect to the belt. Nice piece.
SOLID GREEN KNOT FOR FORESTRY CUTLASS. Similar to the one listed earlier, this is a slightly different version of the green portepee or knot that's worn with the subordinate Forestry or Hunting cutlass. In green cotton, the green straps are completely one colour and match the ball. This again is totally made in green cotton twisted cord, and along with the green step, completes this knot. I have included a picture of this knot being worn on a cutlass. In very good condition with some very slight useage wear.
SS NCO'S DRESS SWORD, LONG BLADE WITH CORRECT SS Nco's BULLION KNOT - NUMBERED. A really good example of the parade sword as worn and possibly issued to SS NCO's. As a general rule most SS personnel were chosen for their physical attributes (height), amongst other things, so their swords are usually pretty long! This is the case with this one, and it has an overall length of 37.5 " with a 32" blade. The blade is devoid of any maker, very common with SS officers and SS NCO's swords, but it has an issue number '121' stamped into the riccasso. Blade is matt polished and I near perfect condition. The original cream (now dirty) blade buffer is in place. Hilt fittings are all nickel plated steel and in very good condition. The pommel displays the deeply cast SS runes. Sword grip is dark hardwood and painted black. Paint is still 75% present showing a polished wood elsewhere. Tied around the hilt is the CORRECT BULLION SS nco's PARADE KNOT. This is nearly identical to the SS officer knot (the bullion strapping is exactly the same) but it has a very large bullion ball with interspersed black/silver cords. I have a period photograph of 2 SS Allgemine solidiers in full uniform, one is carrying this exact sword with exact knot! Scabbard is lovely with no dents or bends, has virtually all of the original black paint. Top scabbard shows great detail and has the SS runes or SS-Kulturzeichen stamped into the scabbard throat. There is no bottom scabbard fitting on SS NCO's swords, just a steel drag. A nice example of a SS NCO's dagen. Complete with the correct knot, a rare find!
STONE MINT MINIATURE LUFTWAFFE DAGGER BY SMF -WITH ADVERT ON BLADE. With my passion for miniature daggers, I can wholeheartedly recommend this MINT example of the 2nd Pattn Luftwaffe dagger made by SMF. It is the larger type and measures nearly 9" overall. Only Alcoso made one in a similar size. Everything about this one is lovely. The grip is a nice orange colour being slightly lighter on the reverse. The tiny twisted grip wire is present and the aluminium pommel and crossguard have all their original finish, including the blackening in the background. The scabbard is stone mint with all of the original airplane grey finish present, and no signs of wear. The blade again is as bright as the day it was made, and has 100% of the original plating. On the reverse is stamped the SMF 'seated king' logo along with the DRGM lettering. The obverse of the blade has the advertising etch...'Seegers Getriebe' with what looks like a little cog wheel beside it. The vast majority of the SMF Luftwaffe miniatures have an advert of some description on the blades. They were obviously given away as favours and free gifts by te salesmen of these companies and there are quite a few variations, carpet factories, paper makers etc etc. This name and logo is for an engineering company in Hannover. They make/made machine gear cogs. Even better the factory is STILL in existence and production today!!! This is a superb miniature in superb condition.
STUNNING-STONE MINT MINIATURE LUFTWAFFE DAGGER BY ALCOSO !!! 5***** There are miniatures and then there are MINIATURES! In the manufacture of miniature daggers in the 1930's Alcoso were the best and produced the best. Their quality and attention to detail is far better than any other maker. In addition to this, the larger size made them just look amazing. This is a STONE MINT example of the 2nd Pattn. Luftwaffe dagger. It measures 10 1/4" overall. Beautiful silver plated fittings have toned a little with the age patina (as silver does). There is a beautiful tangerine orange celluloid grip, with twisted silver wire. Scabbard again is beautifully toned, and you can see the protected 'shadow' underneath the crossguard. Blade is fantastic. Absolutely mint. Has the Alcoso trademark etched into the riccasso surface. The blue leather blade buffer is present. In my opinion this piece could not practically be upgraded. In is stunning Whether you collect miniatures, or would just fancy to put this beside a full sized Alcoso piece. This is the dagger for you.
SUPER AND VERY RARE 'USED' CUSTOMS THIRD REICH SWORD KNOT The Third Reich customs service had their own, specific, designated dress dagger, but not an 'actual' sword. They used several varieties, and the Eickhorn catalogue mentions that there was a type authorised as a Customs sword, and also a pattern sword appears in the Third Reich era WKC sales catalogue as Model Nr. 1016 “Zollbeamten Sabel” (Customs Official’s Sabre).However, both of these swords would have had THIS specific sword knot tied on the hilt. An incredibly rare knot to find on it's own, and if you have one of the swords, this needs to go on it!! Wide black leather strap with triple silver wires running down the length. The ball has a plain stem, but the acorn has interspersed green and silver weave. This knot has been on a sword and has a little wear to the strap. Needs to go back on a sword!!
SUPER HJ KNIFE WITH MOTTO-EMIL VOOS. This is a really great HJ knife and in excellent condition. The blade is virtually mint and has the full ‘BLUT UND EHRE’ motto etched into the obverse. The reverse riccasso is stamped with a small RZM circle and M7/2. This is the code for Emil Voos. It is also stamped with the date 1938. Now all the ‘books’ tell you that AFTER 1938 the motto no longer appeared on the HJ blades. This is correct as you cannot find any HJ dagger dates 1939 with a blade motto, however there are 1938 dated daggers out there that were produced early in 1938 that still have the motto. They are rare and few were made. This is one if those and it’s only the second or third one I have owned. Dagger scabbard has nearly 100% of the original back paint with just a little age. The brown leather belt loop and cross strap are also in great condition with very minimal wear. The grips are perfect and the HJ diamond perfectly fitted and ‘moves’ ever so slightly. A wonderful example of HJ dagger produced right at the beginning of 1938. Near mint!
SUPER LITTLE MINIATURE ARMY DAGGER WITH WHITE GRIP. I have long been very fond of miniatures and this one a cute 71/2" size, usually known as a 'Horster size'. In good used condition this would have been purchased or given away and used as a letter opener or similar. Cream celluloid grip, plated fittings identical to a larger version. Tiny crossguard with miniscule eagle and swastika in perfect detail. Nice silver plated scabbard with rings and even a spring inside as a scabbard liner! Blade is fine, but has lost it's nickel plating over the years so is now just polished steel. Looks fine though. These miniatures are very varied and are therefore great to collect on their own or place alongside a large version of the same type.
SUPER SINGLE ETCH SHORT PARADE BAYONET- 'MY SERVICE TIME' - PUMA. A very nice example of a single etch 'Remembrance of my Service time' short parade bayonet by nice maker PUMA. These bayonets were all private purchase items, and paid for by the enlisted man or NCO's. There were a vast selection, and Solingen companies vied for the business by offering many enticing designs. This one by PUMA is featured/shown on page of Wayne Tychet's great book on Etched Bayonets.
SUPER SMALLEST SIZE REICHSKRIEGSFLAG. (WAR FLAG) The most iconic ‘battle flag’ of WW2 Germany. This is the smallest size they made and flew. 0.85x 0.5m. About the size of a display cabinet. Always extremely popular with collectors as they display so well. This one made of quite nice linen/cotton material. Has been well used and well flown. There are a few moth nip holes and one small ‘L’ shaped tear by the hem (now repaired) no material missing. Flag is complete with well marked white cotton hem and integral lanyard rope with loops each end. Hem is ink marked with size (as above) and at the opposite end is the maker stamp. ‘Johan Leibleg & Comp’. Flying edge is reinforced with 6 rows of stitching and the top lanyard corners have squared reinforced patches. Colours are all clear and bright but this has been properly used so is a little grubby. A great looking flag with lots of character. Now a rare item in this small size.
SUPERB 42cm THICK BULLION DAGGER KNOT. This is a wonderful, thick corded 42cm dagger knot, in virtually mint condition. These were made by various accoutrement companies and it seems no two companies were the same! Some have slightly larger acorn balls, some smaller. Some have quite thick bullion cord, other have much thinner lengths. This is a very nice example haing perfect finish everywhere and a pretty thick cord, which will tie beautifully on any dagger. This type and length were suitable for a number of edged weapons, army, SS chained, Red Cross Officer, to name but 3 examples. A REALLY nice knot.
SUPERB THIRD REICH RURAL POLICE TSCHAKO BY EREL.. These are always a great display item and with the large aluminium police badge on the front, really dominate a collection. They suffer badly from mothing as it seems the grubs love the green wool body. This one is in near perfect condition. As this is for the ‘rural’ Police Gendarmerie, the shako trim is all in brown. Should this have been for a large town or city, then all the trim would be black. I actually think that the brown, rural shakes look better, and this would be a perfect addition to a police collection or similar. The shako has a tan brown top with brown front and rear peaks. The original BROWN chinstrap is in place too! The large pressed aluminium police badge is affixed to the front with threaded screws and retaining nuts. The interior is perfect with near mint leather liner. The makers label is printed to the inside crown. This one is by EREL, perhaps the best and most well known hat and cap maker. Size is a 58 and full details of the shop that sold it ROBERT LUBSTEIN, are on the label.
SUPERB TONED BULLION KNOT FOR NAVY DAGGER. I was very lucky to find this knot and another similar at a local fair. Unfortunately the vendor also knew it’s worth, so it was not cheap. However, these are rarer things to find and this is an absolute beauty. 42cm long and with the ‘puckered’ insert at the end of the ball. It’s made of a high content of silver bullion thread and has therefor toned to a slight ‘golden hue’. It’s in PERFECT condition and shows no signs of being tied to a dagger-ever! If you have a lovely, early high quality dagger without a knot, this is crying out to go on one. An absolutely lovely knot and so hard to find in this condition.
SWORD PORTAPEE/KNOT IN GREEN LEATHER-NEAR MINT. This is the standard, smaller sword knot worn with ALL Third Reich Wehrmacht parade swords. In beautiful condition, this knot has been on a sword and remains in a 'ghost' tie! So would be easy to slip back on a lions hear of dove head sword. It's in remarkable, mint condition. Perfect green leather and twin bullion wires running the length. Nice bullion acorn ball.
TENO HEWER LEATHER FROG-NEAR MINT. The huge TENO dagger or hewer has its own specific hanging device. Nothing else fits it or will do. It has been specifically made to support the hewer correctly in a vertical position when hanging from a belt. Every TENO hewer would have had one, which is curious why they are so uncommon today. Made of string black leather it incorporates a wide snap clip and a protective flap to stop the clip scratching the dagger. All these frogs are identical so were made by one unidentifiable company. However, the wide snap clips were made by Assmann and have their trademark ‘A’ stamped into the metal. This lovely frog shows virtually no wear at all and I doubt if it was ever really used. The black leather is in mint condition and has no scrapes or damage. The black protective flap is there over the clip, and the very thin cross strap, which went around the grip, is untouched. This was the only weak point with these frogs and 90% of the time these straps tear at the button hole end. As this one is hardly used, it’s perfect. Every TENO daggers needs one of these and if you have a MINT hewer without the frog, this is the one for you.
TERRIBLY RARE LONG BULLION SWORD KNOT FOR IMPERIAL NAVY SWORD. This is a knot you just won't find! There really do not turn up on their own, and if you have an Imperial naval sword without one, here is the opportunity. A long knot, over 44cm in length and made of thick bullion cord. Due to it's age (over 100 years) it's darkened down somewhat, but ideal for a 100 year old sword! The bullion has turned a golden colour and the black and red flecks are quite noticeable along the thread. The large ball is silver bullion and the 'stuffing' at the bottom is red and black cord. Ready to tied back on your Imperial sword! Don't miss this.
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THE RARE LUFTWAFFE FORESTRY BAYONET COMPLETE WITH ORIGINAL BROWN FROG. After not finding one of these for years, this is the second acquired in 6 months, but it came as a part exchange from an existing customer, so was not in the 'marketplace'.This is a Luftwaffe Forestry "Waffen-Loesche" Bayonet w/Frog. Marked Ch.A.W., (Chromolit-Besteckfabrik, Arthur Wingen, Solingen). These dagger are ONLY made by this company. Several good theories exist as to exactly who wore these and why, but senior Luftwaffe NCO's seconded to Forestry duties, seems the best one. They are always slightly different in the extra markings some have, added numbers or letters stamped on the blade or crossguard etc. This one has a very nice pair of rounded stag grips with steel slotted bolts holding them on. Polished steel crossguard. Bayonet style scabbard with single long tab. This type of dagger is mentioned in the book 'Seitengewehr: History of the German Bayonet 1919-1945'. Scabbard body is painted black. There is an original Luftwaffe brown leather frog which matches the dagger. This is how they were carried and sometime with a green Forestry knot too. Lovely frog is near perfect condition. It's slightly smaller and narrower, especially for this dagger. It would not fit a K98 bayonet scabbard. Blade is a standard 'carbine' type common to all these daggers. Stamped on one side 'Waffen Loesche-Berlin' and on the other 'Ch. A.W.'. At some time, either period (or probably later) the blade is in very good condition, but has some very slight 'pits' on the surface towards the bottom, otherwise fine. These are VERY rare daggers now and so difficult to find. A nice thing!
THIRD REICH 'BEVO' ARMBAND FOR THE DEUTCHES ROTES KREUZ. This is the classic type of armband seen in nearly all of the pictures of war-time German nurses or medical personnel. Worn with a uniform on the left arm.This is a white cotton/linen base with a central red cross in 'bevo' cotton. In a circle around this are the 'German Red Cross' lettering. A little grubby, has been used. Sewn together as issued.
THIRD REICH 'OTHER RANKS' PARADE SWORD + KNOT. Not commonly seen as thy were very plain and uninspiring, they also did not depict any eagle and swastika either. This is a standard, plain issue Other Ranks 'walking out' or parade sword. I am pretty sure the issue and wearing of these was dropped pretty quickly in favour of the standard dress bayonet, but there are many early photographs of enlisted men wearing the dress/parade sword. This is a pretty long sword measuring 41" o/a. Would mean the original owner would have been just under 6' tall. Big in those days. Hilt is a very plain dove head affair, which was nickel plated over steel. Most of this has worn off now. Black celluloid grip has triple brass wires. There is an original enlisted man's portepee wrapped around the hilt. Green with thin silver wires. Shows age commensurate with the sword condition. Blade is nickel plated and 34" long. It's in near perfect condition and is deeply stamped with the maker RICHARD HERDER SOLINGEN. Scabbard is a standard black painted single hanger type, it is missing the throat at the top, but fits perfectly and the runners are still inside. An interesting sword, not in the best of condition externally, but with the mint blade and knot, easily worth the money!
THIRD REICH 42cm BULLION DAGGER KNOT IN MINT CONDITION. A lovely example of the 42cm bullion dagger knot used on many Third Reich dress daggers. This is an original bullion knot, with a nice medium sized ball and bullion cords. Would tie exceedingly well and enhance your dagger. No wear or fraying, just a nice knot!
THIRD REICH ARMBAND FOR ARMY RECRUITMENT OFFICER. This is perhaps one of my favourite armbands, as it looks so good! A closed wing Wehrmacht eagle on a white background. Very stylistic and a great display piece. The black closed wing eagle is sewn through the white cotton/linen body 'bevo' style. Armband shows some overall age 'spotting', but no damage or wear.
THIRD REICH ARMBAND FOR ARMY RECRUITMENT OFFICER. Purchased with a similar armband, this particular is in white 'rayon' material instead of the cotton/linen variety. Everything else ids the same. Wehrmacht style, closed wing black eagle is sewn through the fabric 'bevo' style. Amband is a bit grubby overall, but other than that is in perfect condition.
THIRD REICH ARMY OFFICERS SWORD KNOT. This is the normal, standard sword knot that is found (or should be) on nearly every WW2 German Officers dress/parade sword. In green leather with twin silver bullion lines woven into the strap. Silver bullion ball. This knot has been on a sword and is a little freyed but not damaged, would slip nicely ont an exisiting sword. Difficult to find and will finish off a sword nicely.
THIRD REICH ARMY SWORD KNOTS - PORTEPEES. From my source in Germany I have obtained a selection of the green leather knots or portepees that are tied to lion's head and dove head parade swords. Virtually ALL swords would have had these for parade purposes and in my opinion a sword does not look complete without one. They really add to the appearance of a nice sword. These are all basically the same, but all slightly different due to manufacturing differences. Green leather straps with bullion twin lines running the length. A green/bullion braded slide and a bullion acorn ball. All have been on swords at some time and will tie back into their assumed position. All show a little use, but none are broken or cracked and will enhance the appearance of your sword.
THIRD REICH ERA DE-LUXE PRIVATE PURCHASE RURAL POLICE BAYONET WITH FROG. A truly superb Third Reich Officers Rural police bayonet by Carl Julius Krebs complete with the original beautiful tan brown leather frog. As I have mentioned many times before the variety of Police bayonets throughout the Weimar and Third Reich period is huge, and these can easily form a large collection in their own right. This is a smaller and quite dainty ALL ALUMINIUM hilted Police bayonet, most likely an Officers private purchase. It's in beautiful condition and virtually mint. The aluminium hilt is as bright as the day it was made and had fantastic detail to the 'birds beak' and crossguard. The stag grip plates are perfectly formed and cut, the aluminium open police eagle sits in the middle of the grip. This bayonet was made by Krebs and they had a tendency to make their police bayonet scabbards from steel rather than leather. This is the case with this one. The scabbard body is steel and is beautifully period painted a tan brown colour and still has 99% of the original paint. Krebs still fitted the nickel upper and lower scabbard fittings and they still used staples to fix them to the body! A great variation and actually quite rare to find one. The blade is in mint condition throughout and has full bright nickel plating. The Krebs logo is deeply stamped into the riccasso. A super bayonet, another variation and in sensational condition.
THIRD REICH FIRE BAYONET/SWORD KNOT. These are a popular portepee/knot to find and this is one of the few I have left in stock. Used on all of the Fire Dept bayonets and also on the Officers sword. Black leather strap with silver bullion thread running down each side. The ball is made with interspersed silver bullion and red bullion cord. This has been on a dagger and tied accordingly, there are a few of the silver threads which are loose etc. Once tied back on a dagger, will look fine.
THIRD REICH FIRE OFFICERS PARADE SWORD - EICKHORN -WITH KNOT. As pictured and listed in the Eickhorn catalogue, this is the plain gilt hilted parade sword carried by Fire Officers. It has a plain, rounded dove-head hilt, with no engraving. Completely smooth. No political or military affiliation so no swastika on the piece at all. The hilt is gilded aluminium, but the gilt has dulled down to a brass like finish. Black celluloid grip with thin twisted grip wires. There is an original to the piece, Fire sword portepee. If you peek under the knot at the hilt, you can see the protected surface and rub marks. Scabbrd is black painted steel. The blade on this piece is marked with the post 1938 Eickhorn squirrel. Blade has a steel finish reather than a nickel plated on and is quite dull in places, but would certainly polish up. No damage or pitting though. If you have a Fire bayonet, dagger collection, they certainly wore this sword too!
THIRD REICH FIREMAN'S BRASS PARADE SWORD-EICKHORN. In addition to the fire parade bayonet, all enlisted men also had a parade sword. It was usually a very plain, unadorned piece, with smooth brass finish. This is exactly that. All brass fittings, with absolutely plain surfaces. Nice black celluloid grip with twisted wire. No damage. plain nickel plated blade with STAMPED post 1938 Eickhorn trademark under langet. Scabbard has all original paint, but has been used for sword fighting!!! So has bumps and nicks on the lower edges. A standard no nonsence sword. A FIRE sword is quite a rare beast.
THIRD REICH GREEN LEATHER WEHRMACHT OR's SWORD OR BAYONET KNOT. This is the 'green' leather knot used on the other ranks parade sword or dress bayonet. Quite plain, consists of green leather straps with bullion ball with interspersed green silver cords. Nice thing.
THIRD REICH K98 LONG DRESS BAYONET BY EICKHORN. Whist still quite a common bayonet to find, this Eickhorn long dress bayonet, is actually in very nice condition. Used for parade and dress purposes. These nickel plated dress bayonets would have looked very smart with the pressed parade uniform. Nickel plated pommel and crossguard are in near perfect condition, with no surface plating missing. Grips are perfect with no cracks. The original red felt buffer is still in the rifle slot. Scabbard is undamaged and has 99% of the original black paint intact. The long nickel plated blade is near mint with a beautiful mirrored surface. The post 1938 Eichhorn trademark is deeply stamped into the reverse riccasso.
THIRD REICH NAVY DAGGER BY RARE MAKER - PUMA. Navy daggers, like the vast majority of Third Reich edged weapons were made by a large variety on manufacturers. Whist there were not as many as SA makers (over 200+), there were some great variations and varieties. This example is made by the PUMA Werk company. A maker not commonly found on navy dagger and hence quite a rare item. The characteristics of this dagger are shown well in Tom Wittmann's navy book, and pictures on pages 288-289. All the brass fittings, pommel, crossguard and scabbard are just brass now. There are some small traces of the original fire gilding underneath the knot and at the scabbard band edges. The dagger has not been cleaned or polished in a while, so has toned down to a matt brass finish. The eagle pommel is very distinctive, very well defined details and a great piece of casting. Grip is a cream celluloid, with thin single brass wire wrap. No damage or cracks. Tied in the correct manner is the original navy bullion knot. It's 'frozen' in place so has been there a very long time! There is a small bit of fraying on the cord at the swing point, but otherwise a nice knot. Scabbard has the flatter edged scabbard bands, associated with the PUMA product. Both throat retaining screws are present and unturned. Scabbard is virtually damage and dent free. One very small carrying dent in the middle of the lower section. Blade is untouched and is in near mint condition. The etch on PUMA pieces is unique. To start with it is quite lightly done, so there is not the definition you have with say Eickhorn pieces. However, the etch is very pretty and in perfect condition. It features a central anchor in a panel and sea plants above and below. All contained in a longer light grey panel. Puma produced both the anchor panel and the sailing ship type.On the reverse riccasso the trademark of a Puma cat is stamped in a diamond with Solingen stamped underneath.(this is the second type of logo they used) There is a green baize cloth blade buffer. A nice looking example of perhaps a navy dagger you don't have in your collection. These regularly fetch well over $1000 in the US, and sell very quickly. I have tried to price this as competitively as possible.
THIRD REICH OFFICERS SILVER BULLION BREAST EAGLE. This is a super example of a high quality Officers silver wire breast eagle, removed from a tunic. In excellent condition with no damage or fraying to the silver wire. Reverse has most of the original dark paper backing. The silver eagle seems to be sewn to a black wool backing, so this would have probably gone on a black Panzer tunic. I can’t think of a different combination. Lovely eagle.
THIRD REICH OFFICERS SWORD KNOT. This is the standard sword knot as tied and worn to 99% of Third Reich army officers parade swords. Green leather strap with twin silver wire lines and silver bullion ball. In near perfect used condition, this has been on a sword at some time, so will go nicely on your lion's head or dove head sword. IN HAVE 2 NEARLY IDENTICAL
THIRD REICH OFFICERS SWORD PORTAPEES. An important accessory for your Third Reich Officers parade sword. Were worn on all 'lions head' or 'dove head' swords, from senior NCO upwards. These knots/portapees were all basically the same construction. A green leather strap with twin silver lines running their length in silver bullion wire. Green leather braided slide and solid bullion acorn type ball. There were many manufacturers making these, so there are subtle differences in construction, especially how the space inside the bottom of the ‘ball’ was finished off. I have listed all these 4 together. Finish off our sword with one of these.
THIRD REICH PARTY ARMBAND. This is a normal style 2-piece NSDAP party armband worn by MANY of the Political organisations during the 1930's and early 40's. This one is of red cotton construction with an applied 'bevo' type white roundel with black swastika. This is machined onto the red body. Evidence that this has been sewn to a jacket or shirt. A little grubby from age, but overall very good condition with no moth/damage. This was a very common souvenir for the troops to bring home.
THIRD REICH POLICE BAYONET BY WEYERSBERG. This is a very decent, if a little used, long Police dress bayonet by Weyersberg. As I have mentioned many times in describing these, no two police bayonets are ever the same! That’s why it’s quite fascinating collecting them. As with most of these, this started life in the Weimar police era, was re-issued by the armourers in the 1930’s. Clamshell was removed, blade cut down etc etc. This one has no Weimar issue numbers at all, either on the scabbard throat or the reverse crossguard. Hilt and crossguard are heavily nickel plated. Stag grips are fine and the correct, slightly oval aluminium police badge is pinned onto the grip. Scabbard is black leather with top and bottom fittings pinned to the scabbard with staples. The lower fitting has lost the nickel plating and is just all dull brass. Looks very interesting! Blade has been cut down as I mentioned. It has the Weyersberg trademark deeply stamped into the surface. Blade is damage free but is a little worn as it’s lost some of the nickel plated surface. A good example of a Police bayonet and priced accordingly.
THIRD REICH POLICE KNOT - STONE MINT- STILL IN FACTORY PAPER TISSUE. For those of you who like new-old stock and collect mint items, this is a MINT, unissued Police sword or bayonet knot, still has factory cotton tied together and in the factory tissue wrapping. The knot has the normal silver and red strapping. The strap is actually black leather and not cloth. The ball is all silver and has the red/black etc insert in the bottom. Great display item, especially if you have a MINT police bayonet or similar.
THIRD REICH SHOOTING ASSOCIATION DIRK/DAGGER. The heritage of shooting in Germany goes back 100's of years and the Hunting, shooting, forestry communities are all intertwined. The shooting association existed before the Third Reich and there are daggers on the market that reflect this. It was incorporated into the Third Rich era in about 1935, but dues to many things, did not exist very long and was absorbed into other para-military organisations. Therefore the Shooting Association dagger is not very common. This is a standard example by EF HORSTER. It is very unusual in the fact that is does not have the brass crossed rifles insignia on the grip, never had it either as there are no holes where is could have been. The celluloid over wood grip is 100% perfect, no cracks, no damage at all. The clamshell below the crossguard is the only place where there are two tiny swastikas in the enamel around the edge writing of DEUTCHE SCHUTZEN VERBAND. Nickel plated fittings for the pommel and crossguard are quite heavy and not the later aluminium types. Blade has the Horster trademark, plus the standard 'shooting etch' all the way down both sides. The etch on Horster daggers is slightly different to that on say an Eickhorn dagger. However, both (and all genuine shooting blades) have a weird polish to the metal which extends for a few inches from the hilt. The blade surface is polished across the crossgrain, rather than just being polished all the same way. No idea why it was done like this, but 99% of the daggers I have ever seen are like this. Scabbard has two nickel plated fittings, which are fixed to the scabbard with staples. They also have matching numbers stamped into the metal UNDER the staples, looks like 17. Scabbard is a hard black leather and in excellent condition. This dagger was carried in a bayonet type frog attached to the upper fittings, and they also word a solid green portepee. A very good example indeed. Strange that there are no crossed rifles on the grip, but it is what it is and 100% original.
THIRD REICH SHORT PRIVATE PURCHASE POLICE BAYONET. Acquired along with the Weimar Police bayonet listed below, this is a further advancement and journey into the world of Police bayonets! Made by LUNESCHLOSS (unusual maker) Identical in size and shape to the Weimar one, but with no clamshell. This lovely little Police dress bayonet has all aluminium hilt/pommel fittings, making it really light. Nice detail to the pommel birds head and crossguard. The lighter stag grips have an aluminium police eagle pinned through. Grips are held together with aluminium rivets. A nice black leather scabbard with nickel plated top and bottom mounts, which again have matching casting numbers. The blade is a shorter bayonet style with single edge and single fuller. Blade is in mint condition. The Luneschloss trademark of a medieval plumed helmet with a sword, is deeply stamped into the riccasso. The officer purchase smaller police bayonets are very hard to find now, this is only the second one I have had in 2 or 3 years.
THIRD RIECH ARMBAND FOR CIVILIAN WORKERS IN THE ARMY (WEHRMACHT) . A classic WW2 armband. Worn on left arm by civilian men in ordinary clothes whilst working for the German army. White cotton armband with black printed letters (always printed). Translation means 'worker in German army'. In near perfect condition. Inside along the seamed edges you can see where the dotted lines where on the much bigger printed sheet, and these showed where to cut the cloth!
UNDER TUNIC SWORD HANGER. This the fabric and leather arrangement for suspending a sword (or dagger) from underneather an uniform. Canvas type strap with brown leather tear-drop and nickel clip. In excellent condition and would finish off a sword rig very nicely.
UNISSUED - STONE MINT 23cm BULLION PORTEPEE. A beautiful, unissued and still with factory tied string, 23cm aluminium bullion portepee for the Luftwaffe and TENO daggers. Mainly used on these, but does appear on others. This is as it was made some 75 years ago. If you have a mint or unissued piece, this is the knot for you. These 'new-old stock' items still trickle out of Germany etc when they are found. Lovely accessory.
UNISSUED THIRD REICH NSDAP GILT BUCKLE AND GILT 'D' RINGS IN PACKET. Survived all these years as 'unissued' stock, here is a NSDAP gilded officers claw belt buckle complete with the paper RZM label still attached. Would have gone on an officers brown leather belt. Gilding is still 99% mint with one small area of corrosion on the reverse. Buckle is stamped in tiny letters RZM M5/71. This was for Overhoff and Cie..Ludenscheid. They made many metal uniform accessories. Along with the buckle are an unopened packet of NSDAP gilded 'D' rings. There are 12 in the packet. It is slightly split open on the reverse so you can see inside at the 'D' rings! Otherwise completely mint and unissued. A great talking point. Both new 'old' stock, saved for 70+ years.
UNTOUCHED & UNCLEANED EARLY LUFTWAFFE SWORD-PERSONALISED/INITIALS. This, in many cases is how I like to find 'souvenir' edged weapons. This was obviously stored in an attic or loft, not inside in a nice cosy environment! This early all nickel Luftwaffe Officers sword has a nice coating of patina all over the fittings, I think it looks fantastic, but if you choose to clean it off a little, I am sure that's fine too! The pommel and crossguard are quite dark, but the swastikas and the nickel finish are all there underneath. Dark blue leather grip has a little wear to the surface, but the triple wire wrap is completely present. Scabbard is great and has a super finish to the leather, no bends or damage to the scabbard body. The top scabbard fitting has a beautifully jeweller engraved set of initials right in the middle. It's HP (or could be PH?) I am never quite sure which is the dominant initial when they are intertwined like this. Wonderful workmanship. Attached to the top scabbard rings in the dark blue crescent shaped hanger with metal box clip. Blade is near mint, heavily nickel plated and in virtual mint condition. The makers logo SMF, a seated king, is deeply etched into the surface. There is one 'tiny' edge nick beside the logo. perhaps the result of 'play sword fighting' many years ago. There is no sharpening to the blade and no lifting to the heavy nickel plating. A super looking Luftwaffe sword, with great character.
UNTOUCHED EARLY SA ERASED ROHM DAGGER BY EP&S WITH HANGER. I was lucky enough to be contacted recently by a man who's father had bought this dagger back as a souvenir, along with 2 NSDAP armbands and a book of Third Reich postcards. The dagger has remained in his family for the past 70+ years and left entirely alone. The nickel fittings have a nice dull patina on all surfaces. The scabbard has 95% of the original lacquer over the brown anodising. The original short leather hanger is attached to the scabbard ring. The grip is a lovely colour wood and is perfect, along with a the grip eagle and SA button. Lower crossguard has Nm 'Nordmark' Gau markings from the northern part of Germany around Kiel. The blade is most interesting as it once was a full Rohm presentation, so this dates the dagger from around 1933/34 as Hitler had him murdered in June 1934 and all traces of his removed from everywhere! This included the dedication on the SA blades. This one has been 'energetically' done by the original owner and the grinding marks extend right down the back of the blade and even to the tip area, when it's caught the edge of the blade. The obverse of the blade is unaffected and just has some age smudges etc on the surface. The grinding has just touched the top of the EP&S logo, but it's still possible to see a tiny portion of the original dedication etch further down the blade. A good looking piece with history. Competitively priced for a nice early SA with ex Rohm inscription.
UNUSUAL NSDAP PARTY ARMBAND WITH LABEL AND NS-K STAMP. These Third Reich armbands were worn by their millions in many organisations across Germany. The SA being the largest of them. However, many other sub- organisations wore them and sometimes there were stamped inside to identify them further. This is a very nice, well preserved armband in red cotton with a separately applied white circle and black moire swastika applied to the circle. There is the original RZM paper issue label in blue. Beside the paper label is an ink stamp for the NS-Kriegsopferversorgung . It's a little blurry and is a sword in a wreath with a small swastika in the middle. This was Nazi war victims’ social welfare organisation. They looked after ex-servicemen and those who had been injured in the war. They were a branch of the party [hence members could wear the party armband] and the organisation was founded in 1934.
VARIOUS ORIGINAL ARMY DAGGER HANGERS. I have several sets of original army dagger hangers. All in good serviceable condition, and with variations of hardware.De-luxe tops, plain clips etc etc. Priced from £125 upwards. Please contact me for a choice.
VERY EARLY 1st LUFTWAFFE DAGGER WITH MATCHING FLIGHT GROUP ISSUE MARKINGS. This was a nice surprise to find as I had just purchased this as an early 1st Luftwaffe dagger. Stamped into the blade and aslo into the scabbard throat are matching issue and accountability numbers. They read III/Fl. 154 26...…..this translates as follows "The Roman III shows that this dagger was from the 3rd Gruppe of a unit numbered Fl. [=Flieger/flyers] 154 and the individual weapon number was 26. However, the only Luftwaffe unit I can find numbered 154 was Fliegergruppe Fassberg from the 1st of April 1934, which then became Kampfgeschwader 154 based in Hannover from the 1st of April 1936, but this bomber unit didn’t have a third Gruppe. This unit then seems to have been dissolved and/or renumbered 157.". A dagger with history and traceability! It has all nickel fittings which are in very good condition. Brass inset swastikas in the crossguard and pommel. Blue leather grip has a triple wire wrap, blue leather scabbard. Both are in excellent condition. Long nickel chain with 9 upper rings and 14 lower rings. One small link has been period repaired with thin wire. Blade is a nice example and is a nickel plated variety. The maker is WEYERSBERG and this is etched deeply into the upper blade area.In addition, a virtually identical dagger is pictures on page 96 of Tom Wittmann's Luftwaffe book. His dagger and this one came from the same Luftwaffe group, just the individual weapon number are different. A really nice example of a traceable dagger in great condition.
VERY EARLY EICKHORN (DEUTCHE JAGERSCHAFT) HUNTING ASSOCIATION CUTLASS-UNCLEANED. Always enjoy acquiring Hunting and Forestry edges weapons. They are beautifully designed and are very elegant. This was ore of the nicest daggers produced by the Eickhorn company and features, as this exact item, on page Of the Eickhorn sales catalogue. Dagger has been left as it is for many years and all of the nickel silver parts have toned down to a dark grey/black colour. The stag grip is in perfect condition with a smooth surface. The small silver Hunting badge is pinned through the middle and features the stags antlers with the tiny swastika in the centre. The crossguard and clamshell are all toned black. The green leather scabbard is in great condition with no damage, creases or tears. The 13” long, single edged blade features etched Hunting and shooting scenes along both sides. The riccasso has the 1933-35 Eickhorn trademark deeply stamped into the surface. The blade etchings are in perfect condition and extremely clear. Unfortunately, at some time long ago, the blade edge was lightly sharpened. It has not affected the etched scenes, but is visible along the false edge. This was done many times by unthinking soldiers etc when returning from the war. It was a knife after all, why not sharpen it! Anyway, done now and it’s part of its history. A beautiful dagger nonetheless and the sharpening is not really noticeable. This would happily have been a £1600 piece, but I have priced it accordingly to make up for the blade sharpening.
VERY NICE ALUMINIUM 1st LUFTWAFFE DAGGER - DOUBLE MARKED. This is an exceptionally nice all aluminium 1st Pattn Luftwaffe dagger by 'Clemen & Jung'. They had a habit of marking their daggers twice on each side of the blade. One with the makers name and one with the trademark. This has just the name deeply stamped on one side and the trademark of their 'Z' within a shield on the other. All fittings are a lovely brushed effect slightly dull aluminium. The swastikas to the pommel and crossguard are 100% perfect and have a great full gold colour. The blue leather grip is in great condition and is wrapped with a single twisted wire. Scabbard fittings are the same type of aluminium, as is the chain. The scabbard leather has a few age 'scuffs' but is totally intact with no damage or cuts. I little blue 'melatonin' cream polish will bring this back to near mint condition. Blade is in excellent condition. A little discoloration near the crossguard, but the rest on the blade is perfect. Needle point tip. A nice dagger indeed!
VERY NICE EARLY NAVY MOIRE DAY BELT WITH BRASS FITTINGS. This is a smashing naval dark blue moire day belt, and an early one too. Would have been after the Imperial time as the belt buckle is different, and before Third Reich as the fittings are solid brass. What also gives away it's age is the velvet backing to the belt is dark purple not blue. Usually this colour was only used/found on Imperial navy dagger hangers, so this belt could be late 1920's even. Anyway the design of these belts were the same from post Imperial, through the Weimar navy and into the Third Reich era. A very nice belt, quality material, with heavy sold brass fittings, buckle, sliders etc. It has the original owners name inked inside the back of the buckle. In great condition, with a tiny patch of wear to the moire material just beside the buckle. Hard to find, and if you have an nice early navy dagger with a set of early brass dagger hangers, this will compliment them perfectly.
VERY NICE EXAMPLE OF MID-PERIOD ARMY DAGGER WITH STRAPS AND KNOT. This army officers dagger is in very nice condition indeed, and has a nice orange coloured celluloid grip.The plating remains completely intact over all of the metal surfaces of the pommel, crossguard and scabbard, although the crossguard seems to be made of aluminium. Grip has a nice twist to it and the original 42cm bullion portapee is tied in the correct army manner. The crossguard has an unusual eagle design, the bird's head is quite large with a prominent eye. It's not a type I recognise. No damage or dents to the scabbard. The blade is virtually full mint, with a couple of minor smudges that will polish out, otherwise it has all of the polishing crossgrain. There are a very nice set of hangers with the dagger and look to be the original set. De-luxe fittings with metal taps at the top for reduced swing wear. The green velvet backs show honest wear, as this has been worn against a jacket. Very good example of a nice army rig.
VERY RARE EARLY SA MAKER BUT TOTALLY UNCLEANED DAGGER!! It is quite unusual to find a SA dagger in this totally incleaned state. I think it must have been hung in a smoking environment for MANY years! It’s dark yellow patina covers the whole dagger and has toned down the nickel crossguards to a nearly black colour. Amazing. The added bonus is that the blade has remained protected and it’s also made by one of the rarest makers listed. Etched in an oval with a castle like structure in the middle. This is by EUGEN SCHEIDT OHLIGS SOLINGEN. Rated as a 9-10 in the scarcity ranking (SA book by Ralf Siegert ). Dagger seems to never have been apart as the tang nut and patina are not disturbed. Nice dark wood grip with S.A. button and dark yellow grip eagle. Grip has tiny piece of wood missing between the S.A. button and the top crossguard. This is the narrowest part of the grip with smallest piece of wood between the two, so is it’s weakest point. Patina has covered this too so it’s just not noticeable. Solid nickel crossguards are covered in the yellow patina but are in good condition. The lower crossguard has a Gau mark Nm for Nordmark. Scabbard again is covered innpatina but still has full covering of the brown anodising. Bottom scabbard fitting is basically indamaged. The blade is a fantastic BRIGHT RELEIF compared to the outside. Has remained protected inside the airtight scabbard and is in near mint condition. Apart from some in/out marks and very light surface scratches where a rough rag has been used to wipe it down, all the original crissgrain polish is present and the motto and trademark retain their background etched colours. A most interesting S.A. dagger. A very rare maker and in untouched condition. Would it clean up? Yes, with care and the correct products, it would. However, my advice would be to leave it as it is as a testament to history and time!
VERY RARE MAKER - LONG SENIOR FORESTRY CUTLASS BY RARE MAKER EP&S. Forestry and Hunting daggers are always a favourite of mine, and I will always look for something unusual. Whilst this is a very nice Senior Forestry cutlass, the maker makes it really unusual. It's by Ernst Pack and Sonne, EP&S. This manufacturer made most of the common daggers, including SS, they are really not found a lot, so they have become very collectable. This Forestry cutlass has a gilded aluminium hilt, with either bone or ivory cream grips. The grips are very 'slab sided' and quite thick, unlike others which are very rounded off and smooth. All 6 gilded acorns are present in the grip. Fluted clamshell. Black leather scabbard with gilded fittings. It is with the blade where the most differences are seen. All Forestry and Hunting cutlasses usually have beautifully etched blades, with forestry and hunting scenes. This is no exception, but the WAY the etch is constructed and laid out is totally unique to EP&S. It has a panel running around the whole thing and then is divided into smaller panels at the top and bottom. Top has a beautiful stags head and the bottom has a German wild turkey. Etched into the riccasso is the EP&S trademark. Apparently there are 4 different designs for this dagger marketed by EP&S, whilst this is not the most ornate version, it is one of the hardest to find.
VERY RARE ORIGINAL LARGE TYPE SS NCO'S BULLION SWORD KNOT. This is the large, all bullion sword knot that is virtually identical to the SS Officers sword knot, but lacks the woven SS runes on the knot stem. There has been a little confusion over the years where these were actually worn as they have turned up on bayonets as well as swords. I recently found an original period portrait photo of two brothers in the LAH posing in their full black SS uniforms. Both were NCO's. One is holding his SS Nco's parade sword and as clear as day, the large bullion SS knot (without runes) is shown tied around the hilt. I have included a copy of this picture. This knot is in virtually mint condition. Thick wide bullion straps with the twin black lines running up each side. The large bullion ball has alternating black and silver threads on the ball and the crown. The stem and slide have a 'zig-zag' black and silver weave. The bottom of the ball has a section of the strap material inside. An absolutely super knot, and in my opinion as rare, if not rarer than the Officers version. This came back from the SoS in the US and was the ONLY example I could find there in 1700 tables!! If you have a mint or near mint SS NCO's sword, you have to have this knot.
VERY RARE TOP LEATHER HANGER FITTING FOR SS OR NSKK DAGGER. This is a most elusive part! It usually breaks or is lost to time. This is the very top part of a 3-piece dagger hanger for a SS or NSKK dagger. It fits around the neck of the wooden grip and connects to the belt loop and the short snap clip. It then steadies the dagger when worn and walking around. The little loop is in black leather with a black popper snap stud. It is not SS marked, so can easily be FOR an SS dagger or a NSKK. Loop shows a little age, but is in perfect condition and is very supple. It is complete with a 'D' ring belt loop. If you have a nice SS dagger that just has the short snout clip, this will finish off the 3-piece hanger perfectly. A VERY hard piece of the hanger to find.
VETERAN SOUVENIRS-3 DIFFERENT THIRD REICH FLAG CENTERS. I was contacted recently by a relative of WW2 soldier who served in the Ox & Bucks Light infantry. He was in the airborne landings on D-Day +1. They had a few of his souvenirs and wondered if they were worth selling. Apparently he just loved to collect flags and the centres of them! He had a lot more than I purchased originally, but these had been lost or given away over the years. These last 3 had been in a cupboard under the stairs. They consist of a large swastika cotton center about 3’ across. A smaller centre about 18” across and another similar sized centre still stitched to the remains of the red cotton flag. Interesting items, good fir a display, or you may have a flag without them.
VOLKSSTURM COTTON ARMBAND. A perfect example of a Deutschland VOLKSSTURM Wehrmacht armband. Issued and worn in the last year of the war by pressganged civilian ‘volunteers’ who ended up fighting with the army and SS units protecting their towns and cities.( I have included a picture of them wearing the armband) A one piece printed armband they are all very utilitarian in construction and were quickly and cheaply produced in their many, many thousands. Once very common, these armbands in good condition have become more scarce. This is a very clean example.
WEHRMACHT BUCKLE AND LEATHER BELT. Purchased with a direct 'bring back' army dagger. This is a typical souvenir. A heavily used Wehrmacht buckle with the proper leather belt. The buckle is a all alloy type and bears traces of the original green paint it was covered with. This is evident in the pebbling on the front, but a lot more remains on the reverse. It's a one piece buckle with the retaining hook cast as part of the buckle. Made by RS&S which is cast into the reverse body. The belt is very well used indeed but still intact with aluminium hook at the end. It is missing the separate leather adjustment inner part. Great actually used buckle and belt.
WONDERFUL ALCOSO 9" MINIATURE HUNTING CUTLASS. As many of you know I have been a long time collector of miniature daggers, have been lucky enough to own some beauties. ALCOSO produced, in my opinion, the best quality ones available. Their detail is amazing and they are the largest sized miniatures produced. They only really made 6 examples, Army, navy, 2nd Luftwaffe, Luftwaffe sword, Hunting Association and a RAD officer. The two versions which are hardly ever encountered, are the navy miniature and the Hunting Association dagger. I was pleased to buy this Hunting Association miniature recently, and it's a super, untouched piece. It's an exact miniature copy of the very rare full sized Hunting Association dagger made by the same company. So if you are lucky enough to own a full sized one, here is the perfect compliment to it. Overall length is approx. 9". Exquisite detail to all the parts. Perfect stag grip with oak leaf pommel and tiny acorn as the pommel nut (same as the large one). Clamshell depicts a resting stag with antlers and his doe beside him in a forest clearing! You can SEE the detail in casting. Scabbard has nickeled silver fittings which show a little age and patina. Tiny acorn frog lug. Bottom scabbard fitting is ornately decorated and cast with a standing stag! Ornate bottom scabbard button tip. Scabbard is covered in perfect dark green Morocco leather. Blade is a JEM and in stone mint condition. Dark blue felt/velvet blade buffer. ALCOSO scales trademark etched into blade riccasso. Both sides of the blade are deeply etched with perfect hunting and shooting scenes down both sides, again exactly the same as the full-sized version. A miracle of detail and workmanship. A really great miniature, worthy of ANY collection.
WONDERFUL EXAMPLE OF EARLY LAND CUSTOMS DAGGER WITH ORIGINAL STRAPS AND KNOT. This is an early, high quality example of the Land Customs Officers dagger by WKC. This is one of the early examples with no aluminium content to the hilt or scabbard fittings. The Pommel and crossguard are heavily silver plated and have toned to a nice 'smokey black' colour with patination. The crossguard still shows quite a lot of evidence of the bright silver plating finish, which has been protected by the still present laquer! This is repeated again on the scabbard fittings where the missdle and bottom have gone black but the area underneath the crossguard eagle etc, has remained a silver colour and protected by the lacquer! Looks amazing and gives the dagger immense character. The dark green leather on the grip and scabbard remains in perfect shape, with good colour and no damage. Tied in an 'army style' is an original 42cm bullion portapee. It again is in good condition, with a little wear from use. ( whist there IS a specific green/silver portapee for Customs daggers, nearly all of the daggers I have owned have just had the plain army style portapee). The blade on this dagger is MINT with full crossgrain polish and the WKC trademark on the reverse. It is accompanied by the original Land Customs hanging straps, which show proper, honest wear to the Kelly green velvet on the reverse. The bullion fronts with twin green lines are perfect, as are all the fittings, slides and snap clips. The buckles feature 'laurel leaves' around the edges, which match the laurel leaves on the dagger pommel. A most pleasing Customs dagger indeed.
WW2 CZECH M32/v HELMET- RE-ISSUED TO LUFTSCHUTZ. A great Czech pre-WW2 steel helmet. Captured by the Germans after 1939 and re-painted and re-issued to the Luftschutz. Helmet itself is in great original condition and is complete with original liner and chinstrap. The original brown/tan paint is 100% complete inside. When re-issued by the Germans, the exterior was painted dark blue and a Luftschutz decal was placed on the front. Many examples of these were never painted Luftshutz blue and the decal was just placed over the tan/beige paint. 60% of the original blue paint is still present with the tan/brown paint showing through. There is no rust or damage. The large Luftschutz decal is about 75% intact with the swastika very clear. Interior has original lining and is ink stamped M36...... A great piece of WW2 history.
WW2 GERMAN 'DEUTCHE WEHRMACHT' ARMBAND. Yellow cotton armband with black lettering embroidered into the fabric 'bevo' style. These were worn on the left sleeve by members of other organisations whist working for the Wehrmacht. Most commonly seen being worn by member of the RAD.
WW2 HUNGARIAN 'PARATROOP' DRESS DAGGER WITH STRAPS. As most know, I do, from time to time buy the dress daggers of the German Axis forces. Usually Italian, but I have had a couple of Bulgarian ones recently. This one comes from the HUNGARIAN forces, and although I have done a bit of research on it, I can't find too much about it. The 'standard' Hungarian dress dagger is very similar to this, and I have had a few of them in the past. This is slightly different, as the main crossguard features an additional piece that in the shape of outstretched wings and a parachute surmounted by a grinning scull with crossed swords. Scabbard and grip are the same as the army version, but the blade has a specific etch which mirrors the crossguard with a parachute and scull. Deeply stamped in the riccasso is the makers name MESZAROS LAJOS-BUDAPEST. Above that is the Hungarian flag stamped into the steel and the number 11. This number 11 appears elsewhere on the dagger so it seems each part is also marked 11 to aid assembly. Black ribbed wood grip with an eagle pommel. The quality of the dagger overall is pretty good, but does not match the quality of German daggers. With this dagger are a set of black leather straps with gilded fittings and oakleaf buckles etc. All the fittings on the hangers are German WW2 army, so I have no idea whether these were made at the time, or made up after to go with the dagger. The straps show age and the adjusting eyelets are all covered in green patina. An interesting dagger, displays well.
WW2 KRIEGSFLAG - NICE SIZE BY GERMAN MAKER. Always a popular flag with collectors, this is the last flag I purchased in America. A smaller sized 80cm x 135cm, it comes with the integral rope lanyard stitched into the hem. Along the hem, printed in black ink, are the size and the maker. This one was made by Lonenz Somme & Sohne in Oberkotzou. This is a town in Upper Franconia Bavaria! The colours on this flag are very bright and clear and is made of the very smooth, fine cotton/linen. There are a couple of small areas of damage, either insect or just age. One has been period repaired with a matching red cloth, the other is just left as a 1” approx area. I have shown these on the pictures. Certainly does not detract from the flag and it displays well. Ideal display picece or backdrop/drawer liner. Nice flag